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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Trip to Bellingrath Gardens

A very warm Southern hello to ya'll,

It sure is hot down here. Several heat records were already broken for the month of June. My poor peacocks are really suffering , not to mention my dogs. we have fans going everywhere.

My friend Cheryle and I took a trip to Theodore, Alabama a few weeks ago. Alabama is a very beautiful state and there is so many places to visit. But the most beautiful is Bellingrath Gardens. Of course the time we went,most of the flowers were not in bloom,but that was OK, it still was wonderful. I'm not going to sit here and type the history of the gardens, so here is a link. It is a must read. Its very interesting.
The owner of Bellingrath was Walter Duncan Bellingrath(1869-1955) was into everything from the railroad to the Coca Cola company. Every nook and cranny of the gardens was breathtaking. There is a Christmas festival every yr and they say it is just a wonder to behold. Cheryle and I are going to try and go this yr. I cannot even imagine it. Here are a few pictures, but first I must tell you one of my stories.

This was not my first visit to the gardens. Cheryle , my daughter Alexia and I went about three yrs ago. In the gardens are giant bamboo. Well the bamboo looks like prison bars. I wanted a picture of myself in said prison bars, I thought that would be neat. Anywho, took the picture, seen the garden, but by the time we were on our way home, my face started burning. Got home, you could not see my eyes by then. The misery of it all...Moral of it all ...DON"T TOUCH THE BAMBOO!!! And to pour salt on the wound, the picture did not come out!!!When we arrived at the gardens this time.....You guessd it I wanted to take a picture of me in the bamboo, but Cheryle said that I better not go near that stuff...but Cheryle I won't tough it, I promise...I just want to stand inside it...No you are not...yes I am. Of course we were laughing so hard people were staring. Well yes I did get int the bamboo and this time CAUSE I didn't put my face beween the bars or touch it, I was OK and the picture came out to boot!!!

YEA!!! Now on to the pictures:

Now I want to thank a gracious lady that makes some of the most wonderful soaps,lotions and other fantastic products. I use them so I know this is true. Please try them. I recieved an award from Marie of Savon Marie and I did not even know it. I recieved it at the time I took my leave from blogging due to health reasons. I am supose to list 10 items about myself, but I've already did this with another award I was honored to get, so I will not do it twice....I'm going to take my award from Marie and run...LOL. Thank you Marie. I'm not going to pass it, but would like any of my blogging friends to pick this up for all of you deserve it. Its a very nice award. Please check out Marie

I want to wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July, watch out for the fireworks. I can tell you a story about that, so can Alexia. Just be careful around them!!!

Now I will bid you adieu

XXOO Marie Antionette

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Back !!!

Hello one and all you wonderful people!!! I've missed you all so much. I'm glad to be back. I have been under the weather, but feeling better.I had what I called a near stroke. I'm OK. It did leave me with some numbness in my fingertips of my right hand , but not to the point I can't work or anything. Its just annoying to type for any long period of time. Also my short term memory is rattled I'm afraid. So please excuse any spelling and things like that. I intend to forget how to correct things and I do not want to bother my daughter to much , although she would help me in a heartbeat. She is working really hard right now. God bless her. It seems she doesn't get a break from it. I know most of you are being put though the mill also and know what I'm talking about .

I did have a wonderful visit from the two most perfect house guest ever. Sherry of Eddie Marie's Attic

and her sweet, sweet daughter in-law Chris. My hubby Bill even took off work and took all of us into New Orleans. We had the best time even if it was a quick trip. Sherry took some great pictures and I left the posting of them to her. So if you like, go on over to Eddie Marie's Attic and follow along with Sherry and Chris on their trip to our southern states. She met up with not only me but several other of our blogging friends. Go take a look and find out who. It was a sad day to see them leave. They did stay with me a couple of days. It was just to wonderful.

I want to show you all what beautiful gifts Sherry and her wonderful daughter in-law Chris gave me. First this drop dead gorgeous purse that Sherry made. Its just to fab.It fits me perfect.She knew I was short so she made it to fit me. Its so hard to buy purses, the best ones are so large, it looks like I'm carring suitcases, but this one is just right. Look at the broche !!! And all the pockets.The inside is just as wonderful.Pockets and a beautiful satin linning with bees printed on it. Amazing

This is the back of the purse, isn't it just gorgeous? I told Sherry she should make these purses and sell them. They are just to fab.

Look at these beautiful ear rings and Angel neckless Sherry gave me, are they not precious? The box they came in... ain't to shabby either. Thank you Sherry for all the wonderful gifts you gave me , they will be cherished.

This is Sherry and me siting out in the Gazbeo, I think we can talk for hours.Its really scary how much we are intuned to each other

OK ya'll !!! Look at this.Sherry is actually sucking a crawfish head. The best juices are in the head of this Louisiana muddbug. You don't know what it took for me to get her try this, but once she did...She was unstopable. At first she was convinced that the eyes would come out. But I told her they didn't. I'm telling you, she was eating these crawfish like a real southerner. I asked her ...Are you sure yor a yankee??? Her daughter in-law loved them too. So don't be ascared, come on down. LOL...If you dare. I'll have you sucking these crawfish heads and pinching their tails in no time.

Since this is June, and June is a month for weddings, I thought I would post these two older wedding dolls. I made these dolls, along time ago. But they are still two of my favs. The first one is of course a bride putting away her bridal wear in her hope chest for safe keeping and the second picture is of a bride in a gazebo all decorated for her wedding pictures. This doll vignette was actually used in a wedding as a center piece .
I want to say a special thanks to a special guy...Chris of Designs by CK. He gave me this Renee Award and it means so much to me. A truelly amazing artist. I'm one of his biggest fans and I count him as a good friend. I'm so sorry Chris that it took this long to post the award. XXO

I know this was kind of a short post, but I will try and do better next time.I will try and visit with everyone I know...LOL but it will take me a few days so bear with me. I want to see what all of you have been up to and also see what wonderful things that were made. Till my next post Buy ya'll and May God Bless You...XXOO

Marie Antionette