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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Notre Dame Cathedral and the Big Bus!

A great way to see the sights 
in Paris on your own schedule is the 
 Big Bus Paris, hop-on-hop-off tour. 
You hop on the bus, go to the 
site of your choice, hop off and spend 
as long as you want there. 

Then you just hop back on the next 
bus that comes by to go on to your 
next destination! We weren't 
interested in guided tours (our son 
had been to Paris before and was  
very knowledgeable) 
so it was perfect for us. 

It was a beautiful day so we climbed 
the steps to the top for a glorious ride 
through the streets of Paris! 

Our destination... Notre Dame Cathedral! 

As we enjoyed the wind blowing through 
our hair, the sunshine sparkling through the leaves 
 and all the incredible scenery, we 
finally approached this historical icon. 

There it was! 

The great Notre Dame Cathedral! 

My first memory of this place 
was as a kid watching old matinee movies 
on TV in the summer and seeing 
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame". 
I thought it quite spectacular. 

Also known as 
Notre Dame de Paris 
it translates to 
Our Lady of Paris. 
She was built in 1345 and still stands 
tall, graceful and strong. 

This Roman Catholic Church is located in the 
4th arrondissement of Paris. 

In front of the cathedral is 
the bronze statue of 
Charlemagne, King of the Franks,
on horseback. He's holding a lance or 
staff while guided by two leudes, 
which are believed to be the figures 
of Oliver and Roland.  Charlemagne holds 
an important place in European history, 
being the first Emperor of Western 
Europe around 800AD, known at that time 
as the Carolingian Empire. 

The arches around the doors were 
very intricate... 

and the inside breathtaking! 

There was a lovely calm area 
to the right that we were drawn to 
to light candles for loved ones and 
say prayers for the needs of others. 

We felt it such a blessing to have the 
opportunity to actually say prayers in 
the great Notre Dame Cathedral 
in the City of Lights, Paris France! 

There are masses taking place 
all day in Notre Dame. It goes on as if hundreds 
of people aren't touring around the edges 
of cathedral. 

Of course, ALL are welcome 
to join in the service. 

The windows are magnificent! 

So many prayers, streaming up to 
heaven like glistening strands of pearls. 

These friezes were fabulous. 

I loved coming across this 
statue of Joan of Arc. 
I recently had done a class 
with my granddaughter on Joan 
of Arc in French history. It was very 
exciting to take a photo of this 
great woman to show her! 

Window after window 
brought  another stream 
of colored light dancing through, 
another beautiful altar, 
another saint,  
each as heart touching as the last and 
the next. 

( My favorite photo)

I lingered here a long time 
soaking in the beauty. 
This is my favorite photo of 
Notre Dame. When I think of this 
place I see this picture in my mind. 
It's in the photo album of life for me now. 

This brilliantly lit model of Notre Dame 
was tucked in one of the alcoves. 
It was so intricate!  

Gisant de Simon Matifas de Bucy, 1360

Such beauty. 

Mary & Jesus

This huge basin was filled with holy water 
and on each side was a different language. 
" I know the way that looks for travelers." 

Right across the side street from the 
cathedral was a little sidewalk cafe... 

where we dined on French crepes and 
sparkling water... 

and this was our scenery. 

As we crossed the bridge we 
saw our Big Bus rolling up to 
take us to our next stop. 

This one was quite incredible!! 

Thanks for joining us to see 
Notre Dame Cathedral. 
Our next stop on the Big Bus will 
be the Arch de Triomphe. 
Hope you can hop on board and come 
along with us! 

Bisous, Edie Marie