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Friday, December 4, 2009

Merry Christmas to One And All !!!

Hello, and Merry Christmas. I did so want to show all of you new video of my Christmas Village, but that was just about impossible for this year. Many of you did not get to see it last year, so it will work out anyway. I do hope you enjoy seeing it for the first time and those who already seen it will enjoy watching it again. I did get some new pieces, and did take still pictures. To enjoy the sound effects of the video, please click the pause button of the music player (it is in red down the lefthand side of the page). Also you can enlarge the video or watch it in HQ.

I wanted to show you the new zoo pieces I got for this year, since I could not have them in a video for this year.There are Pandas, Elephants, Lions, and Zebras...Also there's a close up of my graveyard. You can see the hearse and the undertaker.

Here are some pictures of my Christmas Tree, but the first one is of the ornaments I bought from Celestina Marie of La rhea Rose Arn't they just beautiful ? Ones an Angel thats right above my peacock.There is a sled on the bottom left, painted with roses, so is the Angel. Right in the middle below the peacock is two of the most beautiful painted bulbs. I put them together rather than seperate them. I kind of made a vignette with them .

I want to thank a most wonderful young woman who has acomplished so much in her life. A true artist, who has been in magazines and she teaches in all kind of venues. Her name is Gabriella Delworth. You have to go and get to know Gabriella Delworth. She is amazing.

She put on a party called....Marie De Fete. A Marie Antoinette inspired holiday show.

She featured several of us artist, so that we may display our art. It was such a fun thing to do.Here are a few of the artist that were featured. Besides myself and Gabriella they were(not in order)
Nancy of Fete et Fleur

Tristan Robin Blakman of Enchanted Revelry
Kelly Lee of Lemon Tree Patisseire
Maria Elena of Tea at Trianon
Kimberly Shaw
Karen Harvey Cox

(apologies for the lack of links on some of those, the linking features isn't working right)

Here is the theater doll I made just for the show. This dolls gown is of a rich, blue green taffeta fabric. Under her gown is a beautiful peacock. I got the backround print off the computer,had it made into a panoramic view. I also glittered everything up a bit.

I just have to show you what I bought from Gabriella Delworth. Its a Marie Antoinette Christmas globe. Its so beautiful. You really need to go see her line of Marie Globes.

This is a new theater doll. It has no name yet. Her gown is of sage green velvet. Underneath her gown is a bridge with the cutest little Angel standing on it. Below her is a beautiful swan. In the back round is a Santa and a tree that lights up.

Look what I did, I added a horn to the pink plastic horse head(refer to post below). I made it into a unicorn. I happened across a pink icicle in my stash. It was even already frosted. Pretty kool huh???

Well its that time of year again. Time to say goodbye for this season- see you after the holidays. I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I pray all of you a safe, happy and loving holiday.

Until next year...

Merry Christmas, Love you guys

XXOO Marie Antionette