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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Lady Patience is dressed in her finest gown...

waiting for him. 

 She has arranged her skirt perfectly 
on her Victorian settee... 

hoping to be a vision of beauty 
when he enters the drawing room. 

He sent her a lovely bouquet of flowers.
Queen Victoria tells her the meaning 
of each different flower;
"Primrose, 'I can't live without you', 
Lilac 'First emotions of love' and
Apple Blossom 'Preference'."

There was a Golden Key attached
which made the Queen's heart leap for joy. 

The Queen whispered to Patience
what they all meant together,
" I prefer you above all others in these 
emotions of our blossoming love. 
I can't live without you and offer you 
the key to my heart."  

 Her heart was fluttering as she waited 
and wondered what the future 
would hold for her and her beloved.

But she remains "patient" just as her parents 
had named her on her Day of Christening. 

And then she hears a gentle tapping 
on her door. 

Her patience has been rewarded with 
his timely arrival. 

He bows before her and kisses her 
lovely soft hand...

This fabulous Theater Doll has been 
created by yours truly, Marie Antoinette. 
I loved making her and using the 
elegant fabrics that fulfilled my 
 vision for Lady Patience. 

I enjoy making my Theater Dolls 
so much. If you have a spare moment 
please stop by my Etsy Shop to see my 
other theater dolls I've created. 
Lady Patience is now for sale in my 
Etsy Shop, 
Creations by Marie Antionette.
I'd love for you to come visit!

Thank you so much for your comments 
and visits! I really appreciate you taking 
the time to give your thoughts about our 
posts and ideas for creating.

And a big thanks for welcoming 
Edie Marie to my blog. We love to work 
together and she can do some of the 
things on this blog of ours that I find 
too challenging these days. 
We are "sisters" in spirit and love sharing in 
each others lives even though there 
are many miles between us! 

 Love & hugs, 
Marie Antoinette 

Post by Marie Antoinette
Typing by Edie Marie 
Story for Lady Patience by Edie Marie 

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Friday, September 13, 2013


Have you ever heard that phrase?

It may be an old phrase but as I have 
observed things through life
it's actually true. 

I've watched time after time some old 
trend in style or decor to reappear 
like an unwelcome ghost! 
Okay... sometimes it's good. 

 I love some of the old things!
I recently found these gorgeous 
sewing machine drawers in their 

 They were at our local antique mall,
and were priced at $12.00 per set...
I almost fainted! 
They run from $30 and up 
per set for plain ones with no 
carving or curves.

The drawers were full of junk 
part of it being old sewing machine 
belts and newspaper liners.

 What a surprise it was to find a French 
cartoon in the bottom of one drawer!

Two liners put together revealed that 
Lawrence Welk was coming to town 
for a performance! Who knew??

Hubby and I recently discovered an 
incredible salvage yard in Columbus called 
Having owned an old home built in 1902, 
we were in awe of the beautiful pieces of 
homes & history that had been 
saved from destruction. 

 One of my favorite pieces was this 
stained glass "Church Window" 
that was priced at $2,250. 
Needless to say I did NOT bring 
it home with me!

The Bowling Alley was a mere 
$1250. But the Vintage Fan was 
a bargain for $85. (Yes it worked) 

 This wonderful Vintage Typewriter, 
in working condition with ribbon 
in place was around $250.

 A wire basket contained lots of 
Vintage Street Signs that were
$30 each. It was fun to see many
familiar street names that have 
been a part of my life. 

 I was totally shocked that this sign 
was priced at $289! 
See, women are valuable!!

 Ornate radiators go for around 
$525. Yikes!

  You can buy a Barn Door...

 a Horse Stall Door...

 or a Jail Cell Door just to mention 
a few!

Here's an idea - 
put Grandma's old clothes pins 
in an apothecary jar to display!  

 I was excited to find this "Singer"
Street Sign...

 to compliment this Vintage Singer 
Sewing Machine! Wouldn't that 
look clever to have the street sign 
mounted above the machine? 

Need a newel? 
They range from $75 - $1750!! 

 We had a wonderful time going on 
a trip through time back to the "old things".
 Thank you Columbus Architectural Salvage 
for allowing me to take photos in your shop!

Now back to my new/old drawers, 

I'm thinking about painting these white.
I love that worn shabby painted look. 
I also have other sewing machine drawers 
that I could paint to unify their look. 

  Then putting a wood piece on top 
of them to make them one piece.
(These ball feet are gorgeous!)

Then I could utilize the top to
set something else on it.

Here's a very unexpected use of 
a sewing machine drawer frame. 
a Wine Cabinet! Now that's thinking 
outside the box isn't it?

It's going to be used in my studio,
 I'm just not sure for what yet. 
You know how that goes! 

So stay tuned for a future post on the 
Vintage Sewing Machine Drawer ! 

Blessings to each & every one of you - 
Edie Marie


Our darling Marie Antoinette is working 
in her studio on some new treasures 
to be revealed in the near future. 


So for now we bid you adieu - 
Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

Post written by Edie Marie