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Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer!!! Alot to Show and Tell

Hello Dear Friends,
  Thank you ...Thank you...for all your prayers on behalf of my brother Woody(Jr.)and my family. I know its because of these prayers that Jr. is holding his own. He has Leukemia. He was having a grueling round of Chemo at Oshners in Covington, Louisiana. He did really well there. Now he is at MD Anderson in Houston, where he will hopefully have a bone marrow transplant. This is where my other brother Johnny and myself come in.We are being tested to see if we are a match. Being siblings don't make it so. But we are his best chance. So please continue your prayers that we will not only match but  our bone marrow will take.
    I mainly want to send our thank you's to Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic. Sherry is a God send. She got a prayer chain started and like I said earlier...from your prayers to Gods ear.  Thank you Dear One . I love you so much.
      Ya'll my birthday was in July. I got some of the most beautiful things. I was so thrilled to recieve these wonderful gifts in the mail. My blogging friends know no bounds.
   As you know I have not blogged for along time. So this is a very full post.
So I am so sorry I have not been able to show my wonderful gifts off till now.
 First I want to show you what Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic sent me. A gorgeous bracelet You can't see it very good...but its silver and has crystal like stones in it. It came in a beautiful green and organza bag. I also recieved an address book, which I really did need. Of course it has a peacock on the front. It all came in a pink see though bag with a birthday card and one of those cards that tell you what your name means.
Next I got a very big surprise from a very lovely lady and wonderful friend... Julie Marie of Idyllhours. Julie Marie sent me the most elegant necklace. It is a Beautiful rhinestone dolphin. So so lovely. She also sent me a birthday card and a beautiful notebook. I love it . It was all wrapped up so pretty.I hated to unwrap it. I did keep the ribbon for something special.
  Last but not least...LOL. I recieved a gift that was just to much . I was so surprised, I can't tell you. Celestina Marie of Celestina Marie Designs,  made me the most gorgeous Trey. She painted a trey in blue with pink roses on it. In the center was a picture of a Gipson girl. The very same image I use on my business cards. She has such talent. I have it now hanging in a place of honor, and I will be telling you and showing little later.
    It also was wraped beautifully.I already used the ribbon to hang this beauty up. I also loved my card .
    Thank you ladies for all my fine gifts. They made me so happy. You all make me so happy. I won't forget. I have been a little slack, but you'll see...LOL.

    My big summer trip!!! My friend Cheryle and I went to Ohio to visit Sherry of Edie Marie'sAttic . WOW!!! what a trip.You could have not asked for a better hostess than Sherry and her wonderful Hubby Wes! What a sweetheart. Wes did all the that Sherry and her lovely daughter in-law Kris could spend their time with us.We did all sort of wonderful things.One of which we went to see an exhibition of the Titanic. It was just to fab.We could not take pictures of the inside of the exhibition. But there was a lady who took pictures of us on a replica of the stairway.That was so cool. We also went to a little German cafe that had the most wonderful food. I had a big big hamburger...really it was almost to big for my mouth .I ate that whole thing...LOL Sherry and the others did not think I could do it...LOL, I showed them. What a fun day.We also went to see a movie. It was Letters to Juliet.Friends...You have to see this movie. You will love it. Outside Sherry's town house is a very big pond, in it are the most beautiful pair of swans. My second best loved birds. also there were huge Koi fish.Which I also raise. Their Townhouse was just gorgeous. I love it. So warm and loving. I did not want to leave. I think I could live with them forever.
    For the sad news...We weren't at Sherry's an hour when my poor sweetheart got a call from her brother. Her Mother passed away.We told her we would just go on back home, but she told us she needed us with her. I'm glad we stayed. I guess we were suspose to be there.We have been each others Godsend for sure. Bless her heart. Sherry is a very strong woman. So gracious.
  I will just put all the pictures up for you to see.The first pictures will be of the gorgeous things Sherry had for me. She also had gifts for our Cheryle. She gave me a very pretty box with all kind of things inside, but she also gave me an iroing board cover with blue toile print. I love it.Its so pretty.Oh...One of the things we did was going to yard sales.What a blast that was.Sherry found all kind of neat things and would you believe I found a doll for only $5.00.It was like new and it was from 2000, Heritage Mint. It had 7 outfits. She is so cute. I call her Sherry Pie .

There you have it.You can kind of tell we had a ball. Thank you for a most joyeous time in my life. I cannot wait to see to two again.
With that I would like to say I'm so glad I'm back to blog world.I missed all of you and will try to visit you all.I have other exciting news and creations to show next time and also a very big giveaway, coming Christmas.Till then my friends...God bless you All
XXOO Marie Antionette