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Thank you for stopping by to see what's happening in our studios in Peacock Paradise and on Golden Pond!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sparkly, Christmas Stocking, Wall Hangs

I see alot of you like sparkly, glitzy, and glitterery things. Well I have something to show you. I don't just make doll vignettes. I also make other things that I will introduce to you. One of the things i want to show you are my Christmas stocking wall hangs. I've been doing this since 1996. Before that I made T- Shirts. I think I'm the only one who does stockings like this, but I wouldn't know for sure. I've never seen anyone do it. (Below is the starting fabric, in it's plain form):

Here is how I got started: I saw a stocking wall hang, and thought it was pretty. It was very big, at least a yard long. I cut it out to sew it, then thought it needed brightening up, so I thought and thought, Hummmmm. I use glitter on my T-shirts. I'll do that. Well, I went overboard. It had alot of gold outline. I took my fine tip and started to outline everything in gold, let it dry. Did I mention how big this stocking was? That took two days. Then I started with one color, I started with blue. I painted everything that had blue on it, with blue glitter paint. Then I chose another color, and repeated the process. See where I'm going with this? (Below is the fabric cut to shape):

The end results were a very bright, Glitzy, and sparkly stocking. It was beautiful. I cut me a pattern out of this, before I sewed it up. I've made at least 100 of these since. I also make other wall hangs, other than stockings as well. I recently bought two pieces of Christmas Fabric on Ebay, cut, painted, and sewed it up. Here are before and after pictures, so that you can see the difference on the fabric. Of course the camera will not show all their brilliance. If anyone would like to know more about how I make these, Please email me. (Below is a complete wallhang):

P.S. These do have batting and backing, and also uses about 2 1/2 yards of lace. Some of my stockings or a little bigger than the others, depending on the print I buy. Here is a cardinal fabric, and it's end results...

This cardinal stocking took longer to paint, because it had a lot of gold outline. All the birds and right down to the smallest berry, and greenery.

Thank you , and all of your comments are appreciated. Hugs Marie Antionette

Monday, July 21, 2008

Piano Doll, Jewelery/Music Box

Hello Its me again, with something new. I just finished this, doll vignette, piano/music /jewelery box. It plays Beethoven's Fur Elise. The piano is, 6 inches tall, over 8 inches wide, and 11 inches long.

How I made it: I cut a plaque shaped like a piano of course, from a 1 inch, by 11 inch, ponderosa pine board. I drilled small holes in the legs of the piano, and matching holes in the plaque. I put pegs to hold piano to plaque, plus a very strong glue.I did the same with the bench, that I made.Then I made the doll up and drilled a hole in the bench. I put a long peg up the dolls wazoo and attached it to the seat.
You can turn the whole vignette upside down and it will not fall off, I promise you. I do not make dolls, like a true doll maker. I make scenes. Dolls do not move from their given places... The plaque this vignette is on is 14 inches long, over 7 inches wide, As the doll is the tallest part, it is over 11 inches tall.

Thank you for stopping by! I so enjoy your visits.

Marie Antionette

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hooray! I've Been Awarded AND Tagged!

I was tagged by Edie Marie of Edie Marie's Attic, AND I'm honored to have been given the Arte Y Pico Award by Rebecca of the Ladies' Historical Tea Society!

So i'll hand out my nominations for both the tag and the award...

~~~ 7 Song Tag ~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is the tag. List 7 songs you are into right now. No matter what genre, whether they have words, or even if they are not any good, but they must be songs you are really into right now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

Here's my 7 songs:
1) All Alone am I by Brenda Lee
2) Young at Heart by Connie Francis
3) Let Me Go, Lover by Joan Webber
4) Faded Love by Patsy Cline
5) The Little Cloud the Cried by Johnny Ray
6) I'm Sorry by The Platters
7) Honesty by Billy Joel

Next, the Arte Y Pico Award...

The rules to follow with this award are:

1) Choose five blogs that you consider deserving of this awardfor their creativity, design, interesting material, and contributionto the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) Post the author and link to each award winning blog.

3) Each award winner posts the award and the name and link tothe blog of the award presenter.

4) The award winner and one who has given the prize should postthe link of "Arte y Pico" blog, the origin to this award.

(P.S.)- I don't really know 5 folks that haven't gotten the award OR the Song Tag yet, so i'll just nominate a few... I do know that just about all of you have gotten similar awards/tags- so if you already have one, or too many, then just take my well wishes and good intentions.

That being said, I nominate:
My Petite Maison


Tatting Chic

China,Chintz and Roses

My Vintage Studio

Once again, if you already have either of these, I understand. HUGS!

Marie Antionette

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Hello to all my creative friends!
I know its not Christmas yet; I always start making my vignettes in July, because it takes so long to make certain things. I don't just make doll vignettes - I also make other items as well. One of those are miniature theme trees. When I saw in the upside down trees in catalogs, I thought I would try and make one (in minature size). I made this tree at the very end of Christmas, so it has never been seen. I had been ill, and had not made a thing in three years, so it took me awhile to get back into the swing of things. I don't take pictures very well. I wish you could see it as it really is, all bright, and it looks like a chandelier.

I used a 24 inch Mini tree. A plaque, I cut from a 1 inch thick, ponderosa pine. It is 18 inches long, and 11 inches wide. I drilled a hole in the center, for the very tip of the tree, that I have turned upside down. Then, I drilled holes for dowels around the center hole. That's to hold the tree up. Make sure you paint the dowels, they will go up into the tree. I set the tree with a good strong glue, secured the dowels to tree, let dry real good. I made the tree skirt, set it. Set lights. Now to decorate it.

I wanted an all white, silver, & chrystal, chandelier type look. I made white presents, white harp, crystal swans on the bottom. I had to repaint the toy soldier, so it would be sil.& whte. You can't tell, but the pillar the cherub is sitting on- I crackled painted it,Sil. & white. Of course lots of clear icicles, and clear garland, white mini bulbs, and other ornaments. Now for the very top, which of course is the bottom, I wrapped white garland around the base, made a bow, then set another cherub in the middle. Thats how I did it. I am going to make a different color tree, this year. I also have other different theme trees. You should see the one I made with dragons and wizards. Now that was a kool tree. ...Hugs, Marie Antionette