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Friday, May 24, 2013


What could be more fun than


located in Northwest Ohio
celebrated the fashions 
and fun of the 50s 
dressing up in attire that 
June herself would have worn. 
My dear friend, Kitty, and I decided 
to make a visit and surprise the 
"Girls" with items our 
Mom's would have worn in the 50s! 
We made our entrance and the "Girls" 
were in hysterics
If you're gonna wear the clothes you've 
gotta play the part... 
 Edie Marie & Kitty

and we did!!  

 Edie Marie & Kitty

   The "Girls" joined the fun and 
gave us a great photo op for our 
Brownie Camera!  

 Edie Marie, Carla (owner), & Kitty

We had so much fun playing & shopping.  

 Edie Marie, Carrie (owner), & Kitty

Thanks for the fabulous time! 

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(Posted by Edie Marie)


Welcome to 
at the home of 
Marie Antoinette! 

What do you get when  
a white peacock ... 


and a blue peacock... 

have a baby??

A two tone peacock!

 He's magnificent isn't he?

Love how the  white is exactly 
in the middle of his tail fan.  

What a grand work of art by 
the Creator! 

(By Marie Antoinette)  

   Marie was a proud Grandma when 
she and her daughter, Alex, went 
to see grandson, Courtland in Florida
What a handsome threesome! 

Grandma Marie, Grandson Courtland, Daughter Alex

Courtland is 18yrs old and in the US Navy
He's at Aviators School in Florida right now.

We all wish you the very best Courtland! 
Thank you for becoming a part of our 
countries protection.

Please keep Courtland and all our other 
Servicemen and Servicewomen 
in your prayers.
They appreciate it more tha
you'll ever know! 


 She has been doing great in her battle to overcome Pancreatic Cancer. 
She has a rare chance to fight it and your 
prayers are making all the difference! 
They ARE being heard!
Thank you for your continued prayers 
for Linda.
We enjoyed sharing these interesting 
pics with you this week! 
Blessings to all of you, 
Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

Friday, May 17, 2013

France - Simply Irresistable!


in my minds eye  


a place of FANTASY...

 Tuileries, Paris

 like a scene from an Old Movie... 

Sabri Irmak

 a Hotel Room with a View...

a name to remember...

 a bed that says "find rest in me".

A bit of Romance...


Ohhh, mai oui...

Jason Langer

 and perhaps a  Dance. 

Lights of the night... 
tour d'eiffel

  Unexpected Sights...

 1920s French Postcard
 (Ooh la la!)

 tons and tons of History...

Driving around that city.

 with decades of Couture ...

Paris Haute Couture | by Razzia


 sidewalk Art...

 Shopping a la carte...

to capture a scent that 
will always whisper "Paris" to me.  

An Antique Treasure...

a Parasol...

la bouquet de la fleurs...

and a few choice fleas...

will make our trip worthwhile. 

 Theater like you've never seen ...

France | Paris, Paris Opera House

Casual Dining for the normal gal...

 cafe at Notre Dame, Paris

 Fine Dining at it's best if you 
have it all ...

Night Life, Oh La La with zest...

Can you can-can

Give a coy alluring glance?

Last through a night of happenstance? 

 Then morning dawns and we awake... 

and have a feeling we must take...
a Taxi or 

 we'll hitch a ride...

 and go off to see Provence, 
the countryside.


What beauty I behold in this fair land... 

vines filled with wine and champagne...

Lavender Avenue takes me to a faraway 
place of soothing peace...

which leads us towards fields
of sun drenched flowers 
that shout "Bonjour mon amie!" 

The patchwork quilt of colors leads us to 
a quaint little town with a sweet old 
hotel that looks to be the vision of 
"Provence" that's in my brain.   

The aubergiste, (innkeeper),leads us to   
a simple sirene room with shutters',
fresh linens and 
the sweet scent of fresh picked 

with a private le bain for 
 a soak and shampoo...

 But let's not forget the 
most important part...
a Room with a View! 

 We wander down to the terrasse
for la dejeuner (lunch)... 

 and dine on Olive Fougasse,
which I loved very much! 

 The herbs in the garden 
seemed heaven sent...  

 but I knew time was flying by,
 it was time to go

 So the hotel's sweet mascot
Pierre, barked "ADIEU"!

 The thing I will remember most 
about Provence is the sweet fragrance,
the darling inn keeper and his lovely wife, 
and the sound of water trickling from 


I close my eyes and 
I am there once more...

in my Mind's Eye.

We loved our time spent here in France, 
from Paris to Provence. 
Which do we like better? 
I haven't a clue!  

How can one choose?? 

A special Thank You to 
Anita @ Castles, Crowns & Cottages 
for hosting the 




The Lady Pianist, 
 all dressed in the deepest of blues.

 Music lives within her head, 
it's all she thinks about. 

You can see her life... 

playing, constantly playing to reach perfection. 

 To play before the Queen is an honor 
beyond her wildest dreams. 
She has prepared for this moment
her entire life.   

(It's a good thing)


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The posts will be amazing! 
Bisous mon amies! 
Marie & Sherry