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Friday, April 16, 2010

My Anniversary and I Had a Secret...UPDATE!!!... GOOD NEWS

 April 28,2010
Hello everyone!!! I have some good news to share.
    Remember Gabriella Delworth Marie De Fete Party last Nov?
Would you believe that party got picked up by the Artful Blogging Magazine, Summer issue 2010. And yes its on stands now. I don't have a copy as of yet, I had to send off for it...but Gabriella was good enough to send me a scan. I'm so excited!
  As you know if you read my post below, that I sent in two dolls last Spring to Art Doll Quarterly. And yes they turn me down. I find that quite amusing that one of my other dolls got into one of ADQ's sister magazines. I owe it to Gabriella of course.  Thank you Gabriella
                                                                            XXOO Marie
Hello good people of blogland,
   I had an anniversary,  April 2nd. Yes!!! 38 yrs of wedded ups and downs. Thats right! Not all marriages are picture perfect. But I stayed in for the long haul...LOL.
  We had a wonderful day. My hubby bought something for me i've been wanting for a long time. An antique baby pram. Ever since I got my old Tiny Tears doll and the vintage baby doll from wanted to put them in an old pram.
  We found one in the next town over in Slidell La. in an antique mall.
Its from about 1913. There is not much info on it. But it is in very good condition for wicker. All I did was clean it up for I did not want to decrease the value of it. I like it the way it is. I just made a linner for it. Can't let the babies sit on bare wicker, now can we.
  Here are some before and after pics.
I took this picture outside in front of my blooming Wisteria  tree.

 I was going to post some Spring time pictures of my home, but something has happened and I wanted to let you know about it.
   I had a secret! It did not turn out to well, but i'm not going to cry and booHoo about it cause it doen't change a thing .

Last June and August I had submitted to dolls to Art doll Quarterly. Those were the submission dates. I had two send in the dolls. My dolls are very big vignettes. So it cost me a pretty penny. You see you also had to send them the return shipping. I prayed and prayed they get accepted. I kept this from all of you because I did not want to be embarressed and I also did not want to put a jinx on them... just in case. Well just in case did happen and they were not excepted. Though they kept them for a long time. They told me they could not place them. So be it ! I will just put them on Etsy.
    The first doll I submitted is different from all the others. It is not Marie Antoinette.
  Its a Victorian lady, holding a tea pot and cup and saucer.
On the inside is a Victorian Cat Family. I'm sure most of you have seen these paper dolls.
 What I did was after cutting them out and putting them on heavier paper...I repainted (glitzed them up), put lace and stuff on them.I arranged them in a room with Victorian toys and such.It was hard for me to take pictures of it.

The second doll actually my very first marie Antoinette doll. I just could not tell you all that.
 This doll has two minuet figurines playing instruments. This is the first time I used the backrounds for these theater dolls. Its a print of a grand ball room and I made it into a panoramic view.The figurines , I got on Ebay.They are from Japan. Here are the two vignettes.
 Well now my secret is out,  and I can take a deep breath and say...I tried.
   What more can you do but try again.

  Till next time my friends ,Hugs and kisses all around.
                            XXOO Marie Antionette