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Monday, October 21, 2013


 There's a feeling in the air of 
goblins and ghost and 


Madam Wendelle 
is watching and waiting 
to come haunt your house
with fun and excitement. 


 She opens her skirt to reveal a paper 
theater of a scary scene, 
a huge black spider crawling on it's web. 
How frightening!  


 Madam Wendelle is beautiful but 
don't let her fool you...  

she's a madam of disguise
and can easily draw you 
into her web! 


Madam Wendelle can be seen on 
Marie's Etsy Shop,
Creations by Marie Antoinette

Here's a ghostly blast from the past! 
You can see the whole story of 
these ghostly visions  

 Not to mention the invasion 
of a Zombie!! Yes you heard 
me right, I said ZOMBIE! 

 Marie's daughter, Alex, creates 
amazing makeup looks. She should 
have been a makeup artist, she's 
that good! 
So go hear their story here... 

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Be on the lookout for 
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Marie Antoinette

 Paper Doll by Marie Antionette
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Friday, October 11, 2013


My Hubby & I were in his 
hometown and discovered a 
resale shop full of vendors. 

As we walked in the front door 
there were 2 vases staring up in the face.
We knew at once what they were...

The Roseville Pottery Company  
operated in Roseville, and Zanesville Ohio 
from around 1890 to 1954. 
 A  history of the company can be found here.
 Roseville Pottery made many 
different patterns and the site above 
shows you lots of pictures 
of the many beautiful patterns. 
 Here's a few photos of the graceful designs 
of Roseville from Google images. 
You can see more here.

Google images

My Hubby has been in love with Roseville 
pottery for ages and ages. But of course 
the price tag is very high and has never 
really been in our  budget. When he 
saw these vases I know that it was like 
heavenly angels were singing on High!! 

Hubby's birthday was coming and he 
added the vase to his list of gift ideas 
that lives on our fridge door for our kids 
to get ideas for Dad. He's not an easy one 
to buy for. Never has been. He NEVER 
expected anyone to actually get the vase 
for him even though the price was 
quite reasonable. 

But alas, our DIL wanted to do something 
special for him that would really surprise 
him. She drove to his hometown one 
Saturday to find THE vase. When she 
got there she couldn't find it anywhere. 
she called me in a panic. 

No, not on this...

on this! 

I said go to the front door like you're 
walking into the place. There's a big 
antique buffet straight ahead. The 
vases are on that buffet. 

"They're not there Mom!"
Okay just stand there and look all 
around you I said. 
"I found it! It's on top of a bookcase 
and there's only the blue one!" 

She was sooo happy!

Needless to say Hubby was truly 
surprised, he couldn't believe his eyes. 

Google image

"It's the Vase! You found it!"

The beautiful blue vase now is 
living on our dining room buffet and 
looks fabulous. 

Is it a real one? A real Roseville?

We're not sure but Hubby doesn't care. 
 He's in love with his new treasure 
from our DIL and son. 

Thank you for making your Dad so happy. 

 Blessings to all our visitors! 
Edie Marie 

Post by Edie Marie

Once again Marie is busy busy 
working in her studio creating some 
magical things for you to enjoy this
Christmas. Stay tuned for some amazing 
creations by Marie!!

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