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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Trip to Bellingrath Gardens

A very warm Southern hello to ya'll,

It sure is hot down here. Several heat records were already broken for the month of June. My poor peacocks are really suffering , not to mention my dogs. we have fans going everywhere.

My friend Cheryle and I took a trip to Theodore, Alabama a few weeks ago. Alabama is a very beautiful state and there is so many places to visit. But the most beautiful is Bellingrath Gardens. Of course the time we went,most of the flowers were not in bloom,but that was OK, it still was wonderful. I'm not going to sit here and type the history of the gardens, so here is a link. It is a must read. Its very interesting.
The owner of Bellingrath was Walter Duncan Bellingrath(1869-1955) was into everything from the railroad to the Coca Cola company. Every nook and cranny of the gardens was breathtaking. There is a Christmas festival every yr and they say it is just a wonder to behold. Cheryle and I are going to try and go this yr. I cannot even imagine it. Here are a few pictures, but first I must tell you one of my stories.

This was not my first visit to the gardens. Cheryle , my daughter Alexia and I went about three yrs ago. In the gardens are giant bamboo. Well the bamboo looks like prison bars. I wanted a picture of myself in said prison bars, I thought that would be neat. Anywho, took the picture, seen the garden, but by the time we were on our way home, my face started burning. Got home, you could not see my eyes by then. The misery of it all...Moral of it all ...DON"T TOUCH THE BAMBOO!!! And to pour salt on the wound, the picture did not come out!!!When we arrived at the gardens this time.....You guessd it I wanted to take a picture of me in the bamboo, but Cheryle said that I better not go near that stuff...but Cheryle I won't tough it, I promise...I just want to stand inside it...No you are not...yes I am. Of course we were laughing so hard people were staring. Well yes I did get int the bamboo and this time CAUSE I didn't put my face beween the bars or touch it, I was OK and the picture came out to boot!!!

YEA!!! Now on to the pictures:

Now I want to thank a gracious lady that makes some of the most wonderful soaps,lotions and other fantastic products. I use them so I know this is true. Please try them. I recieved an award from Marie of Savon Marie and I did not even know it. I recieved it at the time I took my leave from blogging due to health reasons. I am supose to list 10 items about myself, but I've already did this with another award I was honored to get, so I will not do it twice....I'm going to take my award from Marie and run...LOL. Thank you Marie. I'm not going to pass it, but would like any of my blogging friends to pick this up for all of you deserve it. Its a very nice award. Please check out Marie

I want to wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July, watch out for the fireworks. I can tell you a story about that, so can Alexia. Just be careful around them!!!

Now I will bid you adieu

XXOO Marie Antionette


  1. What a beautiful place! Thanks for the "tour"! :)

  2. what nice pics! you look so cute:) glad you had a fun time!!

  3. Hi Marie,
    so glad to see that you are doing much better and up and around having some fun. Those gardens looked lovely , I bet it was fun checking everything out. LOVE the cool photo's of you, you are so pretty!
    The heat is awful here also,
    Fort Worth, Texas, so we aren't too far from each other. The heat gets so old, hard to do anything outside during the day - just too darn hot. Guess I am just getting too old - lol but I have managed to go swim some at the public pool near my house. Listen dear lady, you stay cool and be careful in the heat, don't wish you to get sick again :)
    Sending friendship hugssss all the way to you from me < smiles >

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Happy Birthday, friend! :)

  5. Hi Marie~~What a wonderful place to visit. I bet it is unbelievable at Christmas, too. You look so cute in all of your Pink! So happy that you are feeling better, too!
    Have a Happy July 4th!
    Let Freedom Ring~~~

  6. Hello Marie-Antoinette !
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    I took the pictures I showed in my post of today in our american friends' garden in Salt Lake City where we had marvelllous time with our friends.
    I see you love garden too.

  7. Hi Sweet Marie!

    What a beautiful post! It was so fun to see the photos (even the bamboo prison) of you & Cheryl. The 2 of you are the prettiest girls!! I can just see you 2 laughing and carrying on. What a blast!

    Happy Birthday Darlin!

    Hugs, Sherry xoxoxo

  8. Oh aren't you the most gorgeous woman! What pretty pics of the garden, but most of all you! Who said that it's just blonds that have more fun?! Thank you darlin' for visiting me! Happy fourth! Anit

  9. Marie you look beautiful and what a fun way to spend the day getting ill from bamboo.

    How are you feeling?

    Love Renee xoox

  10. Hey Marie,
    Your photos are amazing, thank you for taking us all along.

    I came by to wish you a Happy Birthday (Joyeux Anniversaire) thanks to Sherry. I wish you the happiest of days filled with love! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

  11. oh my gosh ...that looks like a fun trip. Next time we need to go together! :) haha
    Yes. I love doggies...Im trying to incorporate all vintage doggies in carters room. I have somethings that Im going to mail out to you. Is your addy the same? Let me know. Ill mail everything out Sat!

  12. Hi Marie!
    What a lovely blog - just happened to come across it by chance but so glad I did!

    Lovely pics and pleased to read you had such fun on your visit to the gardens. I don't know Alabama but I have travelled through New Orleans on a greyhound trip around the USA & Canada many years ago! (Still have a sore derriere as proof!)

    Will be back again soon to catch up with yr earlier posts! Hoping you're having a wonderful week,

  13. Oh my Marie just so wonderful! You look so beautiful amongst the garden. So good to see your beautiful smiling face.

    What a lovely place. I hear Alabama really is lovely:)

  14. I think I saw a book before with carl the dog. Looks really cute!!!!

  15. Toni, I went to Bellingrath Gardens seven years ago! I loved it! I kept going back and forth on the oriental bridges, they were so pretty, and the boardwalk and all the bamboo -- gosh, I didn't know it could cause allergic reactions, glad I didn't touch it!!! I loved every minute of it, I snuck some moss from the ground into the rental car trunk in the parking lot, LOL, but at one point some BEES went up my dress and stung me, I was stomping and shaking my dress and my hubby pulled it up and was trying to get the bees off me, I think they were attracted to the cocoa butter on my legs, was very embarrassing...

    You look DARLING in your pictures!!!

  16. Hi there, Thank you so much for stopping at my place and for your comments :)

    I'll be back to have a good read of your site shortly. xx

  17. Marie, I got a package in the mail today, Thank You, they are beautiful. I will use them with great care. The garden is lovely. Here in the N.W we are farily close to the world famous Buchart gardens, they also are a thing of beauty. I hope you are well. TTFN

  18. Happy Birthday to you !
    Happy Birthday to you !!
    Happy Birthday dear sweet Marie !!!

  19. Hello Miss Marie... A little birdie named Sherry told me today was a special day... Maybe a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marie! I sure hope it was a day as special as you are!

    Love ya,

  20. Ahhhhhhhhh! This brings back WONDERFUL childhood memories! I was born in Mobile, AL:) I posted about Marie Antoinette and (of course ) thought about you!

  21. Hi Marie!
    Thanks for stopping by my place and your lovely comment! So pleased you liked the post - hope to see you again - I'll certainly be popping back here to your page as often as I can!
    Have a wonderful July 4th!
    LOL LOLA & Nora:)

    PS Share your love of Bobby Vinton!

  22. Hoping you & yours have a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend!

    Chris :-)

  23. Howdy Marie
    Oh my what an amazing place to visit.
    Gorgeous gardens.
    Thank you for posting all the great photos.
    I had a fabulous time :)
    I love your playlist too ,some great happy tunes for a fantastic friday .
    Oh yeah I dropped by to say have a happy 4th of July weekend.
    Happy Trails


  25. Lovely photos, thanks for showing us such a beautiful place. Happy 4th July! X

  26. amazing pictures... hope you are well pretty lady. Have a geart Fourth!!! xoxo laura

  27. Hello there! Lovely post about the bamboo hehehe. And happy (belated?) birthday to you young lady! You just look like 30, not one day older. Have a great independence day weekend!

  28. Hi Marie, What fun you had in Alabama. I am glad you did not touch the bamboo this time. Great pics of pretty you dear friend.
    Glad to see you are feeling better too. Hope your birthday was as special as you.
    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy 4th of July.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie XO

  29. Hi Marie,

    So glad to see you are doing better and out having a good ol' time. What fun! I did get pretty lucky with that trunk you saw. It was as steal! It is going to be hard to part with it. Take care and I hope you had a great 4th.

  30. Looks like a great time and so glad you are back and feeling better. Lots of love to you my dear..

  31. Hi Marie A.
    Thank you for telling us about the gardens, AND about BAMBOO allergies!
    It is HOT isn't it? The other day I I felt dizzy from the heat.
    Hope you are working on a new project and that you feel great!

  32. Hi Marie,
    Don't you look cute!!
    As for blogger, yes sometimes it won't let you leave a comment lately. I just keep hitting the post comment thing, and doing the jumbled word, then after about 3 tries it posts.
    That's all I can tell you.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    Have a wonderful day!

  33. What a beautiful garden…great pictures...
    I am happy to hear that you stayed away from the bamboo…
    And a very Happy Belated Birthday…


  34. what a beautiful garden...the bamboo is amazing, i had no idea it could give you a reaction like that!!! yikes!!!

  35. Dear Marie,
    You are beyond a doubt one of the dearest ladies I know. I am so sorry that you have had health problems and do not worry about spelling that is something I am very short on normally. I hope that you are completely recovered and that life is very good to you. What a wonderful journey for you and your friend and I am happy you are having fun. Thank you for stopping by and making my day.
    Love and hugs,

  36. Hello Doll, I can't get over how gorgeous you are and married almost 37 years, that is crazy.

    How are you feeling?

    Love Renee xoxo

  37. I am so envious! I would love to stroll through such lovely gardens! You are very cute!

    Your blog makes me miss the south!

    With Love,

  38. Oh that red bridge just captured my heart! What a wonderful place.

  39. Yay you found me!!!

    Lovely photos on this post, looks like you had a great time

    Victoria xx

  40. Hi Marie!
    Do hope you had a great July 4th! We certainly did - spent it with expat American friends here in Andalucia! Wonderful time - fireworks, good food, the works!!

    Hope you're having a terrific week too,

    xxLOL LOLA & Nora:)

    PS Have you heard the Marvellous Mme Moonspinner has been "KIDNAPPED" by Johnny Depp over at my place and I'm "calling" around blogpals for suggestions how to rescue her! Any thoughts?!

  41. Hi Marie, I wonder what in the world in the bamboo caused you to have an allergic reaction to it. My Bobby G. has always wanted to plant some bamboo and I have always said "no way". It spreads like wildfire. Loved all your photos in the gardens. Isn't Marie wonderful? She is making some special soaps for me for my website. Have a happy day! oxo Lynn

  42. You look so cute! The gardens are lovely!
    I'm so impressed with the volunteer sewing work you do. I love to sew and you've inspired me. Maybe I will try that someday!
    Hugs to you!

  43. Hi Marie!
    Thought your scenario for Moonspinner's "rescue" was hilarious and left a little message for you at my place!

    Hope you're having a great Thursday - see you again real soon!

    xxLOL Lola & Nora:)
    PS Thank you so much for the follower link - much appreciated! I've added your site to my blogroll & am YOUR newest follower too!

  44. Oh Marie, what GORGEOUS gardens. Hmm...I will definitely remember that about bamboo! You know, I have to say I cannot believe how old you are (I hope that didn't come out wrong). You look about 20 years younger that you say you are! Are you lying to us? ;)

  45. A belated Very Happy Birthday to you dear Toni!
    The gardens look wonderful. Glad you didn't suffer from the bamboo "jail" this time and that the photo came out!!
    Love ya sweetie!

  46. Hi Mary!!
    What a beautiful place!
    Happy Birthday !!!

  47. How beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good time and so very glad you didn't touch the bamboo. It sounds like you are feeling a lot better and I'm so thankful.

  48. I got your sweet SWEET sweet gift this weekend. It truly touched my heart. Not only was it cute! It was absolutely perfect in every way. My boys were so happy . I told them that auntie Marie sent them a gift.Carter was up for probably a good hour and a half playing with his little doggie, putting change in, hearing the doggy bark and taking the change out! Was precious! I love the cowboys also...perfect touch for the cowboy room. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and love. Even though its been a month since its still overwhelming for me at times. Thanks for me smile and my boys too!
    love you
    Be looking for something coming your way

  49. Hi Marie!
    Just got Moonspinner's (at Dustjacket Attic) urgent message she's blocked from yr site - has been trying since you joined - it's driving her so nuts she just might have to walk that plank! Says hello - will be in contact just as soon as she can!xxx

    xLOL Nora & Lola:)
    PS Loved yr scenario for Moonspinner's "rescue". Hilarious! Back soon!

  50. Thank you every one for such lovely comments.I apprecicate ya'll very much and May God bless you all.Hugs Marie Antionette

  51. Marie,
    Do most people have this type of reaction to bamboo, or did you have an allergic reaction? I have never been up close to any, but won't go near it since reading about your experience. Glad to see you recovered.

  52. What a magical place! It looks so beautiful! I can't believe that about the bambo, wow! Glad you're okay!

  53. Hi Marie!

    Just stopped by to say have left a little award for you on my site. As you know, already earlier added your lovely blog to my blogroll and became a follower!

    Have a wonderful day!

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  54. Hi there! I just came back over to say that I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway! Be sure to come on over and join in!