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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just For Me

Hello Dear Friends.

Before we get started, please lets take a moment to send one of our dear friends Sherry of Eddie Marie's Attic and her family our prayers. Sherry lost her precious niece to cancer the other day. She also needs prayers for her son Russ who is ill. I'm not going into detail about that, but Sherry is very upset of course as we all would be. She needs our prayers and support. Sherry has always been good enough to keep us in her prayers in our time of need. We thank her for that. We love you Sherry and May God bless you.

Natasha Burns of Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns has come up with a fun idea. She thought it woud be fun to do or make something for ourselves for a change. And yes it was fun, I did enjoy making this for myself. Here it is!!!

Some of you seen my Tree Angels that light up, This is a tree doll. I call her...........

"Marie Antoinette's Christmas".

She stands 20 inches tall. The base she is attached to is 18 inches long, 11 inches wide.

The porcelain head which I altered by changing her hair color and face, drapes a miniture Christmas tree. The gown that drapes the tree is made of organza. The color is beige and pink. I made the gown, hat, fan, hatbox. The fan and the hat both have a little fleur-de-lis on them. I put lights on the tree, and under her gown are shoes, the hatbox, a harp, presents, and I can always add whatever comes to my peabrain. These pictures do not do her justice, not to mention, I'm not a good picture taker...LOL. This is a pretty big Christmas display.

I am going to make another Marie Antoinette Tree Doll for my Etsy Shop, but it will be a different color and different porcelain head.

So with that she is:
This is what is under her gown.Here's a story of how I made my very first doll.
Before I started making the dolls, I made T-shirts, sweat shirts and then the Christmas Stockings.
One day in Walmart in 1997, My friend Cheryle and i was looking in the craft department. Cheryle spotted a porcelain doll head and fell in love with it.She said it remined her of Monica on the TV show Touch by an Angel. Cheryle did not do any kind of crafts. She asked...Marie could you make me an Angel with that doll head? NO! I would not even know where to begin. O you can do it. NO! Please........I studied it for awhile, saw that they were using cones to make them so I said I would give it a try.

After alot of burnt fingers, alot of failures. I came up with my very first doll. Of course I gave it to Cheryle and she calls her Monica. She still has her to this day. Of course I replaced the feathers since then. As time went on I got better and more creative with the porcelain heads. So looking at my very first doll of 1997 she is not so good maybe,but she is the best one I've made in Cheryle's eyes.
Something of interest. These are my orange and satuma trees. I have two of each.

These are the satumas,They are lightly green, but ready to pickThese are the oranges,but they are still not ready.
Arn't these pretty?These are our Meyer lemons. Most are bigger than my hand, way bigger than the oranges.They are begining to turn yellow.They will be ready for Thankdgiving.
I want to thank you for coming by my humble abode. I want to wish you all a safe and fun fill Halloween. I will be hunting me a place where I can do the Monster Mash.

Ya'll be good!!! XXOO Marie Antionette