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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lots To Show You !!!

As most of you know, I don't post but maybe every couple of weeks, due to my ills and skills...LOL, But I do have a rather long post.....SO LETS GET STARTED YA"LL !
The BIG STORY of the Day! LOOK what I Inherited! A Doll Mess...YES a MESS.

Here's the story. My very best friend Shannon, A real Irish lass from The Irish Channel in New Orleans,La. we became friends in 1956. I was in first grade, she 2nd. Her Dad was a seaman who went all over the world. Brought back dolls from everywhere. Remember all this was in the 50's and 60's. So most these dolls go back that far. Anyway my dearest friend in the world ,(my sister)cause that is what we called each other for over all these yrs.

When she got married to her hubby Butch , he then became my brother inlaw. Also these two were my daughter's Alexia'a God parents. Shannon died just a couple of yrs ago. Butch has slowly been bringing me all the dolls. Trust me they are many more and some already went to Alexia. The sad thing is the dolls, most of them are in sorry shape. Their clothes are so frayed and stained. Their faces are frayed and stained. I'm really afraid to touch them. But touch them I have been doing. Little by little, I've taken a paint brush and getting dust, rat crap, roach crap bugs and you name it, its there. All of them just wraped in yellowed newpaper. I was able to save some, Some you really just have to leave be, other than dusting as best as you can. I've repainted faces that were made of cloth.The old plastic dolls you see , had thick mold in their eyes. The eyes are ok , but not great, mold gone though...I know one is a Shirley Temple doll from the 50's, A Tinyteen doll from the 50's and I think the one with the head detattached is a little Ginny doll. All I have to do for it is attach the rubberband, I hope anyway. I cleaned all the mold from all of those.

I don't have these pictures in the order I wanted them, but I was to lazy to correct it...Sorry. Anyway the Spanish lady on the very end, next to the Spainish man, was in the worst of shape. She is made of some kind of rubber. One half of her body was melted. Her left arm all about melted away.

They had these dolls in their attic. You know how hot it gets in an attic down south. I was going to just toss her out, But something stopped me, So I thought and thought. Well I decided to..Oh wait...I forget...What remained of her face was like them apple faced dolls. All cracked and wrinkled, so was her chest, neck, and right arm. So I decided to mix this pastestuff, don't ask me what, and smooth it all over her. I put back the mangled arm behind her and camo the rest with the lace. I then mixed paint, I thought would look good on her. I started painting, drying, paint some more, till most of the cracks were filled in. When I was semi happy with the results, Then I painted her a face, such as it is, better than before. I assure you.

So now I'm stuck with these dolls. I do not collect dolls. And they are in too bad of shape to sell. Some are from Greece, Iran, Japan, Potugal, West Germany, Spain, Egypt. I do appreciate him giving me all of Shannon's things, I even have old photos of us as teens to show another time. She did not have any family , just my family and Butch. Thats sad. But I'll do my best by these dolls, Heaven help me there is more. At one time he gave me over a hundred Barbies in their boxes. I helped him sell them all. I could have kept them if I wanted, but I told him to sell them to help himself. Shannon had a massive heart attack, She was only 56. God rest her soul. She is missed. PS: This is a creepy after....As I was cleaning some of these plastic dolls. I could have sworn that they were smiling at me...No kidding. They were happy to be cleaned somewhat, even if it was with Oxy clean.

I know its not Christmas yet, but You know you have to start some of these, so that they get made in time.This is my very first upside down tree of this 2009 season. Its all of Angels and a piano, harp, well you can see. Well guess what.I finished it last Friday and not only sold it, but shipped it out to her last Saturday, from Mailbox Fast Forward. You all don't know this nice lady, she doesn't blog. She teaches Piano. Its the same lady who bought my White Piano Angel doll from last year...Remember? I had that naming contest for her. Anyway she recieved the tree and just loved it. I had another white upside down tree from last year and sold it to Marie of Savon Marie's soap. Beverly the lady who bought this tree wanted that one at the same time Marie bought the other tree, I told Bev I would make one simlier, but not alike. . I don't make two things alike ever. Since she played the piano and her home is filled with Angels, no big theme guess there...LOL. The next tree will be a beige peacock tree. I have this beautiful beige peacock I I want to use. It also won't be an upside down tree. I have something special in mind.

I want to show you my big fella, His name is Rip...We got him when he was 6wks old now is 7. We called him rip because he would rip things up so bad. Bring logs from the woods we just took into the woods. He was the most active Rott we ever owned. We've owned 5 now. All our other Rotts were German. They were huge. Scotty weighted, No lie... 187lbs. When he died of cancer he still weighed 115. Thats a whole nather story I still can't tell. I'm now tearing up, from just that small thing. Rip is an American Rott ...lots smaller only about 130, wiry,not big boned and they are much more hyper than the Germans. But he is just as sweet, kind and a wonderful dog. I've never owned a mean or hateful Rott. We always took care to love them. My hubby Bill took these pictures.while Rip and I were falling asleep watching TV. We don't usually let him in much, but we now have a Austrailian Collie mix doggie baby and this is a way of letting him know , he is still top dog. Our Aussie is the love of his Rips life, Yes she is fixed...LOL...Her name is Hobie after another dog we own for a very long time. Hobie just turned i yr old on the 4th of July.

Well...Well...Well...Looks who's trying to turn me into a Yankee !!! Why its my dear old friend Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic Hummmm. Why is that Sherry ? Oh yes! It was my birthday ,and you decided I needed a Yankee foot ball Jersey from your home state of Ohio. Interesting chorise of a gift...LOL...But she knows me so well...I just died laughing when I pull it out of the package. I cannot wait to werar it.Its going to be so kool.I was going to take a picture of me in it,but My face looks like a balloon right now, so in a future post, when its cooler, I will do it. I did try it on and it feels so comfy.With a pair of grey sweats,Oh lala. I think I love some of you Yankees,Your not such a bad lot...LOL

But !!! Sherry redeemed herself, or should I say her hubby Wes and Sherry redeemed themselves by also sending me this wonderfully devine perfume . Its from Premier Design Perfumes. The bottle is so small, so cute. Sherry knows I love little perfume bottles, for remember....She came for a visit. I sure did miss her when she and her lovely daughter-inlaw Kris left. I still do. I love them so,and her little hubby Wes Too!!! Thank you for just the most fab Birthday gifts ever.

I want to show what what I got in the mail,the other day.My heart did a flip...Celeste of Celestina Marie's Designs sent me in the mail. Some of her hand painted ,beautiful,gorgeous,roaes, she painted on light blubs. She knew I just loved them and sent them to me. What a gracious lady,from the very top of her pretty head to the very bottom of her pretty feet, I love the so much. Did I mention these are for Christmas.They are to go on my tree.I cannot wait...Thank you dear sweet lady.

Look Ya'll what I bought !!! Its a PumpkinAntoinette T-Shirt that Cris of Designs by CK created with his talent. An originial piece put to cloth for me to wear... YEA!!!! Well anybody can purchase this T and more....He has wonderful things. You have to go visit his Cafe Press shop. I do hope I'm telling this right. Just go visit his blog and it will tell all .

I want to thank Lynn of Lynn's Lovies for this very beautiuful award. Its called the Premio Daros Award. I love it. I always feel honored to recieve awards..Thank you Lynn!!!

Thank you all for your kindness again, for you who follow my bartending stories, I will promise you one on my next post. I will make sure its a good one, just for you...Love you ya'll

XXOO Marie Antionette

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wanna Laugh ???

Do I have a funny story for you...

I did something really stupid, so of course I had to tell sherry of And of course she said I should post it,so here it is.

The first thing I always do in the morning is put lotion on my hands and face. I did not sleep well,so I did not realize what I was doing. I proceeded to rub the lotion all over my face and arms, when I smelled something not quite right .Hmmmmmmmmm. What in the world (not exactly what I said). I looked at the tube, lo and behold ...instead of rubbing Avons Honey Lemon body balm...LOL...I was rubbing BOUDREAUX'S Butt Paste on myself...LOL. I don't know how many of you know what butt paste is, but down here, its a cream that you rub, where else, on your BUTT. Its for rashes and such as that. Most convalesent homes use it on their patients. Anyway I've been using it on my little dog Hobie. You see she has bad skin allergies. It kind of numbs the areas you put it on, LIKE IT DID MY FACE !!! I thought Sherry would never stop laughing. Anyway that is my tail, I mean tale of woe. It took me forever to wash that crap, dog gone it, I mean that paste off me.

I want to post a few dolls that I made a few yrs ago. I always wanted to make Asian dolls but never could find the porcelain heads to make them. So what I did was alter some of the faces of porcelain head I already had. I kind of sanded thier faces off and redid them as best I can. I'm not an artist, don't claim to be. Anywho... The first picture shown is not supose to be Asian , but more of the islands I guess. Any of you who have ever been to Bay St Louis on the coast might remember this. For its not their anymore. There were a couple of well known places on the Bay that got washed away during Katrina. I know all of you heard of the bridge that was completely gone. Well this is the spot I'm talking about. There was a bar called the Firedog Saloon ,a famous restarunt called Tripanies, great shops. In one of these cafes was a murial on one whole wall. The picture was of this doll you see here. I'm glad that I made this doll, because most records of it is forever gone. The elderly lady who painted this murial has passed also. She painted this when she was a much younger woman. She also use to teach belly dancing and was quite famous around our area. She taught my daughter belly dancing.

About the doll...I made everything except the head and limbs.I did sculp the blue parot. Not the smaller ones. In fact thats what this scene is called The Blue Parot. The vignette I crated believe it or not is almost identical to the huge murial.

The other dolls I just made because I get on these kicks, where I like to make certain things for awhile. Do ya'll do that too?

I made the water and sculped the gold fish in the little pond.I used aittle tub and put the goldfish and whatever else in, then I poured some kind of hardening agent, can't remember the name,anyway it gets hard as glass.
I want to thank Nora Johnson of honoring me with this award. I really do love her blog, its very interesting and very intertaining also. Please pay her a visit.Thank you Nora I do love getting awards.
I would love to pass this award to all my friends that I've been blogging with.You all deserve it.
As always I wish all of you a wonderful summer, try to stay cool and please be safe.God love you and bless you, XXOO Marie Antionette