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Friday, July 25, 2008

Sparkly, Christmas Stocking, Wall Hangs

I see alot of you like sparkly, glitzy, and glitterery things. Well I have something to show you. I don't just make doll vignettes. I also make other things that I will introduce to you. One of the things i want to show you are my Christmas stocking wall hangs. I've been doing this since 1996. Before that I made T- Shirts. I think I'm the only one who does stockings like this, but I wouldn't know for sure. I've never seen anyone do it. (Below is the starting fabric, in it's plain form):

Here is how I got started: I saw a stocking wall hang, and thought it was pretty. It was very big, at least a yard long. I cut it out to sew it, then thought it needed brightening up, so I thought and thought, Hummmmm. I use glitter on my T-shirts. I'll do that. Well, I went overboard. It had alot of gold outline. I took my fine tip and started to outline everything in gold, let it dry. Did I mention how big this stocking was? That took two days. Then I started with one color, I started with blue. I painted everything that had blue on it, with blue glitter paint. Then I chose another color, and repeated the process. See where I'm going with this? (Below is the fabric cut to shape):

The end results were a very bright, Glitzy, and sparkly stocking. It was beautiful. I cut me a pattern out of this, before I sewed it up. I've made at least 100 of these since. I also make other wall hangs, other than stockings as well. I recently bought two pieces of Christmas Fabric on Ebay, cut, painted, and sewed it up. Here are before and after pictures, so that you can see the difference on the fabric. Of course the camera will not show all their brilliance. If anyone would like to know more about how I make these, Please email me. (Below is a complete wallhang):

P.S. These do have batting and backing, and also uses about 2 1/2 yards of lace. Some of my stockings or a little bigger than the others, depending on the print I buy. Here is a cardinal fabric, and it's end results...

This cardinal stocking took longer to paint, because it had a lot of gold outline. All the birds and right down to the smallest berry, and greenery.

Thank you , and all of your comments are appreciated. Hugs Marie Antionette


  1. Wow, you are very creative. I love that wall hanging. I love everything Christmas.


  2. Oh my goodness!! Those are just gorgeous!! And I have never seen anything like them! They would make beautiful gifts :)


  3. Beautiful,beautiful!!!!
    Very creative.
    Un saludo!!!

  4. Hi there..thanks for visiting my blog.I love your handiwork!
    Have fun! ;-)

  5. You are right....I have not seen these beautiful Christmas stockings anywhere! Wonderful!
    La Donna
    P.S. So wonderful hearing from you, and thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. Thank you for your kind words, I just love your wonderful doll vignettes! And how lucky are you to have those beautiful birds in your life, I'm sorry for the loss of your lovely blue boy, I lost my kitty two years ago,she was 17, they do always have a place in our hearts though!

  7. What fabulous stockings!

    Victoria x

  8. Hi!! You have been so creative once again! Have a nice Sunday!

  9. Hi Marie!
    Your stocking wall hangings are beautiful! You are very patient to do all that work! But what a gorgeous result, I'm sure photos don't even do it justice. You always have great ideas Marie!
    I just saw the movie Marie Antionette with Kirsten Dunst a couple days ago. It was really quite good and the costuming and sets were Gorgeous! She was so young and such a sweet girl when she was chosen for such a huge task! I now want to read more about her life. I found the movie at our grocery store for only $9.99, a great dvd bargain! Do you know alot about her history, besides the end of her short life?
    Hugs, Sherry

  10. oh my, aren't they wonderful!!! i can see that these take a lot of work, and the end result is beautiful:)

  11. My goodness....that's a lot of work. They are just lovely. It drives me crazy just letting my glitter glue dry on my gift tags for just two hours. ~

  12. What a great creation you made. You are too smart . :0) :0)

  13. Christmas in July, there's nothing better, except of course December. I'm much too unorganized to work on Christmas projects until like December 13.

    Stop by I have something for you.


  14. Hi Marie,
    Your stockings are lovely and would make the perfect gift for a loved one...
    Thanks sweetly for your comment today :)

  15. You are starting on your Christmas at the right time!! Thank you for sharing your tutorial on your blog. You are a generous person!

  16. I want to thank all you lovely people for the wonderful comments I recieved.They just make me want to create more and that means the world to me.May God bless you all, Marie Antionette

  17. Hi Marie ~ Thank you for your kind words and visiting my blog! You are so creative and blessed! I have to tell you I love your place. What a beautiful gazeebo and green house! I would love to visit and see your peacocks and koi fish.

    Hugs ~ Nichole

  18. Hi Marie... Just wanted to thank you for coming to the UnBirthday Party and for your sweet comments... Glad you liked my Big Pink Limo... LOL

    Please have a wonderful day...


  19. These are wonderful! They must glitter in the firelight over the mantle. Thank you so much for your comment on the shoes!


  20. Gosh, you are very talented. I've so enjoyed your little doll vignettes! Especially the Marie Antoinette curtain/skirt doll! And the upside down tree is great, too. My girlfriend has a full size one of those!

    Is that fabric behind your scenes? The silhouettes?

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. Hi Marie~
    Now that's a stocking!

    I love your new banner - that picture is darling, Marie Antoinette with her dog - I love it!

  22. These stockings are just beautiful! I have not seen anyone doing these as of yet either. I think most of us do like all that glitters too! :)

    Cheers! =D

  23. A very nice doll collection you have, Marie Antoinette. Hope you have a great week. :)
    The Bach

  24. I like the nostalgia themed fabric. And the lace gives it that elegant finish. You are so creative.