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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New Tree, A Swap, A Buy and Another Bartending Story

Hello dear friends,

First I want to show you another White upside Xmas down tree, I just finished. This is not the same tree I did on the below post. I made that tree for a friend of mine. This tree will be going in my Esty shop. Its made with all clear ornaments. No clolor to this tree except some white. It stands about 26 inches tall.

I had the chance to purchase some really beautiful ribbons from Noelle Garret Designs

You need to visit her shop. She has some really great deals, not to mention how she packages her items she sells. Its worth it. She also included some extra pretties .One of the things was a very cute lollipop. A gorgeous tag. Thank you Carrie.
I kind of did these pictures backward.But this is how Carrie packaged the items. So pretty!!!Not to mention the extras that were in it.
I also was in a swap. I haven't been in a swap for years and this was so much fun. It was with Wanda of Roses in Winter
She is a fantastic lady, who does some amazing things. We decided to do a swap together. We both also decided to do crowns.We both never ever made crowns. This is the crown She made for me. Isn't it just gorgeous. I love it. She aslo made me the most beautiful wand. Then to top it off, she sent me a pair of paper shoes that were just fab. She sent them because I just happen to make a cooment on how beautiful the shoes were. Wasn't that just to sweet. A very nice lady and friend. Thank you Wanda...Please go visit her blog.
Now for the bartending story:


I know a few of you follow my past life as a redneck Barmaid. Although I'm not a redneck, A New Orleanian born and bred, transplanted in Mississippi, not that nothing is wrong with that. After all I married a redneck. A good ole boy...LOL...
For those who are newer to my blog, you can go read the first two stories first... if you like to. Here are the links:

I was going to write another story about a very proud Lady. You see I read a story on Sandra Evertson's. It was about something and someone who changed her life. It reminded me of the same thing that happen to me, Except the proud lady was my very own Mother. I decided to tell that story another time. But you should go read Sandra Evertson's blog. It a must read.

Before I begin my bartending story, I must warn some of you that you may not like what you read It does have some violent content. Its not like the first two stories. My newer blogging friends don't really know me, that is why I wish you would read the first two stories first.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea.
I also want to tell you that I'm not a writer. I just tell the story as I would if I'm talking to you. Sherry of me that when she met me in person, that I sounded just like she pictured me in my blog. So with all that said .....This is a true story...

The Legend of the Pool Stick Incident
I use to play pool, was not great but I did win a few tournaments. I wanted to play a game of pool before I went home, and my hubby Bill came in for a beer anyway. He seldom came to the bar you see. Anyway, I put my quarters up... When it was my turn to play. I saw that I was going to play someone I did not know. A young man, that I now realize was what we call down here a smart a..... little punk. I have no use for punks. Because I have a gift of sizing up a person at first glance, I could tell this young man, (no names in this story) had no respect for older people, not that I was all that old. This happened only 12 yrs ago.

Since he won the table, he could decide if he wanted to rack or break. He wanted me to break. I know why now. When I broke, none of my balls went in. so it was his turn.... He ran the table, leaving me with no shots, Oh well, it happens. I said thank you, but all he did was turn his back on me. How rude. All I said to him was son... the least you could have said... Thanks for playing , or I'm sorry you did not get a shot. You see he did not want to play pool with me anyway. He was hoping for one of the men, anybody but a mere woman.

Do you know what that CRETIN then said and done to me???
He put his fingers in my face...wag them around gangster style....then said....SHUT UP OLD WOMAN AND GET OUT MY FACE!!!......Then he turned his back on me again. started to walk off.
I SAW RED.....Kids don't talk to their elders like that. NEVER!!!! I'm from an old school of licks. There is no such thing as time outs.
I still had my pool stick in my hand. I tapped him on his shoulder....(I don't hit no one from behind)....When he turned around he said WHAT!!! I came down with that pool stick on his shoulder, and from then on it was a blur. I kept wacking him still he was curled into a ball under the back ball table. I was still whacking him still my two honorary sons lifted me up and away from him. They told me later that I was still wacking away at him with what is now a broken pool stick.

My hubby was standing with his mouth open, because he never ever saw me do such a thing. I don't think he knew what to do.

The little punk was talking ...I'm going to sue you. Well he got rid of that notion real quick. One of my honorary sons told him that it would never get to court, because I'm one of the most respected ladies in town not to mention a friend to most of the police. Also if any thing happen to me, in any way shape or form....Well! he got the message.
The next day when I was working, The punk came in and apologized to me. To this day when he sees me... he calls me Ma. He is an excellent pool player.
I did have the pool stick around here, but could not find it. Some times attitude ajustments are called for.
Thats it till I'm asked for another story. I hope I did not offend anyone.


I now want to thank Sherry for putting the word out .She has asked everyone to pray for My friend Cheryle who is having a rough time with her famil, And myself. I'm still going though alot of health issues. I'm not worried for myself. I alway rally though. I don't let much get me or make me stay down long. But Cheryle really does need our prayers. She has been there for me many times. Sherry is the best of friends for all her help. She is another friend who is there for me and now Cheryle. I pray for all our friends out there in blog land who has had illness and troubles. These are the times we need to stick together. As one we are strong. God bless you All

XXOO Marie Antionette