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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peacock, Red ! On a tree thats upside down ?

Yes indeed, I made a tree thats upside down and has a beautiful peacock that is red, sitting on the very top. I hope you enjoy the redness of it all. LOL, This tree is about 23 inches tall, the plaque it is attached to is 20 inches long, and 11 inches wide in the middle. This is only the second upside down tree that I've made.
Here it is with the room lights turned down:

Now this heavenly Angel has no name yet ! Any ideas ? I'm open to suggestions.
It sits on a plaque, 11 inches long and 11 inches wide.The wings are made from my very own white peacocks.To view my white peacocks go back to post called My Peacocks. The piano is a music box, Not a jewerly box. It plays several different Christmas songs, I forgot how many but it is quite a few.It runs on an adapter.The keys on this piano really do move up and down. The piano is 6 inches tall, 10 inches long, and 9 inches wide.
You let me know any names you suggest,I'll put them in a bowl and let my grandson pick one name out. That will be the name I use. I just may have to send the winner a little something.That date would be.......Nov.8

Now let me tell you about the award I recieved from my very good friend lady is just one of the most wonderful talented people I know.It is called the One Sweet blog award.

To quote the creator of this award who is Diane Evans:
she says, I have a special award for all the sweet blogs I visit...I am giving this award to all the wonderful people that I visit almost every day.... they have inspired me and shared their wonderful lives with all of us....I only ask that you nominate some of the wonderful you visit everyday. I'm not going to select anyone,because I think all my friends that I blog with deserve this award, instead, I'm going to share it with everyone. So if you would like this award , just pick it up with my heart felt thank you's to all of you. You have brought so much joy into my life. I think I would have sunk very low last June, before I started bloging.XOXO Marie Antionette

Now here are a couple of the most lovely things I've recieved in the mail. This is a beautiful pierrot doll I purchased from Denise at Couture De Papier:

I am going to use him as a decoration under my tree.I made up this box as a present and attached him to it. Didn't it come out just lovely. It sure is going to look beauitful under my tree this year. Denise is such a wonderful young woman.She sold this to me for practily nothing.I know she made nothing on this deal, What a sweetheart.

Would you believe that out of the goodness of her heart Veronica of BumbleVee sent me this gorgeous ,gorgeous material. Look at the colors!!! Isn't this peach lace to die for?

Now this is the lovely Angel, I've made with it. Its an Angel you can hang on your tree or on a doorknob or anywhere else you wish to hang it. I am so thrilled with this.
And a closeup:

I want to thank all these wonderful ladies.You are very dear to me.

I also want to take the time to let all my friends know that I am sorry for not visiting or posting anything new until now.I have been a little ill, but I'm trying to take care of the matter. Again, If it wasn't for my daughter editing and posting these pictures ,I couldn't have done it. It took me awhile to get these items made. Most of them were premade already,I just had to add this and that. Hugs and kisses all around, Marie Antionette

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Birthday Blog Soiree' for the Famous Queen of France...

Joy over at Cupid's Charm has come up with a great idea: a blog birthday soiree' in honor of France's most stylish and admired queen!

So sashay on over to her lovely blog to get the details, I just know it's going to be tres' chic!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tale of the Ghostly Ride.

Gather around my blogging friends, and listen to this spooky tale.On a hot muggy Halloween night, I live way down south, so yes, muggy. I was walking along,when I beheld a sight I'll soon not forget. I couldn't belive my Near sighted eyes. In the north forty I saw this vision sitting on a motley white horse. I wasn't sure,but it had to be a Ghost. It called to me in my peabrain. Follow MEEEEEEEE, Follow meeeeeeeee. I did.

It lead me to a very creepy grave yard. I didn't see it at first. I was to spooked. Then there crouching by a grave stone, There it was. Looking for all the world, so sad and forlorn. Poor little Ghost.I tried to go to her, to see what I could do to help the poor little lost soul, but she disapeared. Till this day I never knew who she was. The grave did not give up any secrets, for it was so old that the name wasn't there anymore. And whatever happened to that poor old motley horse?

From here I'll let my daughter Alexia tell you.....The rest of the story.

Boo! But the ghost was just me, Alexia, when I was 12. It was probably the first costume I ever made all by myself with no help, and boy did folks get a kick out of it that Halloween night. The fabric was some old curtains I found in the attic. The horse was our Arabian mare, Touche', and she was actually a beautiful critter- but she totally did not appreciate being pulled out of her stall at sunset to have some wooleybooger jump on her back for a photo-op. She hated the swooshy sound of my curtains. And lucky for us, she backed her ears and eyes and looked super spooky for the picture.

So after she got too onery for more pictures that night, we quickly jumped in my Dad's mustang and drove out to Turtleskin cemetary, one of the spookiest in the area, for more photo ops. You may find that odd of us to do; but our family outings were always to places like Indian mounds, old falling down, rotting houses, and yes, even the DUMP. Don't ask. Disneyworld? HA! Six Flags? Forget it! Creepy old forts by mossy, abandoned graveyards? Color us there!!!

Anyway, not to toot my own horn (TOOOT!!!) but i'm pretty good at theatrical makeup. I totally missed my calling. Other kids used to come over and have me do their make up before trick-or-treat. Speaking of, I found this horrible lil' zombie in my living room last year...

Oh wait! That's just my son Courtland after a dose of my mad makeup skillz. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Marie Antionette & Alexia Antoinette