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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall! Yeaaaa! Holidays! Yeaaa! Big Give Away! Yeaaa!

Isn't it wonderful !!! I love the holidays. It always a happy time. What better way than to start it off with a...very Big Give Away. I love give aways.
  My give away will be December 1. All you have to do is come by and I will put your name down for the drawing. Please pass the word around. Its going to be a big one friends, so don't miss out on it.
 I want to introduce to you my new line of Marie Antoinette Christmas stocking wall hangs. They are about 36 inches long. I have five made so far. I am not a very good embellisher like most of you. So anyone who would like to suggest anything for these or the future ones...Please HELP!!!  Here they are!

  Last year, Sandra Evertson sent me a half doll. It took me awhile but I finally made something with it. I decided to make an Art Noveau doll from it.
  I painted the doll a victorian type green. I then did her face. You can see the rest of it for your selves. As you are looking at it...LOL...just remember I've never made anything with this type of material. Thank you Sandra. You are a very talented lady and so very sweet.  And thank you for the very sweet note you sent with it.As you see I framed it.

While I was away from blogging,I did redo my Craft room.I did not take any befor pictures I'm afraid, but I will tell you that the room was my daughter Alexia's bed room when she was younger and before she decided to leave her MaMa and Daddy...LOL. This room has never been painted since this house was built.Really! Just plain old off white for over 20 years. Not even new curtains.I did redo her bathroom at one time so you will see pictures of it too.

The Gipson Girl plaque on the wall was a gift from my very good friend Celeste of  Celestina Designs for my birthday. Isn't it just gorgeous, just like her.Thank you Dear.

Can I call it a Studio now???
   Ok Friends. I wish you all a Safe a Happy Halloween and I will be posting again before My Christmas Give away.
  May God Bless you Always,
               XXOO Marie Antionette

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Halloween !!!

Well its that time of the year...The holidays. Are we ready for it? Well its coming rather we are or not. We will deal with it.
  I do love them.

  Thank you all for the continuing prayers. I wish I could blog more offten ,but right now my mine and time or else where.You are all really good friends.
   Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic, has been going full throttle to rally all these wonderful prayers. I just know god is listening.

This will be a rather small post. I did make a Theater doll for the Halloween season. I call it Retired witches.
  The witches under my big witches gown are indeed retired. This is a lighted doll. I realy did enjoy making her. Finding the retired withches were very hard to fine.

 I have some exciting news to give you. I will be having a big give away. I will talk more about this give away on my next post.Be sure to spread the word. I wish I could stay a little longer,but I can't. Please have a safe and happy Halloween. Yes I no I'm not my jovial self right now, Just bare with me.
Hugs and Kisses Marie Antionette