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Monday, July 28, 2014





Look at all of them... ELEVEN! Four of these 
wee ones were adopted by this mama 
when their own mama abandoned them. 
Their adopted mama has blended them 
right into one happy family.

There's a white baby in front that Marie 
is in love with along with a white one with 
specks of bright blue on his head, very unusual. 
They grow up fast but that 
gorgeous display of feathers takes three
years to become the spectacular show we 
associate with peacocks. 


Here's Marie's daughter, Alexia,
coming home from the hospital 
41 years ago!

Look at the adorable outfit Marie 
dressed her in for her first trip. 
Alex is so beautiful!!

Marie has saved that sweet outfit & blanket, as 
many of us have done, for the sake of sentimentality. 
She was looking for the perfect size doll 
to display Alex's clothing on and be able to enjoy 
looking at them again. 

Finally the right doll came along that was
the perfect size. 
She is a 2000 Heritage Mint Doll.
She's just too cute isn't she? 
The dress was purchased by Marie's 
Mama and as you can see her favorite 
color was orange.

Look at the adorable little baby shoes 
she has on! They're pale yellow to compliment 
the orange dress. (The hat is from another 
baby outfit that Alex wore. 
Marie still has that sweet outfit also and she'll 
show us in a future post.)
 The blanket is the one Alex came home in.
I love the colored stripes! 
The pacifier was Alex's very first 
and the pink rattle was her first toy. 
The little giraffe was among her first toys 
also. I told you this was sweet!! 


A friend of Marie's gave her a beautiful Fairy 
Doll and the White Unicorn. The unicorn was in 
a crippled state having a badly broken hind leg. 
Not an issue for Marie. The repair was easy 
for her. But then she added something that 
took my breath away, a LACE saddle! 
It gives the illusion of an intricate 
saddle fit for a Fairy!

Very creative Marie! What a great result 
from "thinking outside the box"!

*** "LOIS", A 1970S WALKING DOLL ***

Marie was going on a group venture with 
her Busy Bee group a while back and 
noticed that everyone was stepping on 
and over a doll that was laying on the 
vehicle's floor. One of the ladies said 
the doll was for Marie to see if she could 
do anything to "save" the doll. One of the 
other ladies said " It looks like it should 
go in the garbage!" 

Marie thought "Oh my...the poor doll", and 
graciously took the sad looking mess. 
She had NO eyelashes, mildew 
in her eyes, layers of dirt and scum all over her...

and NO hair! 
You could say Marie had her work
cut out for her! The doll, "Lois", started 
with a major scrub down. We're not talking 
a bath, we're talking heavy duty scrub brush
and good old fashioned elbow grease. 
Then she had to take a trip to the doll hospital 
to have an eyelash transplant! 

It's a delicate procedure...

thank goodness it was a success! 
Marie found new hair for her on Ebay and 
gave her a gorgeous hairdo. 

You'd never guess she was the same doll 
would you? 
The floral crown came from 
the Dollar Tree along with 
the fluffy white bunny. 

Lois' clothes came from Fred's Store 
for about $6 and her shoes were $3. 

The transformation is amazing! 

Absolutely Amazing! 
Nice makeover Marie!! 


(Are you detecting a pattern here?)

This doll was made in 1950.
Marie has named her Priscilla.
The doll was in the back of a closet 
at the house of Marie's mother-in-law.
It was incredibly sticky and almost 
felt like it was "melting". 
(No before photo, our apologies!)
 This was another job for the scrub down! 
Priscilla's hair was even sticky and a lot of
 her once lovely ringlets had to be cut off!
Marie gave her a new hairdo with what was 
left of her hair and I think it looks great.

Her original dress was still in decent shape 
so Marie laundered it and made it look 
fabulous. The little doll in her hand is a small 
Dorothy doll that was given as a toy at 
McDonalds years ago! Marie thought 
that Priscilla's dress looked a bit like 
Dorothy's dress style so she put them 
together to make a darling doll duo!


Another rescue? Yep! 

These two dolls were filthy! Marie had to... 
you guessed it, scrub them and scrub their 
(You can see the "before" of the Dorothy doll.) 

 The difference is amazing!

Once again Marie has totally saved 
a doll without a home. 


Bye-Lo Baby Dolls were one of the first 
truly realistic baby dolls sculpted. 
Grace Storey Putnam, 
a sculpter from 1877- 1947, created
 this revolutionary doll in the early 1920s! 
No doll looked this real up to this point. 
How did she do this? 
She studied a real 3 day old baby to come up 
with her design.
Why tell you about the Bye-Lo baby? 
It actually starts with an antique crocheted 
baby's gown and hat. It was made by 
the mother of a friend of Marie.
Marie's friend was looking for a home for 
this baby set, made in 1890. It was stained 
and no one in the family wanted it. 
So Marie became the new owner! 
She was 
in search of a baby doll that would do 
this little outfit justice. Bye-Lo Baby was 
the perfect size! Marie got permission 
from her friend to tea dye the antique 
crocheted baby outfit which camouflaged 
the old stains. 

Here's the result... 

the perfect pairing!

So beautiful Marie!! 


Oh dear... this is a doll Marie made
a while back for a friend of hers and is 
now in need of a good cleaning! 

This is a fabulous doll and Marie 
wanted to bring it back to it's 
original beauty for the owner. 

The result is incredible! Look at her shine
and sparkle! 

 The Prayer Christmas Tree Doll 
lives on to delight it's thankful owner! 

The Prayer Doll holds a tiny Bible & 
a rosary in her hand. A very sweet 

You are amazing Marie! 

Thanks for stopping by to see all the wonderful 
transformations that Marie has been working 
on these days. We appreciate you taking the 
time to take a few minutes to visit and say "hi"! 

Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

Makeovers by Marie Antoinette
Post by Edie Marie

Stop by Marie's Etsy to see her beautiful 
Theater Dolls & Paper Dolls for sale! 
It's a treat to see her talent!! 
(I know, I'm partial, can't help it.)


Friday, July 4, 2014


Please join us...

 in praying for the protection 
of our Armed Forces...



and future! 

But most of all for that sweet state of being 
we call PEACE!! 

Have a fun and safe holiday.

Hugs & Love, 
Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

(Please include Marie's Grandson, 
Courtland,  in your military prayers. 
Many thanks!! ) 

Post by: Edie Marie
Lots of love by: Marie Antoinette
Vintage postcard free images by: Google 
Inspiration by: The 4th of July 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


When I was a little girl my parents called 
this holiday Decoration Day. 

This was the original name for Memorial Day. 
It was called Decoration Day because 
soldiers would decorate the graves of 
deceased soldiers with flowers, flags 
and wreaths. 

The term Memorial Day didn't come into 
being until 1880. 
(Okay I'm not that old, but my parents were 
just a bit stuck in the ways of the old folks 
back then. My Grandma, Meme, called it 
Decoration Day so of course my parents 
did too! )

In 1967, the year I graduated from high 
school, the US Government proclaimed 
Memorial Day as a National Holiday. 
( Who knew? I had no idea!)

 My parents faithfully decorated the graves 
of all our deceased relatives. They would 
take Meme to the cemeteries to "visit" the 
graves and place beautiful peonies, iris, 
roses, daisies, or whatever was blooming in 
their gardens. 

This was all conditional on whose turn it 
was. You see it was a great honor to be 
the one to do the decorating 
in my mom's family! 

My mother's brother was in WWII 
in Normandy and ended his time there 
burying the dead in the concentration 
camps. He saw his battle buddy be blown 
up next to him. He saw death and destruction 
everywhere he looked. The war changed him 
forever. He knew how precious life was.
 He knew the devastation of the Holocaust 
first hand. 

He took decorating graves VERY seriously 
to the point my mom would call him and 
tell him exactly what kind of flowers she 
would be using when it was her turn!  
He would give his approval but perhaps 
would add a flower from his garden for 
more variety. Or maybe it was to try 
and ruffle my mom's feathers! 

 Flags were another subject. 
As you know, Veterans place 
little American Flags on the 
graves of deceased servicemen 
and servicewomen. It's a wonderful 
thing that they do this.

My first husband is buried in one 
of the main cemeteries my mom's 
family is buried in. 
One year my husband was skipped 
when the flags were placed. My 
mom immediately stormed up to 
the office and demanded that they 
bring a flag out to his grave! And 
of course they did!
Flags are also serious business!! 

SO... this 

have a nice time with your family. 

Here's a some things for you to remember 
when planning your weekend... 

When you have the family over for 
that cookout... 

put up that cool bunting you've got 
stashed in the closet,

make a fabulous centerpiece for 
your picnic table, 

and fire up the grill. 

Did you forget anything??

Happy Decoration Day!
Happy Memorial Day!

Be safe, be blessed - 

Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

Post by Edie Marie
Images by Google
Honor to our loved ones who 
are no longer with us by Marie & Edie

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Princess White Feather and the White Buffalo

Princess White Feather,
member of the Quinabella Soiux Indian 
tribe of South Dakota.

 At the early age of 6, White Feather 
heard the voice of God. 
She became a Christian and remained in 
the Christian faith until she died.

White Feather was as beautiful as her name
might suggest. All who met her remarked 
about her loveliness and say she kept 
her beauty until her death.   

    She was surrounded
by many famous people. Her father was 
Chief Prairie Flower and her uncle was 
Chief Iron Tail. She was also second cousin
to Chief Sitting Bull. She attended Carlisle 
Indian School where a fellow student 
happened to be Jim Thorpe, the famous 
football player.

 But her heart always drifted back to 
the wonderful sweetheart she had as a child.
They were separated by the Indian Wars. 
And she never knew what happened to
the little boy from her youth.

What happened next is 
what romance is made of.
Her young sweetheart had become 
Chief Running Wolf also known as 
Carl C Taylor, a member of the 
Miselereo Apache tribe of New Mexico. 
After seeing his name in the newspapers, 
she corresponded with him, became reunited 
with him and ultimately they were 

Was it a blessing from God? 
A gift from the Spirit of the 
White Buffalo? 

You decide... 

Wishing you the 
Happiest of Mothers Days! 

Love & blessings, 
Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

Princess White Feather created by 
Artist Marie Antoinette 
(Available on her Etsy

Post by Edie Marie

Princess White Feather was a real
Indian Princess from history. The info 
used is from her obituary and can be 
found here.