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Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Trash Bin to Treasure

I was passing by the dumpster in our 
condo community one day when something 
caught my eye. Among the remnants of 
someones discarded faded belongings 
was this little beauty just begging for 
a new life! 

It was a sturdy heavy real wood 
small book case. 
Just right for my studio makeover! 
Bring on the paint!! 

 Here it is! 
My new shipping department! 
(it was a hot mess before) 

Twine, string, ribbon, return address 
labels in a collection of fav containers.  

A favorite Longaberger basket for 
strings, twine & ribbon.  

A sweet footed black & tan planter to 
hold what-nots found at a yard sale 
for $5. It was love at first sight!  

This handsome black container was 
given to me by a friend and holds 
some "thank you" gifts for my 

A big Paris shopping bag holds my 
stash of boxes and bubble wraps.  

 My Mom's favorite Neiman-Marcus box,
that once held a holiday bottle of perfume,
has now found a home on my recovered 
bookcase. I love the little buckled strap 
that closes it.

So there you have it. 
What have you taken from trash to 
treasure of late? We'd love to hear 
what you've given new life to. 

Thank you for stopping by! 
We LOVE to hear from you!!

Next time I'll show you the "sewing 
machine drawer makeover". 

Blessings to all of our dear friends
out there, 
Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Welcome to my "new" studio!

 The fabulous Marie Paper Doll by our 
sweet Marie Antoinette greets me every time 
I go into my studio.

It was time to make some changes 
in my studio and with the help of 
summer yard sales and throw aways 
at the dumpster I've been able to make 
some great changes. 

I'm enjoying the changes I've made over 
the summer. 

Meet my new shipping department! 
I rescued this bookcase from the trash 
and gave it a new life with a good 
cleaning and a couple coats of paint. 
Now I have an organized area for 
all my shipping supplies.  
I'll be doing a future post on the before 
and after of the bookcase soon. 

I moved the chunky cedar closet out and 
replaced it with my painted secretary desk 
that I named "Paris Dreams" after I
painted it many years ago. This 
was the very first piece of furniture I 
bought after starting my working carrier.
Now that was many moons ago but 
it's still going strong! 

Meet my new toile tablecloth,
$7 at a yard sale and it's for a long table! 
Oh yeah baby!! 

I'm in toile heaven. 
These Waverly black & cream toile 
drapery panels were $10 at another 
yard sale. 

I had these adorable short drapery rods 
in my stash of leftover items from our 
family home that were perfect at each 
end of my studio window. It allows me 
to extend the window past the edges 
a bit.

Next I wanted something different for a 
valance to "bridge" the toile panels together. 

I had just gathered my collection of 
vintage doilies & linens together and 
filled one of my favorite Longaberger 
market baskets with them.  
They looked delicious and ready to be 
used on something unusual!  

A favorite linen of mine is this 
sweet little tablecloth with a French 
basket on it. It was perfect for my idea!

 A few thumbtacks later it all came 
to fruition!

I was so happy with how great the vintage 
color looked with the creams in the drapes! 

I moved all my large storage racks 
down on the wall which forced me to 
unload all of them, purge and reorganize them. 

The tops of my shelving units hold vintage 
baskets which help with storage. 
The 3 oldest ones are almost antiques now. 
They are baskets I have that were made
by my Great Uncle Charlie whose 
artisan craft was basket weaving. He owned 
a basket shop in lower Michigan that was 
quite successful in it's "hayday". 

I also have 3 baskets that my Mom made 

many years ago in a class she took with 
my sister. 
The one with the cardboard 
tubes in it is one of them. 

Here's another one she made that 
hangs on one of the legs that sticks up 
at the top of the shelves. 

Mom did a great job on them and I 
will always treasure them. 
My adorable birdcage memo holder 
has a new home on the closet door. 
It's a perfect place to display the 
paper doll Marie made for me using 
vintage dress pattern pieces. 
Her creations are so special to me.

That brings us around to my birdhouse 
table that now holds my vintage sewing 
machine drawers. 

The paper fan on the wall is also made by sweet Marie.

The tabletop holds my Cricut machine and 
it's cartridges. Very handy for scrapbooking. 
It's also special because it once belonged to 
my first scrapbook leader. She lost her battle 
with colon cancer a few years ago and is 
missed very much by all of us "scrappers". 
Her best friend took over as leader and 
has done an awesome job leading us!
She's become such a wonderful friend!

The lamp on this table is the very first item
I purchased with my first paycheck. It came from 
JCPenny in the late 60s and has been a constant light in my life.

The bottom of the table is filled 
with storage for ribbons, do-dads, 
vintage items & sewing items. 
I'll give you a tour of this section 
in a future post. I'll show you the 
before and after of the the two 
drawer sections I found at our local 
antique mall.

We'll be following up with a few future 
posts on some of the summer finds in my 
"new" studio. 

Edie Marie 
Hope you liked this quick tour. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
 Please visit again to see how these 
items and ideas came together!

Blessings, Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

Studio re-do by: Edie Marie
Re-do approvel by: Marie Antoinette
Stuff by: Yard sales, the stash & the trash!  

Be sure to stop by Marie's Etsy to see 
her paper dolls on sale! You'll 
be glad you did!! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Greetings from Golden Pond! 

A special "someone" has come home 
to live at our house... 

 my beautiful Bride Doll!

This doll was a gift from my sweet 
hubby years ago. It went to visit the 
house of a loved one and stayed there 
for many years but has found it's way 

She's been away from my home for several 
years now but circumstances brought 
her back to me. What a welcome she 
received when she got here!
 Here she is when she arrived... 

She was in need of a spa day so
I removed her clothing and into the 
wash they went. 

Next she needed her face washed and 
her hair redone. 

Marie was interested in what kind of doll 
she might be and this is the markings I 
found on the back of her neck. 

It looks like half a circle with waves 
on the top. Below it is a circle with a dot 
in the center. 
The jury's still out on what mark 
it could be. If you've ever seen this marking 
please let me know!

Notice she has a music box in her and 
how sweet it was to hear her melody again! 

Then section by section I carefully combed 
out her hair and formed it into fresh ringlets. 

Back on with her fresh white apparel and 
on to her new place on one of the beds in 
the "Sweetie Girl" guestroom. 

She seems so happy to be back!
 And I'm so happy she's with me once again!! 

Welcome Home Dolly!!

We love hearing your thoughts and opinions 
on what we've been up to. Thanks so much 
for stopping by and commenting!! 

Lots of blessings, 

Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

Post by: Edie Marie
Material by: the Bride Doll 
Loving support by: Marie Antoinette