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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Tea Cup, More Christmas Vignettes, & an Award

My tea cup arrived from Sherry at To say it is beautiful ,is not enough to discribe this cup and saucer. I love it soooooooo much. I never was into China, although I always thought they were beautiful, I think I will start collecting tea cups now. My cup and saucer has apple blossoms on it,so very eleagant. Thank you Sherry again, believe me it will be cherished.I am going to post some of my Older Christmas goodies ,because I've hardly ever exposed them to anybody.I usually make an item and it sits on my doll shelves till someone notices them are I have company.Some have been on picturetrail,but thats about it.

Bayou Santa

Puppet Show:The Pupets really do work.This is a shadow box that winds up.It also has a drawer.

Santa's Secret Treasures of (Unicorns)

Trimming the Tree

Cowboy Santa:

I was just awarded an award from CK of This award is called the Marie Antionette award. A lovely award it is,yummmmmmmm, I wonder why. I'm not going to pass this award because I see so many of you lovely ladies have one already.I know you all deserve this award,so congrats to you all,And Chris I am honored you bestowed this award on me.You are a very talented artist,whom I enjoy visiting so much.Thank you sweet Chris.

Guess what!!!I was just awarded the Marie Antoinette award again. This time by the very talented and very beautiful Jenny of makes the most wonderful Doll art,beside other wonders.Thank you Jenny.

I hope yall enjoy these Christmas vignettes and stuff. I do have a surprise , for all of you coming after This Thanksgiving. I will not be posting until then. As you all know ,this is a very busy time.I do want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.Don't eat to much ,like that isn't going to happen. I'll be stuffing my face ,while going for thirds. LOL... XXXOOO Marie Antionette

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Winner Issssssssss !!!!!!!!

Hello my good ladies. Its Nov.8, and time to tell you who the winner is.I'm so happy to say, it is, Laura Ingalls Gunn!!! The name she chose for my Angel is, A Heavenly Note. Isn't it a beautiful name? But all the names were beautiful, so I'm saving everyone. AND whenever I make a new Angel,I will pick a name from this list,with your permission of course. I want to thank all the wonderful ladies and Gent, for partisapating in the drawing.It was the most fun and I'm looking forward in doing this again.

Now to tell you about the most fab. award I recieved from sherry at Its called, Awarded to a Lovely Lady. It was created by Joanne at My Little Cottage. Isn't it a very pretty award? Thank you Sherry. You are a most fav lady yourself.I had the pleasure of talking to Sherry on the phone.We could have talked all day,thats how much we have in common.What fun we would have if we lived near each other.Knowing me,I would have gotton us into something.Her Hubby Wes is also just the koolest guy.I have recieved a teacup, I will be posting it soon for I want to show it up right ,nice ,and pretty.Thank youuuuu !!!

The rules are that you are to choose people you blog with the most. So I'm not going to pass this award ,But any of the ladies that I blog with ,Please pick this award up. I love blogging with you are my lifeline, and I appreciate each and everyone.Now I've been tagged by, La Donna Weller: This is a most talented lady as most of you already know.

The rules are to name 6 boring and quirky facts about myself. That will be easy for I bore my own self and I also have alot of quirks. I'm not going to pass this either,but if you would like to play .Then by all means take this tag.I love to play,but I know alot of you are busy and this is the holiday season.The days are shorter.There just don't seem enough hours in a day.

Here are my quirks:

1.I don't like change in anything.I won't change my hairdo,its been this way since I was a little girl.I listen to the same music and dance the same way,a bit slower of course.

2.I only eat good old southern country food or local fair.

3.I still belive children should mind you ,or else.No free range children for me.Just ask Alexia my daughter.

4. I like staying home .I like quiet most of the time.

5.I still have and wear old clothes, I've had for ever.

6.My hubby wants to buy me a brand new truck,but I can't give up my old one that I had since 1995. I even ride it though town with peacock poo on the hood.In fact I did that yesterday. My friend Bunny from bowling just shook her head. WHAt !!!I said.
Hey its paid for and my old truck may not be a beauty anymore, but it will run when your breaks down. Its a toyota !!!
Thanks you all again Hugs and kisses all around, Marie Antionette

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to My Petit Trianon...

Bienvenue, Mademoiselles (Et Monsuiers)!
Many thanks to our hostess, Joy of CUPID'S CHARM, for the tres' amusant idea of a blog soiree' in honor of the birthday ofMarie Antoinette, last queen of France- November 2nd. After our visit, be sure to promenade' back over to her palace to visit the next lovely blog in the programme.
Everybody put on your most flaboyant wig, the taller the better... and away we go!

Me voici! (Here I am!) with the latest in Paris fashion ala' Photoshop...

Of course the event is catered by the délicieux LADUREE' of Paris... won't you have some macarons?

It's been said that the spectacular costumes from Soffia Coppola's 2006 movie Marie Antoinette were inspired by Laduree's gorgeous pastel colors- I think these shoes prove it:

Oh look, there's my daughter, the Princesse Alexia... Hey, isn't that my necklace and fan?!
What's that on her wrist? Oh, that is the M.A. ribbon bracelet she made last year- it is embellished with French silk ribbon and Swarovski crystals:

All of this grandiosity brings back memories... when I was a little girl growing up in New Orleans in the 50's, we sometimes went to masquerade balls- specifically, Mardi Gras balls of course! In the photo below, I am the little girl. I was a lady-in-waiting. The man in the middle is my father, and my little brother on the other side. They are dressed as 18th century pirates. Would have fit right in at one of Marie Antoinette's costume parties.. Wish this photo was in better shape, but it's been through a lot:

Now, who is that over there- what a flamboyant gown! It's a doll I made quite a while ago, not long after I first began making dolls. (LONG ago, hence the scratchy quality of the photo. Back then we weren't as careful when photographing my work. Sigh! Well, we've updated her for this soiree':

With what do you gift the Queen that has everything? Perhaps a trove of pearls, gems, and cameos? Silk roses? Slippers and fine textiles imported from the Orient? Limoges porcelain?

Or maybe a heavily embellished crazy quilted doorhang for the boudoir, inspired by M.A. colors?

Before you hop over to the next destination on the Soiree', allow me to remind everyone that I am having a givaway- help me pick out a name for my newest creation and you'll get something special from me... here is the post with all the details:

Once again, many thanks to Joy of Cupid's Charm for coming up with and hosting the Marie Antoinette Birthday Blog Soiree. Au Revoir!!!