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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Party To Go To...YEA!!!!!

Lets Go To A Party!!!!

You must go to the Marie DE FETE!!! It is given by Gabriella Delworth

Its sure to be the place to be. She is going to have some special things going on...and a givaway.

Please...Please go!!!
Why can't Marie Antoinette be an Angel? She certainly should not have been taken from her children!!! Just because of court life...That wasn't her fault that she was told to dress this way and that. Of course it would go to her head to get new clothes and such....She's a woman for Gods sake. So I made a smaller version of my Marie Antoinette Tree doll (post before this one) but I made Marie an Angel.

This Tree Angel is not as fancy as the other one I made just for me. It was made with whatever I had laying around. She still is about 20 inches tall. The gown colors are off white and light green. She is holding a wreath in her hands and has... shoes, a harp, and a doll around the tree.

Here is a new Stocking wall hang. i wish you could see the glittery sparkle it has.The colors are so pink and mauve. It has Victorian family scenes for the print.

This is one of my redos...I say redo because....I found this plastic horse head at a yard sale for a dollar. Its hair was all matted and it needed cleaning. This is the before picture, but I cleaned it up some before I thought about it.

This is the after...I brushed the mane out, got it as smooth as I could , then rolled it up.I then put glitter all over the horse, I mean I coated this sucker. I attached it to one of my plaques. Combed out the mane and just put a organza bow with a pretty rhinestone and put a rhinestone on the forehead. Added some pink poinsettas around the base. This is what I got.

I want to thank Rattus Scribus of.... for this beautiful award. Its called the... Kreativ Blogger... award. Isn't it a lovely award. If you don't know....You must go visit his blog. He writes some very informative and funny stories. He is a hoot.

And he is also the hubby of our beloved Anita of Castles and Crowns

What wonderful people these are.

I want to also thank you for visiting me. I'm so sorry I have not visited much this last couple of weeks. Lots going on here at my home.

I will be starting to put up my Christmas village this week and this takes awhile, so when you leave a comment ...just know I will make my visit back to you. I always love your visits and comments. I would not like to miss out on them.

I want to wish all of you a Happy thanksgiving. Some of us has had alot of problems going on but there is always time to thank the things that do go right...blessings to share. The friends we made this year. Especially the new friends. I know I'm thankful.

XXOO Marie Antionette

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Daughter, Me and Halloween

Hello my Ladies and Gents,

I'm going to get started by telling you about Gabriella Delworths big blog party and show. Its called Marie De Fete. Lots of things will be going on here. And of course a give away. We all love a give away, We all know it will be something FABULOUS!!! so please don't miss out on it. Please go to her blog and see more info on this big bash. It will be a big deal for sure:
Marie Fete Button 250

Our Halloween Night!!!!

My daughter Alexia and I went out on Halloween nite, We had a blast. I did get to dance the Monster Mash about 8 times, LOL... I am paying for that stunt as I write. I can't hardly move to say the least. But I would do it all again. I have not dressed up or gone out in a couple of years. Alexia thought it was time for me to get out and going. She knows I love to dance.

I was so proud of Alexia...She made her costume (Simplicity pattern 3618) and it was just so darling on her. She was Little Red Riding Hood. Look how good her costume came out. Everyone was so amazed at the way she looked. To bad there was not a costume contest, I know she would have won. I took these pictures of her in my yard. The special effects were photoshopped by her.

Telling the big bad wolf to sit and behave. Poor little ole Hobby, didn't know she was a wolf today. LOL.
Crossing the log into the secret forest.

Gazing out of the Gazebo.

Looking for faries in the Fairy Well.
Alexia behind one of my trees.

This is a sad excuse for a cave woman but here I am. I called myself Marie An-stone-ette...LOL.

Silly huh?

I have really got to give one of the most gracious ladies I know a very big thank you. Julie Marie of Idyll Hours... She sent me a two boxes. One had this very old doll. She told me she found this doll at an estate sale, and thought of me and the old dolls I had. She thought I would love this old doll and the Gabbage Patch doll heads(below). And of course I do.We both looked for markings on her but could not find any. I did think I saw a very faint P, but not sure if it was just a scratch. But just in case,I looked up the P and did come up with what I think the doll might be. Here are my results. I think she is from the 50's. I also think she is a knockoff of Betsy Wetsy.I say this because I found a doll with the P exactly like her. The companys that use the P tried to make cheaper verions on the originals. I'm going to redo this little beauty and dress her.She will make a good playmate for my Tiny Tears.

I've never worked with these kind of heads before, but I'm going to think of something. I'll figure it out.I don't want to make a usual type doll with these. I want something different.We'll see, but it won't be till after Christmas.Thank you so much Julie Marie for your thoughtfulnes.You are truelly a wonderful person. XXOO

LOOK!!! I bought the most Fabulous Journal from Sandra Evertson. It is just devine and you all must go to her Etsy shop. The journal has Marie Antoinette on the cover , of course made by Sandra. See the beautiful card she sent with the journal. I bought this for Alexia, for Christmas but I could not resist and gave it to her already. And yes she was thrilled. I knew she would be.

Take a look at the inside cover of this journal ! Sandra drew a picture of Marie Antoinette ! Its so so gorgeous!!! She also puts a personal message below the picture. A truely talented Lady. Thank you Sandra.
Look what I bought from French Country. Some beautiful stamped ribbon and charming charms...The ribbon has chandeliers on one and Marie Antoinette on the other.These are just gorgeous. The the charms are so cute. I wish the pictures were better. Then she sent me an extra pretty. Four paper ornaments that will be pretty on my tree. Please go and check her bolg out.
I want to thank Tatting Chic, and we all know Tatting Chic.We all love her. She makes the most beautiful tatting. Her lace is just drop dead gorgeous. She bestowed upon me three awards. I'm deeply honored. I'm always proud to recieve awards ,but due to my limited puter skills, Its very hard for me to pass them on. But I do thank you very much Tatting Chic. XXOO

This first award is called the Arija Award, created by Ces.

The second award also created by Ces is called The Deborah Award.

The third award was created by Kathi of Mini Blessings....The Friendship award.

These are all beautiful awards.
Alexia and I would like to thank you all who visit us and I hope your Halloween was as wonderful as ours. Now its on to Thanksgiving. Christmas is coming upon us pretty fast.

We will deal with it...Won't we???
Hugs and kisses to all...XXOO Marie Antionette