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Friday, July 26, 2013


A New Member of My Doll Family
Meet Patty Play Pal! 
When I was a young girl I had a 
Patty Play Pal that I adored. She was 
such a beautiful doll and of course as 
time passed and life evolved the dolls 
of my childhood disappeared. 
I had been dreaming of owning another
Patty Play Pal for years and this year I 
finally got one. But the poor thing came 
with only this little plaid dress on, no 
bloomers (oh my) and part of the eyelashes 
missing from her right eye. (which was not 
disclosed to me by the seller I might add - 

None the less, I was so excited with her. 
I knew right away that Patty needed a 
doctor... an official Doll Doctor.

I took her to a Certified Doll Restorer, 
Annamarie Breault in Bay St Louis, Ms. 
She is an incredible restorer of dolls. 


Her shop "Hospital" is just adorable!

Here's Annamarie with Patty after cosmetic 
surgery and Annamarie's puppy!

Look at all the treasures in her shop! 
It's such a fun place. 

Here's Patty with ALL her eyelashes, 
a gorgeous 80 year old vintage dress, 
darling little t-strap shoes and YES,
 she now has bloomers! 

Thank you Annamarie for taking such 
good care of Patty while at your hospital! 

Since we're talking about dolls I thought 
I'd introduce you to my little baby dolls too.

The doll in the back is a darling doll 
that a dear blogger friend sent to me. 
In the middle is a smooth molded 
Tiny Tears Doll holding an official 
Tiny Tears rattle. In front is my favorite, 
Tiny Tears with hair. You'll see a Tiny Tears 
bubble pipe in her mouth, a very rare find.

Below is my Thumblina Doll. 
She's so sweet nestled into two of 
my frilly pillows. 
(See the ornament she's holding? 
It's a preview of things to come!)

Fun With 
My Darling Niece Ryley

When my brother was visiting over my 
birthday, my great niece Ryley became fascinated 
with the doll making and paper dolls.
(I wonder where she got that from?)

She asked me if I would teach her how to 
make these pretty things and of course I 
was so thrilled to be her teacher.

Her first project was a fashion paper doll creation.
(Ryley is so pretty - the pictures of her don't 
even do her justice.)

 Look at the fabulous job she did! 
I didn't help her at all. I only gave her 
some direction and she took it from there.

 Then, being in love with all my doll 
creations she decided she wanted to make 
 doll, a Caveman Doll! She knew exactly what 
her plan was. Well the only thing I had for the 
head was a Santa head and that was just fine 
with her. I told her we could paint the beard 
if she wanted but she said "no it would work the 
way it was". We then dug through all my fabric 
scraps but didn't find much in the "caveman" style 
so I told her we'd be going to Hobby Lobby that 
day and we would find something that would 
fit the bill for her ideas. 
We found some furry pieces 
and this is what Ryley designed...

 a very handsome CAVEMAN!!
I love how she wanted to design 
his fur hat with a tail. It was a "have to have" 
for her design and she got it! 

What a great project to remember her visit 
with Great Aunt Marie. 
I'm so proud of her creativity! 

I had shown Ryley and her Grandma Lou all the 
dolls I had designed through the years and one 
caught Ryley's eye. She adores cats and fell 
in love with my "Victorian Cat Family Doll". 
Ryley pulled me aside and asked me if she 
could buy the doll, she had $100 saved back 
home and she could pay for her. 

I was so proud of her work and how she followed 
my direction I gave her the theater doll as a gift.
Ryley was sooo excited!

Ryley sent me this darling "thank you" card 
after she left and Patty wanted to show it off. 

Hopefully Ryley will carry on my love for 
designing dolls in the future. 
I love you sweetie pie!! 

My other dolls can be seen on

Well that's all the exciting news I have from my
 little corner of the world in Peacock Paradise.
Hope you are havin' a great summer of
picnicing and swimmin' in your favorite 
water hole! 

Love, Marie 


Greetings from Golden Pond!

I've been having some fun in my studio 
with Altered Art Jewelry this week. 

After lots of collecting of great junk 
jewelry and discovering how many different 
"findings" you need to help work on jewelry, 
I finally got started and actually MADE some 
necklaces. More thought goes into it than I 
ever thought. I've finished a handful and now 
have them for sale on my Etsy

" Paris Flea Market "

 " Freedom "

 " Parisian Angel "

 " Tea Time "

So back to the "attic" to make a 
few more. I'm really having fun with 
this! What's stashed in your jewelry box 
that needs to be upcycled and made 
new again??

My Altered Art Necklaces can be found 
on Etsy @ EdieMariesAttic
Stop by to see what I've 
blown the dust off of!!

Love & hugs, Edie Marie

Marie's disclaimer: Post written by Edie Marie tee-hee!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Marie wearing her crown designed by Edie Marie... 
well after all she IS Marie Antoinette!

Our sweet "Queen" Marie is having 
a birthday this week! 
One of her biggest gifts is a visit 
from her brother Johnny traveling 
with his family to see her over her 
Birthday week... how sweet is that?!

Happy Birthday Sweet Marie
from all you friends!!


by Marie Antoinette
For those of you that don't know me... 
I am a retired "bar maid". Not a "bartender", a 
"bar maid". I only served beer to rednecks. Now 
there's nothing wrong with a redneck, a few bad 
ones always spoil the name as you well know. 
I did this task for 20 years. 

For you who would be offended... 
I'm sorry but that's life as they say. 
For you who would like to read my bar 
stories... there will be links at the bottom 
of this post to lead you to them. 

One night when I was working at the bar 
a real close male "friend" of mine decided he was 
going to come sit with me awhile which he didn't 
often do. We sat, talked, laughed and listened to 
the juke box with everyone. This was a
neighborhood bar. I knew everyone well 
and grew up with most of them. 

Well this fella that was visiting me was and 
still is a pretty good looking man. 
In walks a girl, a redneck Mississippi girl! LOL 
You have to be around them to know them. 
They're funny as you know what, but harmless. 
She spotted my "friend" right off the bat and 
started flirting with him. She even got  him to buy 
her a drink. We weren't jealous "friends" so get 
that out of your head. 

everyone is watching and waiting to see what 
happens next. They didn't have to wait long.
As the juke box was playing she got on 
my friend's lap. He was SHOCKED!
 I wasn't of course, I just don't shock easy. 
(Ask Edie, she knows me well. She's been 
to Mississippi twice already and I've been to 
Ohio once... that's right, Yankee Country. LOL) 
Anyway right after she climbed on his lap the 
juke box went dead. Not one sound came out 
of anybody in the place. You could have heard 
a pin drop. All eyes were on me. 

She hollers out, 
"HEY! Somebody put a quarter in the juke box!" 

I was behind the bar, mind you, since I was 
working. I walked out from back of that bar
and strolled right up to her while she 
was still on my friend's lap and in 
a calm voice I said, 
"Why don't you ask your new boyfriend 
for a quarter?" 
She looked at me kind of strange. 

Then from the crowd, a long time friend
of mine, Bubba, yelled out, 
"You better get off his lap... 

She jumped down real quick and started 
babbling! The whole bar started laughing, 
ME included! What a hoot it was!!

Would you believe that she and I are 
friends to this day?? We are. She was just 
trying to have some fun. We all need to let 
loose once in awhile. 
Just be careful who you let loose with! 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

If you'd like to read more of my 
barmaid stories check out this links:

#1 "Bartending, Redneck Style"
click here 

#2 "Barmaid's Story"
click here  

#3 "The Legend of the Pool Stick 
click here

created by ALEXIA 

 Marie & I would like 
to give an enormous THANK YOU 
to Marie's daughter Alex for the 
new banner she created for our 
blog. It's awesome and we absolutely 
LOVE it Alex!! 

Alexia - Marie's Darling Daughter 
and she's gorgeous too!

You are so talented Alex and we 
appreciate your hard work and 
vision for what we both adore! 

Marie and I love to swap our creative 
items with each other. So here's our 
latest treasures!!

A Shoe for Edie ~

This is Marie's creation she sent to me. 
It is sooo gorgeous!! 

 Look at that fabulous 
peacock atop the birdcage... 

 and the heel is full of
 colorful feathers from Marie's 
peacocks... that makes it so special. 
(there's a huge difference between a 
fresh peacock feather and one bought 
in a retail store... just sayin')

 The trims Marie uses are scrumptous! 

My beautiful shoe hangs in the center of 
my lampshade frame chandy that 
hangs in my studio. 

It's full 
of all my fav handmade gifts from 
friends and frenchy treasures.

~ A Shoe for Marie ~

 This is my creation for Marie. 
It was really fun to make! 
I used lots of scrapbooking items 
such as paper, stickers, stick on flowers, 
gems, etc. I also added some lace and 
feathers from around "Golden Pond". 

I decorated the backside of the 
shoe in case Marie hung it where 
it could spin. 


Marie has been so busy in her workshop! 
Look at this gorgeous new creation...


 Madame has a special love for 
the birds and peacocks that roam
the palace gardens. 

A carriage awaits in the moonlight 
for a courtisan who greets 
the madame of his dreams. 
His heart flutters as she approaches.  

 The peacocks are perched in 
the garden trees along with 
the sweet  little songbirds.

 Madame Belle turns to 
hide the tryst that is taking 
place within her theater... after all,
it's better that you should write 
your own romantic conclusion 
for this story!

So we shall say "Adieu"!



Thanks to a dear friend I now have
 a baby "Cricket" machine to cut out shapes 
and letters. She upgraded to a larger Cricket 
and passed the little on on to me. Thank you 
sweet Cathy!! 

This is my first project with the Cricket. 

 I've wanted a PARIS banner for a long time.

I used scrapbook papers, crepe paper, paper 
lace, glitter glue, paper flowers and ribbon.

 I cut the letters out on the Cricket and 
cut the pennant shapes by hand. I gathered 
the crepe paper by sewing a basting stitch 
on my sewing machine and pulled the 
thread for a great ruffle!

I have pennant shapes glued to the back 
also so that I can reverse the pennant for 
a different effect. But I'll save that 
for another day.

By the way, if you need a place to store 
your Christmas tree topper you may 
be able to adorn the top of a lamp 
with it! 


Thank you for stopping by to wish 
Marie a Happy Birthday 
and see what we've been up to! 

Blessings, Marie & Edie

Post written by Edie Marie. 
Story written by Marie Antoinette