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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Marie had the honor of displaying her 
incredible Christmas village at the 
town depot for a special Christmas 
event taking place in her hometown 
of Picayune this month. She was able 
to spread out her thousands of village 
pieces for a dreamlike place of ages past. 

Marie's village was featured in 2 
articles in the Picayune Item newspaper's 
Lifestyles section. 

CLICK on the articles to enlarge them 
enough so you can read them.   

December 5, 2012  


December 12, 2012

Marie's hubby took a wonderful video 
of Whitmanville for you to enjoy. Her 
son-in-law edited it and Marie's sweet 
daughter Alex posted the Utube of it 
for you to enjoy and share with your 
loved ones.   

The above link is a great Utube 
overview of the entire Christmas Event 
that Marie is a part of. Towards the end 
of the video there's an interview with 
our beloved Marie!    

I'm so proud of you Marie and your 
ability to create such a wonderful 
fantasy place for all of us to visit. 
Your Whitmanville has brought us 
so much happiness and delight

From Marie and Sherry... 


and TO ALL 

Have a safe and blessed Christmas! 

Marie & Sherry

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

 ~ Christmas ~

A time of wishing... 

and hoping.  

A time of working... 

and playing.

A time of old customs... 

and new. 

A time of traveling... 

and visiting.   

A time for writing greetings... 

and trimming the tree

A time for giving... 

and receiving. 

A time for singing... 

and dancing 

 A time for baking... 

and dining with family & friends

A time for great anticipation... 

and dreams come true. 

A time for praying... 

and a time for reverence and awe.  

Don't forget to let your inner child come 
out for this special season of celebration!

" For it is good to be children sometimes, 
And never better than at Christmas
When it's mighty founder was a child himself."
by  Dickens

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visit our Etsy shops listed on our sidebar. 
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Our friend Lorena @ Rose Chic Friends 
has a very worthy cause if you're looking 
for a special way to give this holiday season. 
There are still many people in need after 
Hurricane Sandy ripped apart the 
Brooklyn, NY area. Visit Lorena to 
find out how you can help if you feel 
led to do so. Just click here.     


Love and blessings to all of you
throughout this holiday season!

Marie & Sherry