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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just For Me

Hello Dear Friends.

Before we get started, please lets take a moment to send one of our dear friends Sherry of Eddie Marie's Attic and her family our prayers. Sherry lost her precious niece to cancer the other day. She also needs prayers for her son Russ who is ill. I'm not going into detail about that, but Sherry is very upset of course as we all would be. She needs our prayers and support. Sherry has always been good enough to keep us in her prayers in our time of need. We thank her for that. We love you Sherry and May God bless you.

Natasha Burns of Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns has come up with a fun idea. She thought it woud be fun to do or make something for ourselves for a change. And yes it was fun, I did enjoy making this for myself. Here it is!!!

Some of you seen my Tree Angels that light up, This is a tree doll. I call her...........

"Marie Antoinette's Christmas".

She stands 20 inches tall. The base she is attached to is 18 inches long, 11 inches wide.

The porcelain head which I altered by changing her hair color and face, drapes a miniture Christmas tree. The gown that drapes the tree is made of organza. The color is beige and pink. I made the gown, hat, fan, hatbox. The fan and the hat both have a little fleur-de-lis on them. I put lights on the tree, and under her gown are shoes, the hatbox, a harp, presents, and I can always add whatever comes to my peabrain. These pictures do not do her justice, not to mention, I'm not a good picture taker...LOL. This is a pretty big Christmas display.

I am going to make another Marie Antoinette Tree Doll for my Etsy Shop, but it will be a different color and different porcelain head.

So with that she is:
This is what is under her gown.Here's a story of how I made my very first doll.
Before I started making the dolls, I made T-shirts, sweat shirts and then the Christmas Stockings.
One day in Walmart in 1997, My friend Cheryle and i was looking in the craft department. Cheryle spotted a porcelain doll head and fell in love with it.She said it remined her of Monica on the TV show Touch by an Angel. Cheryle did not do any kind of crafts. She asked...Marie could you make me an Angel with that doll head? NO! I would not even know where to begin. O you can do it. NO! Please........I studied it for awhile, saw that they were using cones to make them so I said I would give it a try.

After alot of burnt fingers, alot of failures. I came up with my very first doll. Of course I gave it to Cheryle and she calls her Monica. She still has her to this day. Of course I replaced the feathers since then. As time went on I got better and more creative with the porcelain heads. So looking at my very first doll of 1997 she is not so good maybe,but she is the best one I've made in Cheryle's eyes.
Something of interest. These are my orange and satuma trees. I have two of each.

These are the satumas,They are lightly green, but ready to pickThese are the oranges,but they are still not ready.
Arn't these pretty?These are our Meyer lemons. Most are bigger than my hand, way bigger than the oranges.They are begining to turn yellow.They will be ready for Thankdgiving.
I want to thank you for coming by my humble abode. I want to wish you all a safe and fun fill Halloween. I will be hunting me a place where I can do the Monster Mash.

Ya'll be good!!! XXOO Marie Antionette


  1. I think being able to pick oranges and lemons in your own backyard would be great..... I'd make more Lemon Blueberry Muffins than ever... lol... maybe it wouldn't be a good thing after all.... I'd probably be looking like a muffin myself before very long..

    your little ladies are great Marie.....

  2. Hello Toni, your blog looks great! I'm a fan of Itkupili, that finnish artist, too! Of course I love your dolls :-D! You are a lucky girl in many ways: one is having your own citrus fruits in your own garden.
    I'll post about your dolls soon, now it's busy with the challenges over here, well there will always be something of course. Have a lovely day!

  3. So jealous that you have such wonderful fruit trees in your very own yard. In Indiana, it seems like winter has already begun. Think it's time for me to move South. :)

    And your dolls are precious, as always.

  4. I am sorry for your friend but your tree angels are soooo good.

  5. Hello Marie, your creation for yourself is so beautiful! I love her! And thanks for sharing how you got started making your beautiful dolls... they are treasures... I love your fruit trees too... Let me know where you do the monster mash, I would love to join you!... Bisous... Julie Marie

  6. Hey Marie,
    Your doll is so pretty! How's it feel to do something just for "YOU"?! Congratulations on often we girls do so much for our family and others and forget about ourselves! This is a wonderful event...wish I'd took part in it! I've been enjoying seeing everyone's posts.

    Your friend Cheryle sure was a wonderful encourager to you and aren't you so glad that you made that first doll from her nudging you to make her angel doll?! She's pretty too!

    Prayers have been sent up, for your friend Sherry and her family. God Bless them at this very difficult time.

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  8. Hi there! We celebrate Christmas December 25th AND 26th (otherwise you cannot finish the turkey LOL). But our Santa (the real one) comes December 5th. Your Santa comes here too, but he is kind of boycotted, we want to keep the real one, you see LOL!

  9. Hi there! Your dolls are always such beautiful creations. Someday when I win the lottery I'd love to commission you to make a tatting doll with tatted lace on her and a tatting shuttle in her hand and tatted lace in the other hand and a little scene under her skirt of a victorian lady sitting in her parlor tatting with her tatting friends. Wouldn't that be cute??? Oh, I think it would be...a girl can dream can't she?? LOL!

  10. Autumn blessing to you Toni Marie. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

  11. Love your wonderful tree doll! What a great story about your first one too! I had forgotten about the angel Monica in Touched by an Angel, but you are right, it does look like her! Thanks so much for joining in!!

  12. Love this post! The Marie Antoinette doll is amazing. It's so clever with the secret hiding beneat her skirt!

  13. It sounds like you really enjoy making your IT'S ALL ABOUT ME doll.
    I'm so happy to have joined in all the fun Natasha has provided.
    I joined your FOLLOWERS

  14. You create such adorable dolls. And this Christmas tree doll is no exception. What a wonderful idea - to put her over a tree and add wonderful little gifts below. She is just beautiful!

    Oh to have fresh fruit like that. I live in Pennsylvania. not possible... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  15. Dear Marie,
    Just stopping in to find our how your feeling. I love the layout you have for your blog this Halloween.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. your angel dolls are so beautiful!!! thanks for sharing with us the story of how you began your doll making lovely to have all of the citrus trees in your looks like you will have a bountiful harvest when all of the fruit is ready!!!

  17. Hey girl! Those dolls are such a cool idea! Your friend will cherish hers always. I am looking at your cirtus trees with envy here!


  18. Your tree doll is so lovely. What a nice thing to make for yourself.

    I love Meyer lemons. I had a bush, but when I moved east, I gave it to my mom in California. It produces so much fruit and she always tells me what a treat it is for her to have it. I think it reminds her of me and that's a good thing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  19. Dear Marie Antoinette, I will pray for your dear friend Sherry, I'm so sorry to hear of her sadness and heartache.

    Your Meyer Lemon and fruit trees are gorgeous, I have one that I brought indoors and it is beginning to turn yellow. I love the 'namesake' doll you created and reading your story of how you got started, very very inspiring to all of who like to create.

  20. Hello my dear friend ~ I said a special prayer for your friend that God grants her the peace and grace she needs at this time of loss and worry. It is hard to watch someone suffer so. Just letting them know you are there for them and pray for them is all you can do. You are a good friend: )

    I love you doll! It looks ethereal in the photos. I also loved seeing your very first doll and hearing your story on how you started ~ look at you now!

    I have a sick daughter again with a fever. This flu season is terrible! Please keep her in your prayers that she fights this bug and gets well soon. I try not to get freaked out about this darn flu, but it is hard not to when it sounds so serious. Thanks a bunch!

    Love and hugs ~ Nichole

  21. Your dolls look fabulous and how wonderful to have Meyer lemons!!!! I can't wait to see all the lemon curd you are going to make...... he he........just kidding!!!
    Happy weekend Toni!!!
    Margaret B

  22. Hi Marie Antoinette! I just got your sweet and generous comment on my blog! I would love to do something like that after the new year! I could tat the lace for the trim and there are tiny tatting shuttle charms available somewhere. If you want some tatting as payment also I could do that. Usually we exchange time of one project for time tatting. Oh, the thought of this would be so exciting! I would absolutely cherish one of your dolls especially a "tatting" one!

  23. She is fantastic. What a grand idea! The lemons are amazing and beautiful.

  24. Ohhh the doll is absolutely stunning!! I can just see her atop a Christmas tree all lit up, just gorgeous!! I love your story too :)

  25. Your very first attempt at doll making was so good, no telling how lovely the rest of your creations have been. You are a very creative lady.

    Are satumas like oranges? We have grape fruit and meyer lemons - they are still green.

    Prayers for your friend.

  26. I love your Marie Antionette doll all lit up for Christmas. Lovely.

  27. OOOH!!! You're sooooo creative!!!! Love your Christmas doll, such incredible details!
    Touched by an Angel, I loved it too!
    Have a great we,

  28. Hey Toni!
    What a surprise under that pretty doll's skirt! I also love all of your detail on your beautiful dolls!
    Lucky you with the huge lemon tree~~what is a Satuma?

    Be sure to stop by my blog...I just started my 1st Giveaway!!


  29. Prayers for Sherry. So sad. Positive sweet thoughts for her and her dear family.

    Your dolls are beautiful. Good work. Soooo creative.


  30. Wow these are amazing. I love your dolls and your blog! Have an amazing weekend! Kori xoxo

  31. I am so glad to meet you through Natasha's giveaway challenge! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Christmas Journal. Your dolls are GORGEOUS!!! What a clever idea. Your giveaway was fabulous and the lucky girl who won got a real treasure!
    I will stop by often and you do the same. tks again,
    now I must go read the rest of your posts.

  32. Hello my dear sweet Marie!!!! Thank you for visiting me! I am just working on my recipe post and it will be ready in a couple of hours. I hope that you are feeling better these days...your "just for me" creations are so lovely. I don't know how you do it, but for one, I don't have the time to make such beautiful dolls. Very wonderful, indeed! Take care of yourself, and have a wonderful holiday season! Bisous, Anita

  33. Hi Cutie!

    You are so awesome! Thank you for the prayers Marie, we've sure needed them. Thanks to everyone!

    I loved seeing your first doll, she's adorable Marie and I know how much Cheryl must cherish her since you made her. I love my doll and can hardly wait for Christmas decorating!

    Your fruit trees are sure incredible. We get such ordinary citrus up north here. Your's is magnificent!!

    Much love & hugs!!! Sherry the aged one LOL

  34. You are brilliant Miss Marie, I loved your post with amazing and enchanting photos!

    Sending Hugs and Fairy Wishes your way!

  35. Oh, yes, it'll be fun! I have so many colorschemes going through my head. Please leave your email address in the comments and I will not publish it, but email you instead. I'll delete the comment. That way we can email each other and you won't have made your email address public. If you are comfortable with that it is a good way to do it. That's the only private way I can think of to give me your email address.
    What would you like in return?

  36. Simply stunning creations, thank you for sharing the creative inspiration.

    Having fruit trees in your yard is a delightful addition to feeling at home.

  37. Thank you for visiting my blog...your angel is lovely and worth the burnt fingers...oh to have meyer lemons in my my climate we grow slugs lol..

  38. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You are so talented-- your dolls are gorgeous. I have heard that Meyer lemons are delicious but not sure if I have ever tried one. Wasn't Natasha's party fun?

  39. She looks beautiful!!

    During the summertime I use Meyer lemons to make lemon-peach lemonade.


  40. Oh my....I LOVE your Meyer lucky to have your very own tree. I'd love to be able to run "out back" to pick a few. :-)

    I see you're from New Orleans....oh how I ADORE NO! What a fabulous place.

    I laughed out loud when you said you were going to play Memories at your funeral. I make I've told my family for years that I wanted "I made it myself" on my tombstone...anything for a laugh.

    Thanks for coming!


  41. Hello precious! Thank you for coming to my table for a bit of fish stew! And you are always welcome at the castle....and to dream of wonderful things! I hope you are well. God bless my dearest and again, your dolls are just beautiful. I am decorating a few vintage dolls at the moment for my little theatre. I have so much fun! Blessings, Anita

  42. Marie Antoinette your doll is beautiful and so is that angel. Gorgeous.

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend I will go over there now and give her my condolences.

    Love Renee xoxo

  43. Hi Sweet Friend,
    Yes, we all must remember Sherry and her family in our prayers. She is a wonderful friend to us all and it is the least we can do.

    I just love your doll to Cheryl. You did a beautiful job even on your first one. True talent. It is fun hearing about the process and your newest is gorgeous.

    Those citrus trees are beautiful. How wonderful to have them on your property.
    Hope you are feeling better these days. Continued prayers for you always.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Forgive me for not getting over sooner. I am so swamped at the moment for Christmas. But, I will get back to visit soon.
    Miss you,
    Blessings always, Celestina Marie

  44. How great that you joined in and made a gorgeous doll for yourself.

    Victoria xx

  45. Marie,
    What a wonderful artful doll...I love the design. I know a lot of thought went into it...just lovely!!

    Oh, and I read your profile....I lived in Gulfport, MS and in Mobile, AL off and on over my life. I left MS after hurricane Katrina and have gone back to my home state of Tennessee..I'm now in the Smoky Mountains.

    I spent many a weekend in the French Quarter several decades ago...oh, what fun!! My wild child days..hehe

    Thanks so much for visiting me..

    Nice to meet you!

  46. Thanks for stopping by my Lavender Hill Studio blog...You can see all about my move at my home blog which is:


  47. Oh I love your new doll.

    Meyer lemons are my favorite.

    Have a bootiful halloween. :)

  48. Marie, thanks for the quick visit, I have been thinking about you and hoping everything is good. I am so envious of your lemon and orange trees. We can't grow them here. I would so love a meyer lemon tree but I have no green house to keep it in during the winter.
    Have you had any sucess with the white feathers?
    My kitchen is half way finished, I will be so happy when it is complete.
    Take care (---------------) big hug Wanda.

  49. Hey Marie,

    I had an uncle in the coal business and he had some kind of contract at the Oak Ridge nuclear plant..I spent the summer with my aunt there a few times. It's so odd how we can almost cross paths and then meet later on at a different point.

    I forgot to say that I lived in Slidell, Louisiana off and on for 10 years. I lived on Lake Pontchartrain right near the twin span bridge (I-10)...Slidell is where I learned how to cook!! *The proper way* hehe After all, it IS the best food in the USA. :0)

    Oh, and Mardi Gras!!!! You know I had all of my beads from many years up until several years ago. I guess they got lost in the shuffle..You will have to send some to me. :0)

    How I miss the fresh boiled crabs, crawfish, soft shell crab, shrimp, boudin...on and on...I used to go fish in the marshes for Redfish..what a blast that was catching that huge fish in such shallow water.

    I have lots of good memories from that you can tell. I also have a stepson that is married to a New Orleans lady. They live near Houston now after losing everything during Katrina.

    Well....thanks for letting me take a walk into the past. I think we are kindred spirits simply because you are where you are...such a great connection. :0)

    Have a great day Marie!

  50. Hi Marie Antoinette,

    Your lemon and orange trees are wonderful and how nice to go out and pick them. At my family home, they have beautiful fruit and nut trees.
    we have a lemon tree.
    Your dolls are lovely.
    Also what fun doing the monster mash!
    Enjoy and have a good week


  51. WOW!!! Absolutely incredible!!!! How clever are you!!!! Also blessings to your friend Sherry. Rachael:)

  52. I LOOOOOOVE meyer lemons, sugar! They are my favorite and here in Idaho I pay premium to get them. In California I had one in our backyard.

    I have been going to do a "Marie Antoinette" type doll for a long time and finally painted the form yesterday to get started on it. Coincidence. It's just a form with no head but I'll froufrou her up well, sweets.

    I thought I got everyone on the All about Me party but in checking back today it looks like I've missed about 10. That's what happens when I get an early start! Yours is darling, chickee!


  53. Wonderful story and photos!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Hope you have a great week!

  54. Vishing you a VONDERFUL Hallowe'en!

    SpOOky CK (-:


  55. I love the Halloween theme going on over here! It's great:-)...

    And you are so very creative....

  56. YAY! I received my package. It is so lovely! I was just thinking about how I wanted to get some blue and silver decorations for my sitting room! Your glitter painting is fabulous. You did a wonderful job. I was also thrilled when I say your name! Thank you so much. I hope you get some nice goodies. Thanks again. Hugs to you! Ele

  57. It was interesting M A to see how your doll making all began. Isn't it funny how we think the very first one we make of something is so beautiful and so special and then after making so many of them the first one doesn't look so good anymore, even though it is. Your meyer lemons are amazing. Wish we could get them here. :) Have a fun Halloween. I love that song Spooky. xo

  58. Hi Marie,

    Wow those lemons look wonderful! I hope you are well. I have been so busy I have not gone blog visiting in so long.

    The tree doll is beautiful! What a unique idea. Wishing you well!

  59. Toni,
    I wish I could join you for the Monster Mash! How fun! : )

    You are a dear friend....Thank You!
    La Donna

  60. The doll is Beautiful! Your dolls are so unique. It must to be great to be able to pick your own oranges . 8~)
    Huggs & Blessings,
    ~Myrna Lee

  61. Congrats. You finished your It's All About Me project in time. I'm running late!what a lovely gift to yourself.

  62. Wow, oranges and lemons fresh from your tree, how wonderful! Love your new doll, and the surprises
    at her feet. So cute.

  63. Oh I'm so so sorry for your friend, how terribly heartbreaking.

    Beautiful post, gorgeous pictures, you are so clever.

  64. Oh boy the oranges and lemons look yummy !
    Love your pretty dolls !

  65. Hey Miss Marie!
    Yes, it is really me ~ the worst friend in the world! I'm so behind on writing to you, and you've been sooooo sweet to email me! I need to spend a couple of weeks at the Bad Friend Reformatory School!! I'm so sorry I haven't written back to you sooner. My life has been totally hectic lately, and I never seem to get to do all the things I want to do (like write to my good friends!).

    I heard you had some bad weather over your way the last couple of days and I pray that you are okay! Those tornadoes look like they caused a lot of trouble over there in Louisiana.

    Take care of yourself, and I hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween weekend!! Lots of love, Bebe :)

  66. Hi Marie,
    Just got back from my vacation.
    Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet kind words.
    Your photos are always wonderful!!
    Happy Halloween,

  67. Thanks for your sweet and caring comment about my icky flu. I am still coughing but other than that well. It is nothing to mess around with. Thanks for sharing about Sherry's neice. I visited her blog and what a lovely tribute. I am trying really hard not to be jealous of your Meyer lemons. They are amazing! And your satsumas and oranges... you are one lucky lady to have all that citrus at your fingertips (literally). All that vitamin C might even help you steer clear of the flu germs... lol.


  68. Hey, sweetums. I have a few awards for you. No pressure, no obligation. Just my appreciation for you. :)

  69. Hi Sweet Friend, Just stopping by again to say hello as I was thinking of you and hoping you are doing well.
    Did you have a nice Halloween? We had 200 kids here and it was a fun evening.
    Take good care and see you again soon.
    Blessings to you.
    Celestina Marie

  70. First, my prayers for Sherry and her family.

    I really like your doll. How special the christmas setting under her gown.

    Last, I miss having my "Golden Tree" (lemon tree), enjoy your trees, it brought back memories.

    Ciao for now.

  71. Hi Marie...
    Just checking in and hoping that all is well with you... Loved seeing your beautiful creations... you're such a talented woman...
    My prayers for your friend, Sherry... may she find peace through the Lord...
    Your fruit trees are awesome! Hope that Halloween was Fun!
    Thinking of you...
    ~ blessings ~

  72. Marie, Marie.... I've finally figured out why I wasn't getting yours posts sent to me... I wasn't linked up like I thought I was but now I am! ha ha Ya I know, I'm slow sometimes. ha ha

    I wanted to tell you that I was reading my Victoria magazine - the September/October 2009 British issue and on page 77 there is a story on Crown Jewels... a woman who makes things out of old jewelry and fabrics, etc. and I it instantly made me think of YOU! All those pretty pictures of lovely things... reminds me of your doll creations! I would lurve to see your dolls in a magazine for all to see your talents!

    Hope your having a great day, take care!

  73. it wouldn't be a good thing after all.... I'd probably be looking like a muffin myself before very long..

    Work from home India

  74. I love your dolls and your blog! Have an amazing weekend! Kori xoxo

    kobe beef