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Friday, August 30, 2013


From the studio of 
Edie Marie

(THE JEWELS in French)

Walking through the local antique mall 
the other day, I happened upon this odd sized 
case. It had the appearance of an old typewriter 
case but not wide enough. 

 I loved the old worn patina on all the parts.

The name plaque says:

Famous Perfect Made Cases
601 W. 26th St NEW YORK N.Y. 1

Upon investigating I found that this was 
a salesman's sample case in it's "hay day".

 When I opened it up I saw this strange 
hinging and when I pulled on it...

 VOILA! It expanded into lots of 
trays that rested on the large lid!

 The bottom tray was deeper than the rest. 
I immediately knew I could use it for 
something I've been needing for a while. 
At the great price of $18.00 I said 
"Come to Mama" 
and popped it into my cart!

 I swept it off to "le Studio". 
I know... it should say "le Atelier" if 
I'm gonna use Frenchy things but 
it is what it is!

 I rummaged through my scrapbook paper 
and came across this GORGEOUS paper that 
my sweet Marie Antoinette sent to me: 

"Ooh-la-la" it's speaking to me!

Beautiful fashion designs of New York 
and Paris.  

The paper is by Graphic45 - 
A Ladies' Diary Collection 

 I also came across a piece of wrapping paper 
that Marie  sent to me on a gift by 
way of Celeste...
(Celeste has a fabulous blog 
Celestina Marie Designs .
Stop by & visit her sometime!)

 and of course 
I had to save it... it's FRENCH!

 I found some leftover stickers to spell 
"something" with...

and some craft foam that was given to me  
by my dear friend Kitty for projects.  

 Some Alene's Brush-on Tacky Glue 
is gonna make this a piece of cake.

I used my favorite edged scissors to 
cut out the paper with an irregular cut. 

 And started gluing!

I even glued images on the sides of 
the case.  

 The top was decorated with stickers 
that spelled "LES BIJOUX", 
"The Jewels" in French.

Some images from the wrapping paper 
finish off the top. 

 I used the foam sheets to cut into 
linings for the trays. A little cushion 
helps things from sliding around.

Thanks to old odds & ends that I've 
collected for eons and the contributions 
from "Queen Marie" and "Lady Kitty", 
I have a treasury of Royal Jewels!  


This will make my Altered Art Jewelry 
creating so much more FUN! I no longer 
have to rummage through several different 
storage containers to find what I want.

Now I better get back to "le Studio"
and do some WORK! 

Bisous mon amies! 
 (Hugs my friends)
Edie Marie

 My altered art jewelry and vintage 
items can be found on my Etsy:
I'd love for you to stop by the attic!

Once again Marie is busy creating 
in her studio and will have something 
fabulous for our next post.
Marie has many gorgeous creations on: 
She sends her hugs & kisses 
to all of you!


Special Note: Linda who had Pancreatic 
Cancer has gone through horrific chemo, 
major surgery and now more followup 
chemo and the doctors have said she 
is cancer free!! 
This has been a true miracle for our 
family. Linda is hubby's baby sister... 
one of his older sisters died of pancreatic 
and liver cancer 13 years ago. 
Thank you for all your prayers for healing! 
We are soooo blessed!! 
Thank you God!!


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dutchesse Gabriell Governess of the Children

From the studio of 
Marie Antoinette
The Dutchess Gabrielle 
Governess to the Children Royale
 Some people called her Governess. 
But the Queen called her an "angel"
because she protected her darling children 
and brought much happiness into 
their young lives.

The King had created a special playground 
for his beloved children, that included 
a beautiful elaborate carousel!
Not just any carousel but one that 
displayed animals that had only been 
seen in picture books. 

A striped zebra, a long-necked giraffe 
& a unicorn! Then a couple of favorite 
animals that were familiar, a sweet rabbit 
and a horse. They all sparkled in the sunlight 
and at night, there was special candlelight 
that made the carousel glow!
The children, Marie-Terese and Louis 
Joseph, loved to chose a different 
animal to ride each time dear 
Gabrielle took them to this special 
carousel created just for them by 
their kind Father.  

Gabrielle treated them to a sugar 
confection that was spun into puffy 
pink fibers that could be eaten from 
a paper cone. It always made the children 
giggle with delight! She also had 
colored balloons to chose from! 
Sometimes one of the balloons would 
escape and they would watch it 
as it disappeared into the heavens. 

Oh what joy abounded during 
those days! But as they say...  

all good things can abruptly come to 
an end.

 However the memories live forever!
Love to all our friends, 
Marie Antoinette

Theater Doll by Marie Antoinette
Story written by Edie Marie 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Project from Golden Pond

Mama needs an Island! 
We have limited counter space in our 
condo kitchen and 
not enough storage for appliances 
and cookbooks AND most importantly 
a small budget!!

So the thinking caps went on. Since we 
were absolutely shocked at the price of 
kitchen islands we had to be creative. 

While at a Krogers Market Store 
(a supermarket with houseware items) 
we saw this bookcase on sale for 50% off 
and we had some "market" points that we 
could use for extra savings. We would 
need 2 bookcases for our island so 
it was done and done!  

It's a 2 shelf bookcase in black... 
perfect for a touch of contrast I want.  
It's countertop height so that's just right.

We assembled the bookcases and hubby 
left the backs off of them. He then 
fixed them together with brackets and 
we were in business. 

Room for all our cookbooks. 
My favorite cookbooks are my
 Mom's old Betty Crocker Cookbook from the 50's 
and my first cookbook, 
Betty Crocker Cookbook from the 70's. 
(She probably bought it for me)

We wanted a top that could take a beating 
from hot dishes so hubby came up with an idea.
 He cut a piece of plywood and
 trimmed it with a nice leaf vine design 
trim painted black.

He purchased 6 Marble 12x12 tiles from 
Builders Liquidators and set them very snug 
together for the surface. 

And here's the finished product...

Oh but wait! I don't want to SEE the 
appliances. Not wanting to make it more 
difficult for hubby I came up with a 
solution I could do all by myself. 
I surfed through the Graphics Fairy 
for a Frenchy design (of course) and found 
 a couple I liked and combined different 
parts from them to make my design.

I copied the design on my printer then 
taped it to the underside of my muslin fabric 
that I had in my fabric stash. The muslin was 
thin enough that I could see the design 
right through it. 

I took my trusty Sharpie, extra fine point, 
and traced the lettering and design. 

Then I started filling in the solid portions 
of the tracing. 

And Voila! 
A fabulous touch of France 
to hang in my new kitchen island  
and hide those appliances.

(This was not the design for the kitchen curtain but this is one 
I have some progressive photos of.)

This is actually the design I used for 
this project... a PARIS motif. 
Ooh tres bien!

We love how functional this little 
kitchen island is. It's a great piece of 
eye candy and serves many purposes. 

What have you made on a budget? 
We'd love to hear your stories!

Bisous (hugs), Edie Marie 

 From Edie Marie's Studio
I've been having more fun making 
upcycled necklaces from old vintage 
junk jewelry and new parts. 
Here's my last 2 creations: 

" Let's Be Franc "

A little vintage look copper purse 
that opens and faux French Francs to 
add to the purse theme. The small beads 
on the dangles are Swarovski Crystal 

" Sparkling Heart "

The chain and looped piece are vintage 
from the 40's with a dangle of a vintage 
look etched heart and a beautiful 
vintage clear rhinestone. 

Some of the tiny rhinestones on the 
looped piece have darkened with 
age adding to the vintage look.

You can see these and more of my 
creations and vintage items at 
EdieMariesAttic Etsy

Marie is taking a small break for a 
week or so while busy in her studio 
creating fabulous treasures for us 
to enjoy! She'll be back real soon!

Blessings to all our sweet friends, 
Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette