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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Real Angels Are Among Us

I'm like a bad penny...I always turn up...LOL
   Thank you for waiting for me. Its good to be back. I've had a very busy summer and I've made some new items, experimented on others.
I've had wonderful  friends to come visit. I will tell you about that later. Right now...I want to tell you a story. Nooo,  not a bar story. I'm saving a good bar story for Christmas. You'll just have to wait.

This is a story about Angels. Real Angels:
       I've been so fortunate To have made the friends I have since blogging. Some... and you know who you are...have come into my life to stay. You came when I needed you most. Each and everyone has made a difference. I'm going to tell you about a true Angel.
                            Her name is Julie Marie of  Idyllhours
I was on the phone just talking to Julie Marie. We started talking about our dogs. Her dog Tessy...mine Hobie.                                               
                            This is Tessy
                           This is Hobie
Snooty looking ...ain't she!
  I was telling her that The blankie...not really a blankie, just an old shocking pink terry cloth robe I gave her to lay on when she was but 6 weeks old.
   We called it her Pinkie, was in shreds. After all Hobie is now 3 yrs old.
She carries her Pinkie everywhere. She would put one end in her mouth and roll over it until the Pinkie was on her back. Hobie walks all around the house like this, Sleeps with it,plays with it. I was telling her I don't know what we will do when the Pinkie is no more. She will grieve.
   FYI, Hobie is a 4th of July pup.
Julie Marie, the Angel that she is said ...I'll just make Hobie a new blankie. That is such a sweet  offer.
  Those of you who do not know... Julie Marie loves all things living. She cannot stand to see anything or anyone suffer.
   She took in Tessy when she was left abandoned by people who mistreated her.
Tessy is so happy now.You can look into her eyes and see the light that shines.
   Julie Marie also take other hurt animals to her Vet...who also tries to heal these sweet creatures. At his own expense.
   So to help this Vet out. She makes animal blankets...and donates them to her Vet to sell in his office. In the picture above, Tess is standing in front of this very table.
  This is truly an awesome thing Julie does. She does things from heart, She has a soul as big as the sky. She is and Angel in my book.
 The New Pinkie:
  Hobie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I want you all to look at Hobie with her new Pink Blanket. Tell me if she is not a very happy dog baby.                                                                                     

  Hobie looking at a picture of Tessy:                                          

I don't know if I should call this next sweet Lady an Angel...LOL. More like partners in crime...LOL. Heaven help those who get in our way when we are together.
   Who else can I be talking about but Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic. For the pass couple of yrs..Sherry has come to my home and then I went to her home...then she came back to visit me at my home again. This time she brought not only her sweetheart of a daughter in law Chrisie...She brought her honey of a husband Wes.
  To say we had the most wonderful time, would be an under statement. We did all kinds of stuff...including a trip into New Orleans. Most of you know I only live about 50 miles N. of the city where I was born and raised.
                                     GO Saints!!!!
I had to put that in these...sorry.
    We shopped till we dropped. Sherry knows I love purses and she made me the most beautiful one last yr. But she made me another and it is drop dead gorgeous.  Wes was the perfect guest...LOL...he would not let me wash a dish. I do not own a dishwasher. I don't like them. That's just me.
    Wes and my hubby Bill got along so well. I never seen Bill laugh so much. He is the most quiet of men.
  Here are some pictures of my new purse and some of our trip into N.O.
She also made me an awesome key neckles. I did not have a picture of it.
Here is my Bill teaching Wes how to eat Crawfish...LOL...look at the faces.
hehehe...Sherry acting silly.My friend Cheryle made her this small table covering and she is wearing it as a cute.
This is all of us in one of the many restaurants in the French Quarters.
  That morning we did go to the Cafe' Du Monde.
  Sherry what are we going to do for next yr. What ever it is will be very interesting and fun.
Thank you Sherry, Wes, and Chrisie for a wonderful memory.

  Right before I took my leave of blog duty...I had won a Flower Press and book from the very talented Grabriela Delworth. Fabulous!!!.I can't wait to use it this Spring.Thank you Gabriela.
Another Angel...Celestina Marie of Celestina  Designs 
    has helped me all though Summer with her wonderful advice and friendship. She just plain warms my heart.
               Thank you Dear
And my most precious Angel of all...My beautiful daughter...Alexia Antoinette.
    All the work she does for me. driving me around, creating beautiful banners not just for my blog, but for my  Etsy Shop. And now she has created another  drop dead gorgeous banner for this new post...and also the most lovely new business card.
  I love you sooo much.
  My beautiful new business card
 That's all I have to say. I do want to say again, that I'm glad to be back and I really do hope I can visit most of you. I'm a little slower...LOL... it will take me longer.
          May God Bless you, and I hope we all have a wonderful Winter Season.
                  XXOO Marie Antionette