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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Does Bleach, Pinterest and Scissors Have In Common?

We've all done it haven't we? 
A couple of leftover drops of chlorine bleach 
is mistakenly left on the edge of the washing machine.
A t-shirt happens to touch the bleach as it goes into 
the washer and you get instant spots! 
I hear you saying "I only use color safe bleach" 
but sometimes you just have the old fashioned 
Good/Evil Chlorine Bleach on hand when 
laundry day rolls around.  

Don't throw that t-shirt away 
or make rags out of it. 
(okay I have to admit I did wear it for a 
couple months around the house)
But then I saw this cute craft idea on 
none other than Pinterest... 
you know, that time-sucking site that gives 
you all kinds of ideas to save for later 
that you don't have time to use.  
So here's one of the ideas I saved on 

1. Spread your t-shirt out nicely on a table 
or an ironing board. Cut straight across 
under the sleeve area.

2. Use your scissors to cut fringe. Make 
the fringe how ever long you want. 
Mine was about 4" long with each 
piece of fringe about 1/2" wide. 

3. Pull each piece of fringe so that 
it kind of curls into itself. 
At this point you could add beads 
here and there on the pieces of fringe 
and tie a knot to keep them from 

You have a really interesting 
fringed scarf to drape around 
a t-shirt. 
AND you can say you actually used one 
of those saved ideas from Pinterest! 

Hope you liked this up-cycle.
How has bleach touched your life? 

Have a grand week friends! 

Marie & Edie