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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Happy Mother!!! & A Furlough for Me!!!

A Happy Mother's Day!!! & A Furlough for Me!!!

I want to wish all my friends a Happy Mothers Day!!! I hope you all enjoy your special day. Its hard work being a Mother. So you all deserve to have fun and rest, do whatever you want.I want to send out my prayers to some of my friends who have children who are ill or recovering from illness. May God bless these families. Now I'm going to tell you all that I'm taking a leave of absence just for a short time.You can't get rid of me that easy...LOL...If you noticed, I have not been visiting as much lately. Thats because I have been under the weather again. Nothing to bad, just something that happens to me now and again. But it does take me awhile to get over these spells I go though. I'm still doing my everyday stuff, just not as fast. However I am very excited because Sherry of, and her lovely daughter-inlaw Chris will be coming to visit me for a couple of days in two weeks. This will be a most wonderful time. Sherry and I will take lots of pictures to share with you. I still would love to hear from you and will be reading comments and such. I will also be happy to recieve email. I will answer any of these and comments. My email is
In the meantime I will leave you with some Mother's Day type dolls that I made awhile back and a Thank you .
I want to thank Pat of . Pat made me a beautiful pillow for a new old chair I bought at a Antiques mall. The pillow added just the right touch. If you could just see the pillow in person, pictures do not do her pillows justice. Thank you Pat for doing an outstanding job sweetie. When I'm not to poor again because of my new car, I would like another pillow with a Marie Antoinette on it...LOL...This picture also shows the extra goodie she sent me. A beautiful Easter egg , Its just to fab.
Now here are the few Doll vignettes I leave you with to celabrate Mothers Day.
I just had to show you this doll. I call it the ...Outhouse...You can't see it clear, but He has a sears catalog in his arms.Yes I made it myself...LOL...
I want to thank all of you again and I will be back soon, lots of hugs and kissesXXOO
Marie Antionette

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday !!! My Very Dear Daughter !!!

I could not think of a better way to celebrate my daughter's birthday than sharing it with our friends here in blog world.
I'm doing this on my own again without her help or knowledge, so there will be no bells and whistles. Some words may even be spelled wrong. You see, She is the brains behined the scenes. Oh I write everything she justs puts in the extras that make my post pretty and elegant. She corrects almost all my grammer. She tells me I use to many commas and such...LOL. But you see, Thats just an inkling of what my daughter Alexia does for me and her daddy. Me mostly. I'm the parent and she looks after me !!!
In this regard I just wanted to show and tell her how much she means to her Daddy and me. We call her Alex !!!

ALEX ! We love you so much, and we are so proud of you. You have become a strong young woman, Yes dear your still young. Without you in our lives, I don't even want to go there. You and I do everything together, shopping ,crafting, laughing and crying. We tell each other everything, well almost everything. I have friends who wish they were as close as you and me. We've always had a bond. I hope in all your endeavers, God will look after you, take care of you. I love you, your daddy loves you. so... HAPPY Birthday to our precious daughter !!!
This of course is a picture of her daddy and me while I was pregant.I was about 8 months along here.

Alexia Antoinette Whitman, born April 8...1973...She was born while my husband was stationed in Beauford,South Carolina, at the navel Hospital.Her daddy was a Marine stationed near Paris Island. I still have her little outfit, shoes and blanket. This is Alex and me when she was 3 months old.

Alex was a daddy's girl. Bill would not even let me bath her by myself at first. Even though I was a registered baby sitter back in the 60's. I've bathed more babies! I didn't say anything to him.After all he was a Marine.

All teenagers go though their , what I call bad years, she was no exception.Hers was heavy metal. Wearing black clothes, high hair, and Heavy Metal music. You know...Guns and Roses, Def Leapard,Motly Crew,Bon Jovi. I took her to so many concerts. Her little friends too!!! She had to have a MTV jacket. Yes I bought it for her, it cost a small fortune. She still has it too.Here is a birthday cake, with her favorite bands and a Black Rose completes it.

Thank God the dark Days did not last to long. All in All, she was a very good teenager. She never missed curfew. Did not get into trouble, not bad anyway.
Here are two pictures that Bill took. The first one is of Alex when she was 5. We were nose to nose.The second is one of us several years later. Bill thought it wouls be kool.Alex is about 20 I think. We are going to take another tomorrow.I hope I did not bore you all. But I'm glad you all came by anyway...LOL.

Now here is a thank you to.
I would like to thank Betzie of I bought some of the most wonderful soaps from her. They are gorgeous. The detail is so fantastic, you must buy some of her soaps. I'm not kidding. Thank you Betzie