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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the Winner is !!!

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it !!! But I'm going to leave
you hanging for just a moment, so I can make this announcement for a dear lady. Her name is Nastasha Burns of Artistic Creations . Natasha is having a big ToDo about doing something for ourselves. Please go visit her, to find out what all the fuss is about. You will be glad you did.
This is my 15 year old grandson Courtland. Of course he can do no wrong in grandma's eyes. He is a very sweet and loving boy. He's always looking after me and his mom. He is helping me with the drawing. ARE WE READY??? HERE IT GOES... PICK THE NAME COURTLAND!!!

AND THE WINNER IS ......QUEENIE OF Vintage Finds and Treasures. I'm sorry that the name is so light , but its there. I'm so happy for you Queenie !!! Congrats. If you will send me your addy, I will get your gift out to you Monday or Tuesday. Hows that sound.Yeaaaaa!!! And I'm so sad that the rest of you didn't win. I wish all of you could have won, for all of you are winners in my heart.... Queenie my email is Of course,anyone of you are welcomed to email me. I would love that, just make sure you put blogspot on the subject line

Here is one of my theater dolls that is a little bit different than the others. This Christmas theater doll has a panoramic view inside. The gown is of velvet and gold glitter snowflakes printed on it.She is holding a wooden doll. Its not on this picture, but I added a Christmas tag. So you would know that it is a doll not a baby. LOL...She has a smart little hat and a very pretty cape.

This is the inside of the curtain. Sorry about the glare. I made a panoramia print that wraps around the plaques and attaches to the colums that hold up the entire vignette. This print is elves in Santas workshop,putting up toys. I have a chandelier in the middle, shinning light upon Santa sitting in his chair,looking at the world Globe.The statue I udes for this ,is an Enestos figurine called Guidense. I think it was made in the late 90's. I have it sitting on a rug that I made. The panoramic view gives it a three deminal look. I t so different in person to view.

Again newbies to my blog. These are stocking wall hangs. This is how I make them. I buy Christmas prints that I know I will enjoy repainting with glitter paint. I repaint the whole thing which is about 36 inches long. I then cut a backing and batting , sew it up, put lace or whatever I think will be pretty to decorate it . In the certain lights,it winkles sparkles and just pretty to look at. I will be puting these and more in my Etst shop. I have other on Filckr, if you want to see how they all look.

I recently recieved these pictures of my best friend (no longer with us) Shannon and me dating back to 1966, yes 66. Butch, Shannon's sweet hubby, thought I might like to have them. He told me he found them in an old box. Butch is just now able to go though her personal things, like pictures and such. He gave me the pictures of Shannon that are below, and now these. Anyway I don't remember at all painting our faces up like this, for I never did go into doing that sort of thing. I guess she talked me into it somehow.

Shannon and I are ready to hit the teen scene. Also I really don't remember where we were going. I think maybe to see Black Oak Arkansas. That is the only thing i can come up with.They are from New Orleans, and were popular at that time.

It has been raining here every day. I feel so bad for the people of Atlanta Georgia. I pray for you all. May God Bless you and keep you as safe as possible. My heart goes out to you all.

Anyway,I thought since I had to use my cool umbrella,I might as well show you all a picture of it.It was given to me by a close friend. Its very very big, and has pictures of old screen stars on it.Clarke Cable, Elizabeth Taylor,Jimmy Stewart,and I think Greta Garbo.

While I was taking a picture of my cool looking umbrella,my dog,I call the Red Devil...just had to

jump up on my side table.Her real name of course is Hobie. And she really is a very sweet dog.

I want to thank all of you for stopping by and celabrating my first year in blogland. I've made alot of friends and hope to make more. I want to thank those who suported me and prayed for me when I get my ills. As you know I won't let any illness keep me down for long. Ya'll make me want to keep fighting, and as you know I'm a fighter. May God bless you all.

XXOO Marie Antionette

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Past Due One Year Bloggiversary

Well, you know with all thats happened in May, I forgot all about my one yr blog annivarsary. I did my very first post on May 24, 2008. My but time sure flies by.

To celabrate this milestone, I am going to have a Grand Give Away, late but as they say A little late than never, Right!!! I will not tell you what it is, but I promise you it will be grand. Since I only post about every two weeks, I will begin today Sept 10, and end Sept 25th....

Just do as you always did, stop by for a visit and leave your comments on this post. I will then on Sept 25th have my grandson Courtland pick out your name from a big hat. I don't know anything about a online picker outer thingies...LOL. You'll just have to trust me.
Here is my latest creation. Some of you saw these last year, and I do have some on Flicker and older post from last Christmas. For all my new friends, these are called Tree Angels. I did create them. They stand about 24 inches tall and do not come apart- are all of one piece. This is my first one for 2009. Her gown is a gold organza with snowflakes printed on it. The wings I made using the down of one of my white Peacocks....No I do not pluck the bird. I wait till I see them on the ground and save them up. During molting season they drop alot of them.

This is with the lights out.I'm not good at taking these kind of pics.
Anyway, I drape the gown over a 24 inch tree that I have lights on. When lit the lights glow though the organza. Its of course more beautiful in person. Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic can tell you just how pretty, cause when she visited me, I gave her one. I have been making several Christmas items, that I will show you a little at a time. Every one knows that I enjoy making Christmas creations more than anything else . Now here's a story....

My Tiny Tears Doll Story

A couple of posts back, I showed you the doll collection that was left to me from my dearest friend I ever had...Shannon. I recieved more dolls from her husband Butch. Here is the story.

Along time ago I had a two Tiny Tears dolls, when they first came out - one with the molded hair the the other the real hair. The one with hair, was lost in a move, I know that. The other I was able to save. Later In the early 60's I got one of the first Patty Play Pals also.

I'm telling you this part for a reason.

Years and years later, all grown up now. All of us married now. ..Shannon and Butch decided to move from New Orleans to Picayune. When I went to view their new home, I saw that it came with a barn. I love barns. I wanted to go in the loft. So I did. Lo and behold,I saw a big moldy doll. It was my Patty Play Pal. I knew it was mine cause Shannon never had one. How she got it will always be a mystery. I never ever told her I saw my doll in that loft. More years layer after her death, Butch is bringing me all the dolls. One of the dolls, I looked and looked.... Lo and behold, again it was my Tiny Tears doll. I know cause she never had one of those either, plus, I just knew my doll.

Of course it was moldy like the rest. I cleaned and removed the mold from her eyes. Then I knew for sure. It has the rare brown eyes. Its in pretty good condition. As you can see other than the discoloration of her face and hands, she's just fine. All her fingers, toes and ears fine. I'm going to try and buy the original bottles and clothes for her, then buy an old pram to put her in.

This is Shannon at different times in the 60's:

My old tiny Tears Doll
I'm telling you this story for another reason. My oldest brother paid me a surprise visit Labor Day. I haven't seen him in about a year. He is almost 70 years old. Way older than me. In the early 50's while he was at his after school job, I was in the bathroom using his toothbrush cleaning that very same Tiny Tears doll. He came in saw me. Was he ever mad. He took that toothbrush and proceeded to brush my teeth with it. It didn't really hurt, but it did make my mouth bleed. When he saw what he did, he grabbed me up and hugged me and told me over and over that he was sorry and that he loved me. Till this day he treats me like a child. You know how you sometimes give a child a dollar or two, he still will hand me money. Buddy I say, I don't need this, and he says, no you buy you something pretty. All my brothers do that to me till this very day, treat me like I'm still their baby sister. Yes I was spoiled by them. But most of my friends can't get over how close my brothers and I are. Oh...I have four remaing brothers left. My youngest brother died in the early eighty's. Buddy, Junior, Johnny and Michael. I love you brothers.

I hope all of you join in and celabrate my bloggiversary. I really do enjoy blogging with all of you. You have shown me friendship, love and concern. My heart goes out to all of you.

Love and kisses Marie Antionette