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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year And A New Begining 2011

                                        Hello to all !!!
Just wanted to let you all know that   Tracie of My Petite Maison      Is having a give away Feb 3. Go right on over there and join in.Tracie is a Sweet lady and she has awesome give aways!
                                                  XXOO Marie Antionette

Well, its over...2010. I'm glad. Thats terrible to say. But some of us has not    had a  steller year. GRANTED!!! I did have some highlights.
                                  YOU !!!
All of you!!! You kept me going. Gave me hope for my ailing brother...which by the way, he is holding his own, and they were able to find a bone marrow donor. I know its not over, but with all the prayers you've sent out...I'm keeping the faith.
                            THANK YOU ALL !!!

A new doll I've already made and sold. I have not shown any of you yet .
   Its  a bride theater doll.



    I'm a winner of a give away that Celestina Marie of had a few week ago.
  You would not believe the beautiful things I've won. A most gorgeous box that Celeste painted. And you all know how talented she is with a brush. When I opened the box...there was more beautiful things inside, then...and then to top it off was the most gorgeous ornament. Everything painted in Celestina Marie's unique style. I was doing the happy dance. Thank you Celeste I love every thing.


    Now to show off just a few things I recieved from some of my friends.  Pat of  what a Sweetheart she is. I was outside when a big UPS truck drove up. I was not expecting anything. It was a big box from Pat. Now Pat is also a very talented lady, and makes everything.I bought a pillow and tags from her and her work is awesome. Anyway I opened the box and was stunned speechless...LOL rare for me. It was the most drop dead gorgeous BIG paper doll. If you could just see it in person. You would buy one from her right away. Just look at it!!! Thank you Pat...I will get you back by the way...LOL.
    Everything I've got was awesome...just look at what Sherry my adopted sister sent me. It was a beautiful letter M with rhinstones on it. I just happened to buy a picture frame for only $2.50. I don't know why I bought it. It was such a bargain. Anyway something clicked in my head and I took out the front glass and put blue velvet in the backround and look at my M now!!! Gorgeous Right?
     I wanted to make sure I showed you what my daughter Alexia gave me. Something i've wanted forever. A beautiful waste basket from Victorian Papers. She bought it to go into my new redone studio. I love you daughter. XXOO
    Now I started making these ornaments at the very last days of christmas. I did them really to past the time, then discovered I really liked making now I've added ornaments to my list of things to make.


       One of the sweetest ladies in blogland, She teaches French, plays the harp, writes beautiful stories, and does illustrations, Anita ,  sent me a fab tag and thank you card . They are so pretty. I have them hanging with other wonderful tags and such in my new redone studio. Thank you hon . She also wrote the most wonderful things to me inside the card on the left.                               
     I'm going to start a new theather doll, and I want you all to know it will be really kool. I found a Marie Antoinette Type figurine in an antique store.Its really not that old, cause I've seen the same figurine on Ebay. Mine was cheaper.Anyway thats all I'm going to tell you about it. I will say it will be in the, gold, creams, greens.

     I will depart now, lots to do. Remember New Beginings!!!
Thank you one and all, your cards, prayers and friendship, means the world to me. May God Bless you all,
             XXOO Marie Antionette