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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Sister Dolls

A blog we love to visit is 

When thinking about Christmas 
gifts for my two little granddaughters, 
aka the Sweetie Girls, I wanted to 
make something special for them. 
I remembered seeing a post that 
Rhissanna did giving a tutorial 
and pattern to make one of 
her fabulous dolls. Oh how 
I LOVE her dolls! They're full of 
personality plus!! 

So I got to work and this is what 
I created ... 

"The Sister Dolls".

Meet "Little Sister"...

and "Big Sister" 

I followed Rhissanna's instructions 
which were very good. 
This is definitely an advanced project! 
(Let me put it this way, Rhissanna is 
entitled to every single penny she 
gets for the dolls she makes!!) 

My youngest son, Dad to the 
Sweetie Girls, is a fabulous artist 
and did the faces on the dolls for me. 
They look very much like the girls. 
I was thrilled! 

 Big Sister

Little Sister

I used fabrics and trims I already had in 
my "stash" and only purchased 
some yarn, sparkly beads 
and little silk flowers. 

The older Sweetie Girl loves Fuchsia so I 
thought it would be fun to give her doll 
vivid fuchsia yarn hair. Younger Sweetie 
Girl loves Hot Pink so she received a 
hot pink "do". They both loved it. 

The Sister Dolls love to  
pose for photos... 

and dance 

and just have fun together! 

The Sisters love whirling and spinning! 

The dolls live at my house and are 
always waiting for them on the 
nightstand between their beds. 

Thanks for coming by to see 
the "Sister Dolls" creations!
They're so happy to meet you!  

Stop by to visit Rhissanna's blog
You'll be amazed at her dolls!! 


Edie Marie 
Marie Antoinette

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sásta lá St Patrick ar !

In other words, 


Blessings be yours today 
and always! 

Marie Antoinette 
Edie Marie


Postcard from Google Images
Gotta love it!

Monday, March 9, 2015


We're stopping by to show you 
some vintage images with the  
fresh breezy hint of Spring. 

Wishing you sweet cherry blossoms 
and lovely lilac scents! 


Marie Antoinette
Edie Marie


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