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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peacock, Red ! On a tree thats upside down ?

Yes indeed, I made a tree thats upside down and has a beautiful peacock that is red, sitting on the very top. I hope you enjoy the redness of it all. LOL, This tree is about 23 inches tall, the plaque it is attached to is 20 inches long, and 11 inches wide in the middle. This is only the second upside down tree that I've made.
Here it is with the room lights turned down:

Now this heavenly Angel has no name yet ! Any ideas ? I'm open to suggestions.
It sits on a plaque, 11 inches long and 11 inches wide.The wings are made from my very own white peacocks.To view my white peacocks go back to post called My Peacocks. The piano is a music box, Not a jewerly box. It plays several different Christmas songs, I forgot how many but it is quite a few.It runs on an adapter.The keys on this piano really do move up and down. The piano is 6 inches tall, 10 inches long, and 9 inches wide.
You let me know any names you suggest,I'll put them in a bowl and let my grandson pick one name out. That will be the name I use. I just may have to send the winner a little something.That date would be.......Nov.8

Now let me tell you about the award I recieved from my very good friend lady is just one of the most wonderful talented people I know.It is called the One Sweet blog award.

To quote the creator of this award who is Diane Evans:
she says, I have a special award for all the sweet blogs I visit...I am giving this award to all the wonderful people that I visit almost every day.... they have inspired me and shared their wonderful lives with all of us....I only ask that you nominate some of the wonderful you visit everyday. I'm not going to select anyone,because I think all my friends that I blog with deserve this award, instead, I'm going to share it with everyone. So if you would like this award , just pick it up with my heart felt thank you's to all of you. You have brought so much joy into my life. I think I would have sunk very low last June, before I started bloging.XOXO Marie Antionette

Now here are a couple of the most lovely things I've recieved in the mail. This is a beautiful pierrot doll I purchased from Denise at Couture De Papier:

I am going to use him as a decoration under my tree.I made up this box as a present and attached him to it. Didn't it come out just lovely. It sure is going to look beauitful under my tree this year. Denise is such a wonderful young woman.She sold this to me for practily nothing.I know she made nothing on this deal, What a sweetheart.

Would you believe that out of the goodness of her heart Veronica of BumbleVee sent me this gorgeous ,gorgeous material. Look at the colors!!! Isn't this peach lace to die for?

Now this is the lovely Angel, I've made with it. Its an Angel you can hang on your tree or on a doorknob or anywhere else you wish to hang it. I am so thrilled with this.
And a closeup:

I want to thank all these wonderful ladies.You are very dear to me.

I also want to take the time to let all my friends know that I am sorry for not visiting or posting anything new until now.I have been a little ill, but I'm trying to take care of the matter. Again, If it wasn't for my daughter editing and posting these pictures ,I couldn't have done it. It took me awhile to get these items made. Most of them were premade already,I just had to add this and that. Hugs and kisses all around, Marie Antionette


  1. Your tree looks beautiful with it's red crystals, red peacock, upside down and all. I know these upside down trees are all the rage right now with decorating folks like yourself. I've even seen them hanging upside down from chandeliers! Whimsical! I love your pink poirot doll. I'd love something like that as it would look great on my tree! I love holiday decorations any time of the year! :)

  2. Oh, Marie.....I am so glad you are having fun with some of the fabric...and what a beautiful lacy peach angel she is...

    I'll have to think on some names for the vision in white at the piano... ...

    hope you are feeling a bit better now... hate to think of you struggling just to enjoy playing with your lovely dolls...

  3. Thank you Veronica,for your kind words.My Dr. gave me something to help with the pain,so I'm coping with my issues till they figure out what they want to do.Thank you Tatting darling also.I'm glad you like the tree.I am going to try to visit some blogs today.Hugs Marie Antionette

  4. Wow , yout upside down trees are beautiful. I am trying to think of names for your little piano angel. Maybe," My Melody of love".
    Hope you are better.

  5. Hi Toni!
    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Your creations are incredible! The white angel at the piano is marvelous. I have to think about a name to throw in the hat. The red tree turned out so wonderful, it's very striking. And I love what you did with the pierrot doll. Denise does some beautiful work too. You have such a great "eye" for the details of creating vignettes Toni!

    I've been thinking about you and praying that you will feel better soon. Pain is an aweful thing, I know how hard it is to manage. Please let me know how you are progressing when you feel like emailing me.

    Big huge hugs! Sherry

  6. Hi Marie, What a treat to come here and see all your lovely creations. You are a triple talent!!I just adore your upside down tree. Everything about it is wonderful. And, I collect angels, so of course I am in awe of your new angel pretties. Your piano angel in white is certainly one of a kind and really creative. It makes me think of winter frost, so I will throw a name in the hat for "FROSTORIA"
    Thank you for inviting me to play along. It was a joy to visit and I so hope you are feeling better. I hope doctors can help and get to the bottom of your pain. My prayers will be with you sweets.

    I understand about not getting around to visit. My days have been so busy and seem to run all together this season. Lot of work to do for the shops, keeps me so busy, but I love it.
    See you again soon. Feel Better!
    Big Hugs,
    la rea rose

  7. What beautiful work you do!
    I'll be thinking of a name for your angel.
    I hope you're feeling better!

  8. Lots of pretties to see here today...always love seeing your work Marie. I so hope you are feeling better now. As for the name, how about Rhapsody in White. :)

  9. Pretty tree Marie!!
    The angel is lovely sitting at the piano. I'm not that great with names, but I thought of Angelica the snow angel.

  10. I like the name "Lilleth" for your white angel at the piano ~ it hints at Lilly and lily white as she is all white. :o)

  11. Oh how Pretty! Thank you so much for posting I love how it is displayed your so creative and inspiring!
    PS How do you 'hide' your links? I cannot figure that one out?!

  12. OK, Toni- I think her name is "Grace". She so ethereal and pure!

  13. I am so sorry to hear you have not been well. Everything looks beautiful! If I had to pick a name I would call her Aria.

    Big Hugs!

  14. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments. Wonderful things to see. The doll at the piano is fantastic!
    My name for her would be "Luna", she has a magical white shine...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  15. Marie - I'm glad you're feeling a little better. The MOST important thing is to take care of yourself! Blogging can wait, though I'm glad you gave us an update becuase I was getting a little worried about you!

    I thing the Angel should be named Angela. When I looked at her sweet face that's the name that POPPED into my head!

    Your upside down tree in wonderful! And the angel door hanger - LOVELY!

  16. Hi!
    The doll at the piano is fantastic!
    My name for the doll is purity.
    The tree very very very original .

  17. A Heavenly Note


    I'll just bet that one of the songs that the music box plays is
    Fleur De Lys so perhaps:

    Heavenly Fleur De Lys

  18. I`m glad that you are feeling much better!
    And wow!
    What a come back!
    You have been such a busy bee! Lol
    I love the upside down Christmas tree and your Angels double Wow!
    My name for your Wonderful Angel is:
    Debbie Moss


  19. Ooohh all those lovelies are so beautiful.
    Hope you are feeling better too, sending lots of love your way.
    love Alison x

  20. Hi Marie,, your tree is just lovely. I love the red peacock!!! Very pretty. Your pretty white angel at the piano is also very pretty. the first name to pop in my head was Crystal? I dont know about that though. LOL She is so pretty.
    I am sorry to hear your not feeling so well, your in my thoughts and prayers and I hope your feeling much better soon. Hugs, gail

  21. oh my gosh that tree is to die for! I WANT IT!!!! IM in love with it. I just read that you have peacocks|!I LOVE peacock feathers! I love earrings made from peacock feathers...those poorthings...would see me coming and run the other way. hahah I still think you need a pretty angel names Priscila hahahah!!! I love the angels you made...ur so talented... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree! I think I need one!

  22. Your angel is beautiful. To me it is like she is so gracefully playing on the piano - Amazing Grace! I don't know why but she looked like that to me and I like that melody. So my suggestion would simply be Grace.


  23. Hi again Toni!
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment!
    I've thought about a name...
    "Hope"! Please toss it into the hat for me!
    Big hugs, Sherry

  24. OOOhh, I am terrible when it comes to naming things, but I LOVE your upside down tree! :)

  25. Everything is just gorgeous! Your talent is so amazing! I love the colors you use. So rich.

    Conbratulations on the award, you deserve it!!


  26. Marie....I hope you are feeling better! Thank you for visiting my blog, and your very nice comment about my paper cuts! You are so sweet!
    All of your creations are beautiful! How about "Heaven Above" for the dolls name? For short, we could call her "Heaven" because indeed she is!
    La Donna

  27. Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I hope you are better soon. Your angel at the piano is "heavenly". I can't believe you got those feathers from your peacocks! The white piano made me think of Liberace! ha ha How about Angelina Liberace? lol

  28. The dolls are fabulous. And the first thing that came into my mind about a name was "Snow". Hope you are feeling better dear one.

  29. Hi Sweet Marie!

    SO nice of you to stop by and you always leave me the NICEST comments!

    Hope you are feeling better!!! Get well soon.

    Happy Halloween! :-)


  30. Hi Marie ~ I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I had one thing after another last winter and it was very hard. Luckily I am a work at home mom and was able to take care of myself. I will keep you in my prayers. You must have a wonderful daughter to take care of you. I know my mom has been an angel to me when I needed her.
    I think you should name your angel Rae. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care honey!
    ~ Nichole

  31. I love your tree. It's really unique. I've seen an upside down tree before but it was not nearly as lovely as yours. It must have been such fun bartending in New Orleans. I think that New Orleans is one of the most interesting places that I have ever visited.


  32. I can't think of a name for your angel...but you sure do nice work. Thanks for stopping by my site. Strider

  33. if priscila isnt ur style namer her bella! i want a girl so bad and I was going to name her isabella rose ...sigh...

  34. Hello everyone,I want to thank all of you for your well wishes.I already fell better,just from your thoughts and prayers.So far I see some beautiful names,those who did not have a name ,your name will go in the pot.Even if your name is not drawn,I'm going to keep them for other angels that I make.The little peach hanging angel made from the material thatVeronica of Bumblvee sent me deserves a name also.XOXO Marie Antionette

  35. i would name her "noelle" (the feminine of noel...hee hee} she is quite lovely!!! and your upside down tree is really fun and pretty!!!

  36. Marie, I just love the tree! What an incredible idea. It is just stunning! The angel is beautiful. I just love seeing your creations. Now for a name. . my grandmother's name was Evangeline. So I will throw that into the hat! Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

  37. The upside down tree is so creative and very pretty.

    Now for the name.

    Belle Ange, French for Beautiful Angel.


  38. Good morning Maria Antonieta! :) I would name your lovely angel "White Cloud"--no doubt about it! She is lovely!

    Have a great day, and thanks for visiting the House in the Roses...



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  40. Iofiel--Angel of Beauty assists us in experienceing a new depth of beauty and in realizing we are beauty.

    Absolutely gorgeous-- Can't wait to read your blog!

  41. OMG, Girlfriend you should design trees for the magazine HORCHOW!! Anyway, a name for your white piano? Wynter's All I could think of in about a couple

    HI love all the new items, sooo elegant~

  42. Hello doll!!~
    I am always intrigued at your dolls and your work! Just heavenly!

    I think I'd name it
    "wish upon a star"

    don't know why that came to me, but, it did!!!!

  43. Hi Marie A.
    Love your upside down tree AND that you can create your very own wings from your peacocks!
    Lucky girl.
    Sending you happy thoughts!

  44. Toni, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    I LOVE the angels, they are just precious!

    As for the one at the piano, the only name I can think of would be Celesta.

    I can just imagine the tinkling sounds of the celesta, which sounds as though it is the music of the angels. (It's the instrument used to play "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" as well as the Harry Potter intro. Sounds celestial, doesn't it?)

    Beautiful work from you, as always!

    Big hugs,
    Leia (TennZen)

  45. Hi Toni!
    You poor thing...I had no idea you'd been sick. I've been so wrapped up in my own little world these past couple of weeks, that I haven't gotten to visit my good friends. I did notice you hadn't posted anything for awhile, but I thought maybe you were crafting up a storm for the holidays. I should have checked on you!! (The sound you hear is me slapping my own behind!) Gosh, girl, I hope you are okay and it isn't anthing too bad!!! :)

    I love your upside down tree ~ that is different!! But I like it and it is so festive! And your beautiful white doll; she's just gorgeous. How about "Winterina's Wonderous Melody" Or "Sara's Snow Song" ??

    Take care of yourself and I'll be sending good healing thoughts over your way! Lots of love and hugs, Bebe :)

  46. I did leave my name suggestion for your sweet piano angel. When I saw her I imagined that she is playing amazing grace so the name suggestion would be Grace.
    But then again what ever her name turn out to be I don't doubt it will suit her perfectly.


  47. hey there,
    so so cute.
    what a fun giveaway!!
    thanks for stopping by sweetie.

  48. Congratulations on your sweet cupcake award....!

    I love the upside down tree, it actually makes a very nice shape. One wouldn't think....but it works, it totally works!

    Now as for you angel, I think a good name would be: Snowflake Angel.

  49. Marie, Thanks for coming by and glad you love all the treats! The dolls are fab, My suggestion for the Beauty is
    "Blanche De Noel"! The upside down tree is very inspirational, I will have to try that one!
    Hugs, Ann-Denise

  50. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope things get better for you soon. I love your tree and the beautiful dolls. Now for my name for the beautiful white queen!! Let's see how about the Queen of Winter Frost!

  51. How fun! Love the tree and the dolls are so beautiful!~

  52. Hi Marie -

    Sorry to hear you have been in pain - I hope your Dr, can find something helpful SOON. Living in chronic pain is not fun.

    You create such beautiful dolls - and that tree - is amazing!
    I had thought of a couple of names - but they have already been added - I'll think of something else.....I'll be back!
    thanks for visiting my blog.

  53. Bonjour Queen Marie! Your Items are spectacular!! Tres Manifique! When I see a white canvas such as that piano I just want to paint tiny sweet roses all over it! How beautiful is that with the stunning sweet Angelina. Beautiful creations.. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments Marie Hugs, Kimberly ps. Dont miss my givaway starting nov1st-15th and Marie Antoinette Soiree Nove 2nd... :)

  54. Hey Marie! Thanks for the visit! How about Dignity? She plays sweet music for those departing this world in hopes of making it more peaceful. Part of God's way of welcoming them.

    Sorry if it was meant to be Christmas-y...have a friend dying of's on the brain.

    She is truly beautiful!


  55. What a beautiful angel. You are so very talented. My suggestion for her name is Paonia, pronounced PAY-oh-nee-ah.

    Peacocks were often called Paons in medieval texts and I added the 'ia' at the end so it would sound like my favorite flower, the peony.

    I'd also like to send Get Well Wishes your way.

  56. For her name I pick Fairy Dust...m...I am so sorry you are sick. I am thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way. I hope you have a great rest of the week...m..

  57. Hi Marie....

    I have been thinking....and I like "Serena" for your beautiful white lady....

  58. What a pretty & unique upside down tree! You make the most wonderful creations!

    How about Angelic Aria for the beautiful doll?

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  59. Angel Name?? How about.....
    Harmonia Noel

    Love all your decorations,etc..
    You are so gifted!!

    Beautiful Blessings~ Kelly Maria

  60. So sorry you've been ill. Hope all is better real soon.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Your tree is amazing, and so are the angels. Because she is at the piano, the name Sonata came to mind. Take Care! Gloria

  61. I love love love your upside down tree. How stylish a red peacock. I think the name should be Angelica... Sorry you havnt been feeling too well, hope you are better soon XXX
    P.S. Ive still got some jelly babies (and my teeth) LOL!

  62. Hi Toni... Everything you create is just so pretty... love your color choices... Thanks for your recent visit and sweet words about Mocha's death... it meant alot to me... I'm thinking of you, and hoping you're continuing to feel better... God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  63. Thank you again ladies,for your get well wishes and prayers.I am feeling better,if not cured yet.LOL,But I'm OK.I'm not worried ,so you don't worry.How can I go wrong when I have so many of you watching my back. LOL Hugs and a bunch of kisses.Marie Antionette(Toni)PS I had several of you wanting to knowhow to contact me,The link to my email just won't work on this this stupid Vista(don't get one).You will have to go the long way around.Sorry.

  64. Your tree is amazingly beautiful! Last year I ran into a gal who did this, but used photos from her son who was stationed in Iraq as decorations. It was magnificent and something I'm sure you'd enjoy hearing about too. :)

    As for your gorgeous doll, the name "In tune with all things Heaven" popped into my wee head...

    Thank you for sharing your world with me! Happy Halloweeeeeen, Monica

    (love your banner)

  65. Hi Toni,

    Although I am just getting around to visit now, you have been in my prayers. I hope you are feeling much better.

    What a talented woman you are. Your creations are just amazing. I like the name Hope for your Angel. I know whatever you go with will be great though.

    Congrats on your award. I just love Tattingchic- what a sweetheart she is.

    Have a fun Halloween.


  66. I so hope you are feeling better and in magical spirits today!
    My power came back, so excited about that and The best gift of all, my peacock feathers arrived safe, sound and with magic. They are beyond words beautiful and completely turned my horrible week into a purely magical one today!

    Super Magic and Many Hugs!

    thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Sending warm wishes your way!

  67. Happy Halloween Marie!!!

    SpOOky Hugs
    Chris :-)

  68. Hello Marie Antoinette!(what a cool name!)Thanks for visiting my blog and I see that you too are a part of the Marie blog birthday party!!! I think you should call your lovely piano doll Jane Austen!

    Happy Hauntings!

  69. ok a name him....?Bon Bon???

  70. Such gorgeous creations...I so love the pink package with the Pierrott too...and your upside down tree is spectacular. I bet your white peacocks are really neat.
    The only name that comes to mind is "Lily Pearl Serenade".
    Thanks for visiting me today!

  71. Hi Marie,
    I love your upside down tree. You would love the one I saw last year at my favorite restaurant. It is called The Garage (located in NYC), and it is a multilevel place. They had a huge tree hanging upside down, and it was trimmed in beautiful shades of deep pink, not quite red, but I know you would ave loved it; it must have been about 20 feet. From the top level, you could almost look down on it.
    Now for a name, all I could think of was Harmonie.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. As usual my visit here was a real treat.

  72. Hi Marie! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I love your upside down tree and your lovely dolls! particularly the pink poirot one..(I'm a pink fanatic) I would say that my name for your delightful pianist in white would be Jacqueline Frost or The Crystal Queen...
    huge hugs
    Patti V
    7 Rose Petal Path

  73. Your upsidedown Christmas tree is so pretty. Never would have come up with an idea like that! It's great.

    How about, Ambrosia... Vision in White, for the beautiful doll?

    Feel better!
    Nita Jo

  74. Hi Tony,
    What a lovely upside down tree with that peacock (they hold a special place in my heart too).

    When I first saw your angel, I just thought Angelique since I've always liked that name, so think I'll stick with my first thought.

    I hope you're feeling better and just taking it easy. What lovely items you've shown here. What a treat, opening them up and having such wonders inside waiting for you.

  75. Any peacock in any color would love a nest like that!

  76. Hi!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. And then your sweet invite to come help you name your angel! What lovely goodies you have created, just a delight!

    Hmm...I was thinking of Icy Sonette because she reminds me of an Ice Princess playing a Sonet on her piano! And being a former piano teacher I thought it might fit her well!


  77. OOOOH, a name....Can I say two, I can't decide...
    how about: Noel LeVie
    or Madmoiselle Mirelle

  78. She is beautiful and a great way to get us in the mood for the holidays.

    I think something romantic and french for her name would be great.

    The names posted by Fairy Enchantment would be lovely - and they are french.