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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Barmaid's Story

Hello Friends,

Because so many of you enjoyed reading about my bartending days, and asking to read more about my days as a barmaid, I decided to start the New Year off with a story about some of the other barmaids that I worked with. Now for those who never read the first story, you really need to go read it, so you will know what I'm talking about. Its title is Bartending, Redneck Style, it was posted 9/5/08. I really do wish I could say things that would be very interesting to you, but I cannot risk offending some of you or the ladies I will be talking about. Any of you who have worked in a bar will know what I mean. Some of the more colorful stories would be off the wall. LOL...
First I wanted to let you all know I did find a picture of Alice. Alice is the lady on my left in the picture below. And since Debra is one of the Barmaids I'm going to introduce to you and is also in this picture, we will start with her first.

Debra!!! (She's the gal on my right.)

Debra,Debra, Debra! AKA: Raby Baby, that is what she goes by in the known world. She is rude, crude, and sociably unacceptable, can drink any man I know under the table... LOL. But you cannot have a bar without a Debra in it. Did I mention loud to boot. When you walked into Clydes, its the first loud voice you hear. The party has begun. She started working a few weeks after I did. She was only 18, where I was in my 30's. She was tall and lean and very pretty. Debra and I are still the best of friends. Like sisters. She worked mainly at night so that she could go to college during the day. I admire her, because she got pregnant, went to school, worked at nite, had her beautiful baby Brooke, still worked and still went to school. That takes strength and courage. How hard that was for an 18 yr old. Not many in this day can do that. Most would live off welfare. I'll tell you about a fight she got into one nite. This woman was pestering her. she asked this person to leave her alone, but she just wouldn't, next thing I knew they were tangled up like spiders on the pool table.You see this other person was also tall and lean. I laughed so hard, it was the funniest thing to watch. It only lasted a few seconds. Rocky, our 6 foot 5 bouncer broke it up. We never saw the persterer again. Anyway Debra has her degree in deaf edcucation. She still is rude, crude and sociably unexcepable. But I sure do love her.


Everyone knows its Wendy. Beautiful, very beautiful. The men came in droves to see her. A wonderful barmaid. Can keep a party going in any way shape or form.Witty and so much energy. I knew she was going places. I knew she was going to climb the social ladder real fast. And she did. But like me she loved Clydes. She always came back to work there. I told her one day, Wendy you always have reminded me of somebody but I could not put my finger on who. One day when it was cold, I wore my brother's old military sweetshirt, that had COLEMAN on the back of it. She asked me, why are you wearing a shirt with Coleman on the back? I told her it was my maiden name. She said to me...Thats my maiden name, I said ...Well, I'm from New Orleans. She said, I'm from N.O. I said... I have an Aunt Ethel, She said... I have an Aunt Ethel. I said...,I have an Uncle Dean, She said... I have an Uncle Dean. We started talking and come to find out, Wendy is my second cousin. Small world, no wonder she looked familiar. She is the spitting image of my Aunt Ethel.

Wendy is a big Real Estate broker and is married to a man who owns a very large business on the Gulf Coast. She lives in a mansion on the water. I myself would never live by the ocean, considering what Katrina did, but what ever floats your boat. Lets pray for no more Katrina's.

Before I start on Cheryl. None of these pictures do anyone of these ladies justice. Alot of my pictures were destroyed during Katrina. Cheryl is very dark complexed. Everyone thinks she is Native American, but she is a Samoan from Hawaii. Very beautiful, very bright. Real young with 4 children.Works real hard for those children. But because she is so soft hearted and believes everything, said to her, she was an easy mark for some. We are like sisters too. I worried about her the most. Men try and take advantage of her. I try to keep my eye on her, but I could not be there all the time. She really was one of the best barmaids. She truelly loved working the bar, we all did. She's had many jobs, even went to school to me a mortician, she even went to school to do people's taxes. Now she reads meters, and she still bartends sometimes at our local VFW. She's doing well and I wish I could see her more offen, but now she is a Grandmother and she visits her children who live in North Carolina. I forgot, she also worked in the Indian Casino. They thought she was a Cherokee, When they found out that she wasn't they kept her on anyway. She was good at her accounting job. And who could tell. God love her.

All of us are grandmothers now. After all we all started working together about the same time. There are a few more of us who worked steady at Clydes, but I could not write and tell you about all of them. For the most part, barmaids came and went we had many. Some lasted a year, some a few months and alot one nite or a day. It takes a lot to be a barmaid, especially a redneck one. Its mentally taxing , trying to read the many different moods of customers. The ladies I was just talking about are the very best and we stayed till the doors closed down. Clydes was not just a bar, it was our place.

I want to thank you for reading this story and hope it wasn't to boring. Now I want to add an award and a tag. Hugs and kisses, Marie Antionette

Every one, I recieved the Faerie Steps Blog award from Denise of was thrilled to get this.I am supposed to tag 7 lovely people, but I also was tagged by the lovely Kris from tags were to state facts about me, so here goes:

1.I hate to drive,but can't seem to get away from it.I have to go places after all.
2.Love going to the movies. I know i can wait for the DVD to come out,but its nothing like watching a movie on the big screen.
3.I love making CD's for people.I love sharing music of the 50's and 60's.
4.I hate roller coaster rides.They terrify me.
5.I'm terrifyed of heights also,so that means no ferris wheels either.
6.I love cotton candy and pepperment ice creams.,but you can only get them during the holiday season, how cruel is that I tell you.
7.I love to read any historical romance novels.Thats why i never get anything done sometimes. I read for hours at a time. Mary Balogh is my favorite author.I love the Regency period books the best, Go figure that, LOL...

Well thats about it.i'm not going to pass these tags around, because Its hard on me to do so, but I do love playing them. So if any of you ladies would love to pick these tags up and play, please do. Thank you all - Marie


  1. I love your barmaid stories. I hated to see it end. I admire you and the other girls.

  2. hiya Marie.... glad to see you again, and to hear your story.

    hugs from the Canuck...

  3. Sounds like wild times!

    Thanks for entering my tatting giveaway for OWOH! Good luck to you. Glad to hear that your daughter is doing well with her tatting. Hopefully we will all get to see some! :)

  4. Hi Marie! ~ FUN read and learning more about you. I hate to drive too!!! Hehe '-)

    Always nice to hear from you and thanks SO much on my new art. I have been working really hard to "push the envelope" as it were!

    It's always a bummer after the holidays end, I feel you on that note.

    Hang in there!

    Chris :-)


  5. Great stories! I did bartending for a while , it was a colorful job to say the least! Thanks sweetie for stopping by , hugs, Kim

  6. I`m sorry to hear that some of your precious photos have been destroyed.

    I too love to read your adventures as I GORGEOUS barmaid!

    You seem to have a great bunch of FRIENDS, too!

    Much Love,
    Debbie Moss


  7. What wonderful memories Marie! I'm not sure I would have made it in a bar - I probably would have flung a drink in someones face! I did a bit of waitressing - I did manage to never smush a plate in someone's face - although I was tempted to a few times! No, I'm not cut out for that kind of work, which is why I really respect someone who does a good job of waiting!!!
    Sorry to hear you lost some photos, and I imagine more in katrina - hopefully no more katrina's!
    You do make great CD's!!!
    Take care dear Marie.

  8. Great stories, that bar sounds like a blast!!!
    And OMGosh, how crazy about your
    2nd cousin? It is definitely a small world, glad you met up with her again!

  9. What good memories. I too love Peppermint ice cream, cotton candy and period novels. :)

  10. HI Marie, i am so glad you stopped by and now you know how really weird i am!! Your barmaid stories are not boring and i love reading about your friends and some of your experiences. Keep it up.

  11. fun catching up on your blog..great stories and great music too....Thanks for weighing in on my which one of Amy's did you like..she had so many good ones LOL

  12. I love your stories and reading about your great friends. They all sound like wonderful girls and what a blessing it is to have them in your life. I believe our lives are complete when we are blessed with wonderful people that are like family.

    Congrats on your awards. You so deserve them. I received that one from Kris too. I also have so many of the same facts. Like hating heights, not crazy about driving when I am not familiar with an area. Love movies too on the big screen and love to read too. Enjoyed reading these things and relating.

    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. I am finally done with the decorating and on to the studio and back to work.

    See you soon.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  13. I used to be a cocktail waitress many moons ago, so I know all too well the "fun" of working in that atmosphere~ha ha...the good ol' days~

    Thanks for stopping by...

  14. Marie, I just LOVE your stories and you. xo Lynn

  15. hi i enjoyed reading your barmaid's a small world how you connected with Wendy... wow xoxoxolaura

  16. Hi Marie A, I really enjoyed reading the 2nd half (why did I have to wait so long for it!!!) LOL! Debra sounds like a hoot and not someone to be messed with, which seems like the perfect mix for a really good barmaid. And how amazing to meet your second cousin Wendy (It certainly is a small world). When are you writing the book because I would like to read some of the more 'racier' stories. Great stuff! X

  17. Thanks for the nice wishes, you are a darling.
    I love your stories.


  18. Hi there Marie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your lovely comments! I thought you had taken January off for a holiay since your posts went quiet. Glad to see your back at it again! Have a great day!

  19. Hi Toni,
    I'm so glad you posted another barmaid's story. I'll have something interested to read while I eat my lunch in a few minutes... For now though, YOU won my petite giveaway on my blog.

    Send me your info so I can send you the pretties. I think you've got my email already, but it is on the side bar of my blog just click!

    Be back in a couple minutes to read your post ;)

  20. I just love your barmaid stories! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  21. Hi Marie Antoinette,

    I enjoyed hearing about your barmaid stories and the Ladies you worked with.

    Many thanks for dropping by my blog and wishing me a happy Anniversary -
    much appreciated.


  22. I bet you got in a lot of trouble in your bartending days ;o)

    Victoria xx

  23. Thank you for your lovely comment
    great post you were a great friend to all the girls

  24. Love your stories Marie!!

  25. Hi Marie (Toni),
    I finally made it back to read your post and loved it. Just the way you write about your dear friends, can tell you've had some wonderful times together. Congrats on the award and the tag was cute. I don't like to drive much either but have to get many places too! If only we had drivers, right?

    Come over when you get a chance... Of course, I love Aaron Neville singing as always ;)

  26. Very cool stories....unique characters..boy to be young again rofl. cherry

  27. Thank you for the lovely things that are being said.You are just wonderful friends.Hugs Marie A.

  28. Ms. Marie Antoinette

    I liked to read you straightforward writings. I liked the photos you have posted here, especially the photo of the lady in the middle in first photo! She looks quite happy and contended in her life !

    Naval Langa

  29. Hi Toni... Just wanted to stop by to Congratulate you on winning Tracie's give~away! FUN! Also, congrats on your well deserved award! Love your stories alot... and enjoyed reading your tag... I hate roller coasters and heights, too... and I LOVE Cotton Candy, PINK, of course!! All of my fur-babies send their love, and gentle ferret kisses, too... God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  30. Dear Marie,
    OOOh I loved the stories...loved loved loved them. I use to be a restaurant manager and of course the restaurant had a bar and we had the most delightful servers and these stories remind me of those great days shared with the best of the best. I will enter you in my drawing. Hugs,

  31. Marie,

    You have beautiful friends and it was wonderful that you shared their beauty with all of us.

    xo Cath

  32. I like peppermint ice cream too.

    Looks like you've got great friends. Great friends and good memories.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. Glad you like the photos. Hope my tech tips helps everyone.

    Good to see you again.

  33. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for visiting. I have been busy organizing and creating. I hope you are doing well this new year. Great story and fun reading about you. Take care.

  34. Hi, thank you for stopping at my blog.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Best wishes,

  35. Marie ~ what a colorful story! Thanks for your sweet comment today and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  36. Thanks for your sweet comments :) I love historical novels too!! They're the best :)

  37. so sweet!I just wanted to let you know that those are fabric roses.xxoo Denise

  38. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I used to waitress at a comedy club. That was funny. Well hugs and hope to you. Denise

  39. What a wonderful story and beautiful friends! And how crazy is it that you and Wendy turned out to be related! It is such a small world isn't it?
    Love and Huggs,

  40. I love your blog and your stories. You have so many very beautiful things. You mentioned historical novels. "Forever Amber" is not exactly a historical novel - but I loved it - and named my youngest daughter Amber. Have you ever read it? My Amber tends bar at the local country club on weekends. She loves the big tips and the customers (most of them)!

  41. Awesome story. You are very good with words. Stay warm and have a great night...m.

  42. thanks for sharing more of your bartending stories ,sounds like you worked with some good gals.
    love your music,,who is that singing "I Fall To Pieces"?? its one of my favorite songs.I'll bet you sing along too.,,things are cold here in minnesota..hugs from Judik

  43. Marie I loved your stories. I think we all can relate to every woman you spoke of. You are such a sweet person. Thanks for taking the time to come over to my "nest".

  44. What cute stories. Thanks so much for sharing them with us :o)

  45. I share your fear of heights!
    And I sure enjoyed hearing about your barmaid buddies. Friendship is so important, isn't it?!
    Glad to have you as a blogging buddy!

  46. Hello Sweet Friend... Hope all's going well in your magical world... when you get a chance, please stop by to snag a tag! God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  47. Hi Marie!

    I love love love your stories about these special ladies!! You form a real bond with people you like and work with over the years. And you could never bore us with these stories, I always want to hear MORE! I hope you'll tell us more in the future. The pictures were so fun to connect to the gals, very pretty, all of them!
    I'll be calling you!!

    Hugs, Sherry

  48. Hi Marie! Thank you for visiting! How did you find me? You have an impressive blog site. Thanks and best wishes! Anita

  49. Bonjour Marie!
    Sherry is a wonderful lady indeed. She has jump started a following for me! If you see her please tell her how much I appreciate her. I write her often now. You have a love of writing, don't you? It is so fun and you blog so well. Have a fun weekend and thanks again! Anita

  50. Happy New Year Marie Antoinette!
    Fun to hear more about the other bar maidens Debra and Wendy.
    A few of the things on your list I really relate to! I don't care for driving, or rides at the fair. The carousel is the best!!

    Hope all is well in your neck of the creative wood!!!

  51. Delightful read! Thank you for sharing. How wonderful to have such great memoreis and such good friends!

  52. HI,

    First timer in your blog and found that it's awesome in here. Love your barmaid story! Wild & cool lads, huh?

    Have a happy Sunday!

  53. Hi Marie ~ AW SHUCKS you are always SO sweet to me, and glad you enjoyed my new art / blog goodies!

    Thanks on ALL!!!

    Happy Valloween!

    SpOOky CK (-:

  54. Hi Marie,

    Love the barmaid stories. Clydes sounds like a cool place. I'm sure I could have thrown back a few beers and shared some stories with you if I had visited.

    Have a wonderful day,


  55. Honey you are just plain adorable! Love your stories, both the first set and these new ones. Talk about Toni Dolls -what a true-life doll: YOU are THE Toni Doll!

  56. I wasn't bored at all. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us!


  57. Wow, what a group of amazing ladies.

    Thank you for sharing some of their stories with us.


  58. I love your barmaid stories, you should put all these stories together and write a book!

    I bartended years ago, I had fun, I worked at a country club golf bar when I was in school, I met some really great people!

    Thanks for sharing!


  59. Hi Marie,,, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love when you visit. I always enjoy your posts too. I love your barmaid stories. I hope your having a great week....

  60. Great stories!
    Congrats on your awards.
    Hugs ,cariños

  61. What stories…

    I loved the one about Wendy, it is a small world and getting smaller …


  62. OMY....Look at the comments you have. Amazing...I think you should write a book about these entertaining. Thank you for stopping in and come back again. I just added a new collection of pillows. Look.

  63. More fascinating tales from your, keep 'em coming honey!