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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


One morning I woke up and I was in... 


After a long taxi ride from 
Charles De Gaulle Airport 
we arrived at our hotel in the 
Saint Lazare area of Paris which 
is in arrondissement 9. 

We stayed at Hotel Londres & New York. 

It was located across from the Saint Lazare 
Train Station or in French, 
Saint Lazare Gare. 

We were in love with our little 
French window that overlooked 
Rue de Havre. It was so entertaining 
just sitting by the window looking 
at the fabulous architecture of each 
building and "people watching". 

Passage du Havre was a very handy 
little shopping mall... 
right across the street!! 
Tres bien!! 

Our favorite morning cafe, 
Cafe le Saint Lazare, with the 
red awning. We could look out our window
and see if there were tables available. 
(More on that later.) 

The Saint Lazare Train Station. 

Of course this was the best view as far 
as I was concerned, 
my darling handsome hubby! 

Moi, after many many hours of travel 
but so happy to be in Paris! 

My first cafe experience was at 
the Triadou Haussmann Cafe. 
Sitting at a table on the sidewalk  
is such a wonderful way to dine in Paris. 

Our handsome son & wife went with us 
to Paris. They had been to Paris before 
and knew lots of the "ropes". 
Here he is toasting me with French 
champagne, but of course!! 

This was at L' Arcade Haussman for dessert...

the best creme brulee I've ever had! 

I could not get enough of the 
architecture of the buildings that 
were our backdrop while dining.
It was like being in an old French movie.  

Each one has it's own personality! 

Near one of the cafes was 
a sweet little intercity park, 
complete with tall wrought iron fence, 
that took up a whole block.

We ventured in to take a peek. 

There were people sitting on 
park benches chatting & reading. 
(But I refrained from photographing 
them without their permission since 
I didn't know how to say "May I 
take your photo?") It was a quiet 
intimate atmosphere there. 

In the center was a building that 
was closed but was a type of 
memorial from what we could tell. 


The sign read: 

I was so excited when I saw her name... 
Marie Antoinette! 

This was the 
Chapelle expiatoire. 
This chapel is dedicated to 
King Louis XVI 
Queen Marie Antoinette, 

The chapel was partly built on grounds of
the former Madeleine Cemetery where 
Louis & Marie were originally buried 
after they were guillotined. They are 
formally buried at Basilica of St Denis today. 

Although we could not see the inside I 
 found photos of it. 

This little treasure is located at 
29 rue Pasquier
8th arrondissement 
Paris France

I wanted to share my first Paris 
experiences with you. 

That's right... 
my first experience was NOT 
 the Eiffel Tower. 

But this was a very 
special moment for me. 
I went to Paris 
and found a bit of 
 Marie Antoinette! 

Edie Marie

Please stay tuned for much much more 
to come on Paris. I want to share it all 
with you dear friends!