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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Christmas Theatre Doll and Madeline's Kind Heart

Once upon a time in a land far far away, 
there unfolded a tiny little theater 
that lived beneath the the lace and 
ruffles of Mrs. Christmas' fine gown. 

She loves to tell her stories for they 
all have a happy ending. 

As the theater curtains open a scene 
comes to life that appears to be a Victorian Parlor. 
A lovely scene of Christmas long ago.

There she is, sweet Madeline. 
She insisted on giving all her toys to 
the children at the orphanage. 
You see Madeline has a huge heart of gold. 
She's generous to a fault, as they say. 
But she does not consider it a fault at all. 
Madeline considers it a true blessing 
to give. A lesson many grownups 
have never learned. 
"Others" are far more important 
to her than herself. 

She has asked Santa for gifts only
for the sweet little orphans this Christmas.
To her surprise Santa Claus visited her home 
during the silence of the night. He has filled 
her stocking with candies and fruits 
and left special gifts under her tree 
as reward for her kind and gentle ways.

Soon you can be sure that Madeline will take 
even those lovely gifts and bless 
other children less fortunate than herself. 

To Madeline that is the best gift of all! 

The theater curtains slowly close until yet 
another story unfolds.  


The end... for now.


Sleigh bells will be ringing soon.
Visit Marie's Etsy to do your 
Christmas dreaming 
and shopping early! 

She has a special Christmas 
Shop also. Just click here.

Here's a peek at just a few items in 
Marie's Christmas Shop... 

Christmas Theater Dolls 

 Christmas Vignettes

 Clever Upside Down Christmas Trees 

 Sophisticated Christmas Stockings 
for Holiday Wall Art 

and so much more! 

Thanks for stopping by - 
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Til next time, 

Edie & Marie 

~ Fabulous art items by Marie ~
~ Story by Edie ~ 



I received a phone call from Marie 
today to let me know she and her 
family are okay in Mississippi. 
Isaac has dropped lots and lots of 
rain on them and Marie's property is 
quite flooded. The main road is flooded 
and closed and they have been without 
electricity for 3 days. 
Please keep Marie and all her loved 
ones in your prayers! They are very 
appreciated!! Your prayers make a 

Thanks & God bless, Edie 



The water stopped rising just before 
it reached Marie's house. 
It has started to recede!!  
Please continue to keep Marie & 
family in your prayers as they 
begin to recover from the flooding. 

Many thanks, EDie  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Never Ending Story of Studio Organization

Edie's Studio

I'm constantly trying to organize my studio 
and make it more functional. 
That's why it's like a 
"Never Ending Story" 
if you know what I mean. 

While at a huge church sale I saw 
something that caught my eye. 
It was a set of 3 tiers of cake pans 
marked $2.00. My mind immediately 
went to the tiered items people make 
mostly for cupcakes... why not make 
one for "tools" used in the studio. 

I had a spindle from an old plant stand 
that would be perfect. Mr "Edie" drilled 
holes in my cake pans and all I had to do was 
screw the pieces of spindle together. 
I used JB Weld Epoxy to attach the 
bottom pan to the spindle and 

I added numbers with a Sharpie pen 
and loaded the tiers with lots of things 
that I've always wanted to have handy.
Now they're at my fingertips... 
no more searching for them! 

I purchased this cute container for $10 in 
Northern Ohio when on my trip 
and ... 

filled it with all my loose 

My most used glitter colors, 
crystal and silver, 
I put into vintage salt/pepper 
shakers. Pretty and FUN!

I also purchased a vintage hand stamp 
holder for $10 and after lots of thought... 

I loaded it with bundles of vintage lace.

A cute watering can in a bright lime green 
holds my most used glues. I keep them upside 
down so they're ready for use when I reach 
for one. The watering can was from an 
Edible Arrangements gift... free! 

I couldn't pass up a set of 3 tool boxes 
for $15 at Odd Lots. 

I use one for my metal stamp set 
and old silverware... 

the second holds all my craft paints. 
The third and smallest holds my 
short hammer, screwdrivers, levels 
and measuring tapes. 

I have my shelves organized to try 
and get the maximum storage out of them. 
 I have 2 shelving units for crafting. 

Pay no attention to the messy table!

This bookcase is all scrapbooking 
and StampinUp stamps/inks/etc.

The sign should say "Paper Scraps" NOT "Paper Sraps" Duh!

These pretty boxes hold stamps, stickers,
patterns for cutting shapes, sparkles, etc

Paper for scrapbooks & other creations.

The shelving unit next to it is sewing,
ribbons, buttons, upholstering, floral, 
electrical, hot glue guns, jewelry making  
and projects. 

I have scads of buttons so I separated 
them into color catagories and  I
store them in vintage canning jars 
with homemade tags. 

I adore decorative boxes for storage 
and sweet Marie has given me some 
beautiful ones! I store paper doilies, 
tissue papers, specialty papers and so 
much more in them.  
Thanks for the beautiful storage Marie!! 

While at my favorite second hand shop 
I found this lightweight cork board. 
I've been wanting a bulletin board for 
some time now. 

It was in the clearance items 
and I got it for $1.50! 

Marie had given me some fabulous 
vintage looking fashion scrapbook papers 
that I cut and meshed together to make 
the look I wanted. 

It hangs on the back of my studio 
door and is great inspiration 
for the creative mind. 

I hope you enjoyed some of my 
ideas for organizing on a budget! 


Marie's Studio Creations

Marie has been busy as a bee creating 
new items for her Etsy Shop

It's been a bit spooky in her studio 
and here's what's recently come out 
of it... 

a scary Paper Doll Witch...   

a beautiful and enchanting 
Witch Theater Doll... 

and a less scary Beauty of a paper doll... 

which can all be viewed on 
Please stop by to look at all her 
incredible creations! 
That's all from our studios for now. 
Thanks for stopping by and leaving 
a comment!!  Let us know what's in 
YOUR Studio... 

Edie & Marie

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Kitchen Girls Sizzlin' Hot Shop!

While visiting my BFF Kitty in 
northern Ohio we took a trip 
to Helena Ohio to visit a favorite place of ours 

The owners, two sisters, Karrie & Karla 
are the most personable sweetest gals 
you'd ever hope to meet. 

You're instantly treated with this quaint 
setting when you park in back of their shop. 

The front porch is a scene of lemonade 
waiting for guests. 

How cute is this idea they shared on 
their blog, tie a vintage hankie around your 
glass to identify your beverage and help 
with condensation drips. 

Collar of Vintage Lace and fill with whatever's 
blooming in your garden. 

These solar balls are so cool at night in 
the garden. 

And then as the angels played their harps 
we opened the front door and gazed upon 
this heavenly vision... 

can you hear them??

The colors of summer? 

The call of the sea?

Gorgeous sea glass vases & sea shell dishes.

The perfect signs for the beach house 
or cottage at the lake. 

Toile... be still my heart!

They give a great tutorial on their 
blog for how to make this Chandy 
and it's even cooler in person. 

Then of course there's the Coconut Lime 
Candles they sell. 
You've got to go on this post and 
listen to "You Put the Lime in the Coconut"

Great vignettes. 

So wish I would have gotten 
one of these cool cloches! 

Sassy Aprons!

This Sinatra CD was playing while we 
were shopping and Oh how I love his 
music in my "almost" golden years. 

Pretty dishes. LOTS! 
Loved them all.

There was wonderful things everywhere... 
oh to be wealthy in such a shop as theirs!

I'm in love with things that have 
numbers on them... 
yes that's right, another wish I'd bought! 

Herb stamped silverware. 

Fabulous Herb Markers. 

Now look how adorable this vintage table 
is with the chalkboard painted top. 

The most adorable little trinket boxes. 
Je t'aime... sigh. 

These little charms at the checkout were 
so wonderful and all so apropos for 
my loves & inner thoughts.  

And my favorite... 

but did I get it... no! 
Wish I had!!

I did purchase a few special finds... 

an adorable little Paris dish, 

a sewing machine drawer 
already in use holding spools of ribbon... 

and some darling herb signs I 
couldn't resist. 
(Don't look at my herbs - eesh!)

Tied to my bag was a pretty lime ribbon 
and the charm that I was going to purchase,
as their gift to me! 
How sweet is that?!

I wanted it because the reverse 
side has a lock to go with a very 
special key I made a necklace out of. 

We had a grand time! 

 Karla - Edie - Karrie

Thank you for being so special girls!!

You can visit Karla & Karrie at 
Summer Kitchen Girls Blog
They share their great shopping places, 
upcycling ideas, wonderful recipes, 
decorating tips, you name it.
Please stop by and tell them "Edie" 
sent you! 

Blessings to all of you out there!