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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lets begin a New Year

Lets begin a New Year...WOW ! That hard to believe isn't it, that another year has flown by. For most of us the past year was met by alot of illness, grief, and some triumph....But we made it though. Yeaaaaa !!! Think of all the friends we met on the way. FANTASTIC !

I want to thank each and every one of you for the friendship and prayers you have given me. May God bless each and every one of you.

I have to say a special thanks to my very own precious daughter, Alexia Antoinette !!!

For without her loving help, my blog would not be possible.

Thank you dearest daughter for all the help and still helping hands you give me. Thank you for all the corrections you make before you set up my post.

I want all of you to know that Alexia makes all my beautiful banners. She also creates the most beautiful flyers for me. Some of these I use on my T-Shirts. XXOO Alexia !!! Here are 2 flyers she made:

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and felt like you've known them forever, So strange a feeling. Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic...Thats how it felt when we just commented on each others blog. We kept going back to each other.We had so many things in common ,yet from two wayyy different backrounds. Sherry is from the North and I'm from the very deep South. Sherry took a little trip though the Southern states and stop by my home in the woods...LOL. It was like something out of a movie. We acted like we have been friends and just was parted for awhile. Only difference between us is that I'm a tad more meaner...LOL. But don't let that sweet face of hers fool you...She can be the dickens. We consider ourselves sisters. There is no if, ands or buts about that.

Well let me show you what dear old sis made for me this Christmas!!!

She made this drop dead gorgeous crown for me. The picture does not do it justice. Sherry also made my daughter Alexia a crown just as gorgeous with Princess on it. How sweet is that. Here are pictures of Alex and me wearing our crowns. Alex wanted me to let all of you know that, she is very ill in her picture, She was, my poor baby girl. I have no excuse...LOL

Here are the other just fab things Sherry made for me.The first ornament was made by her using an old vintage broch .The second ornment is a beautiful Angel.Sorry about the picture.But the button also came from a vintage stock belonging to a family member.You can't see it clear...the button has a peacock on it.Its just sooooooo beautiful.

Here is my first story of the season. Its not a bar story, its a pet story.

My Lemon...The story of  Rusty

Have you ever bought an appliance or a car, and discover it was a lemon right off the bat?

Well you can buy a pet and sadly discover it is a lemon also. Rusty was the 5th Rottweiler we owned. We always kept two at a time. It makes them happy.We bought Rusty to keep our then Rott... Buck company. He's another story.

We bought Rusty when he was 6 weeks old. Something about his face, kind of goofy or comical looking. He was very big for 6 weeks. We really love on our dogs right away. But Rusty was just as loveable as can be. So sweet and good natured.

about a week I started noticing little things...such as when he would bump into something he would yelp. I told my hubby something was wrong with the puppy, of course he dismissed me. You know how men are, we foolish women. Get got worse. So when he bumped into the rocking chair, well he let out a very big howl and sure enough Bill did notice that. So here we go marching ourselves to the Vet. AND of course its bad news. Our sweet loveable pup has very bad Hip Displacia on his left side. The Vet said what he normally would suggest is to put the dog down, because it is not only very costly, but very painful to the dog to put them though it. But the vet said we can try a give him meds to help control the pain. He said Rusty was such a beautiful dog and lets try and do that.YES!!! I said. I've already fallen in love with him. If it gets too bad then we will do what we have to. Well time went on, and he was doing well...

He was two and coping with the hip very well. He played with Buck...kepted real close to him in fact...I knew all along something else was wrong. LOL...Hubby again ...Your imaging things. There was a reason why he bumped into things Bill I said. I think he don't see very well. So Off to New Orleans to a Vet that specializes in eye sight for dogs. Very costly, but we loved him so much. MORE bad news. He's almost blind...Detatched Retinas. It will only get worse. We decided to not to put him down.

You have to understand...this is a dog that looks like he's always happy. He plays with us, plays with Buck. Buck would grieve without him. My poor poor baby. I can't stand the thought. So we kept him. You know what? I knew something else was wrong. I kept that to myself. Time went on . Rusty did not let blindness stop him from going anywhere he wanted. All of our ten acres is fenced in, Thats Scotty's and Niko's story. Rusty knew that ten acres very well. He always followed Buck around. Then Buck died( old age). Now Rusty was alone. He needed another dog to help him. We bought Rip...who we still have. Again...another story.

Back to Rusty. As I said...I knew something else was wrong. That sweet goofy look. Not coming when called, except when you yelled.Bill asked me,why are you always yelling at him. Well Bill...because Rusty is almost Deaf !!! Always have been , but its worse. So now Deaf blind and hip displacia. But still sweet and still he was the happiest dog I've ever seen. Happy go lucky Rusty. Amazing...By the way ...did I mention that Rusty was about 163 pounds??? So it was hard to move him around.And move him around we did, cause after Katrina...the woods were like matchsticks. We managed to clear the downed tres from our surrounding home, but there is the down trees still there today. (Katrees.) Well Rusty could not find his self around to much anymore.So we would have to go find him now. STUCK ...I'm only 4ft 11, try lifting his front legs over fallen trees or going to look for him when he got lost. But he was happy. Always happy.

Well my Lemon died around Christmas before last in Bill's arms. His heart gave out. What a heart he had, to endure all the obstacles he had in life. He knew he was well loved, for we loved him right off. That big goofy face.

Rusty about 8 wks old, and below picture about 6yrs old.

Guess what??? I inherited more dolls from my best friend(Shannon) who passed. Her husband Butch brought them to me. Pebbles and Bam Bam.They both still have all their geer and tags.They were in their orinal boxes, but the boxes were to water damaged.Yes they did have some mold on them, but it came right off.Bam's outfit has some tiny bug holes, I washed it very carefully. It smelled so bad. I had no choice. It did turn out OK.

This will tell you where my brain is. I won a charm from Joy at Cupids Charms, then forgot about it. Joy Asked me did I till want the charm...Well hellooo...Who would not want something made by Joy? Of course I want it...LOL. So anyway I did finally send her my addy. Here is my beautiful charm. Its in the middle. Between the pretty box and cards. I thank you sooo much for this charm.I had it hanging on my tree, I had several comments on it. Just gorgeous. XXOO Joy!!!
Here are more wonderful Christmas gifts I recieved from Kris of Lisianblue. The most beautiful stained glass ornaments. One is a Moon, with a little star and the other a gorgeous Christmas tree. Kris makes some wonderful pieces. Pleas go give her a visit. Did I mention she is also a wonderful friend.XXOO Kris !
Look at the beautiful soap I bought from Marie at Savon Marie's. I bought the white cameo type from Marie, Its smells wonderful. Marie also sent as an extra the soap on the left.Its oatmeal soap.Ya'll need to check these out.I won't use the picture bar,but the oatmeal soap is devine on your skin.It really does make your skin feel so good, and the can't even imagine. It all comes wrapped so pretty. Thank you Marie!!!
This wraps it up, till next time, I'm going to be workin g on a couple of projects. Hopefuly I will get at least one of them done by my next post. As you know Mardi Gras is near and thats a very big happening down here. That and the Who Dat Gang (New Orleans Saints).

May all your dreams come true this New Year, May ills get healed,

Happy New Year Ya'll

Marie Antionette and Alexia


  1. Hello sweet Marie and Alexia! You both look beautiful in your crowns!!! How sweet... I love how much you loved (and still love) and took care of your sweet pup... I know he is playing in doggie Heaven with my little Sheltie Lady right now... and all of our other little pets who have passed on... you are priceless Marie!!! So kind and gentle to all God's creatures... it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas... the time goes by so fast... I am thinking Spring for sure! I have missed you my friend... it must be time for another phone call to Mississippi! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie PS The flyers Alexia made for you are beautiful!!!

  2. "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

    Who dat? Who dat?"

    Rest in Peace, Rusty. Maybe your body was a lemon, but you were a pearl, pure gold heart, a gem of a fellow. You sure had a good, loving mama, too...she took good care of you...I know she misses we all have heard of your story and love you too!

    Love your new banner. Your daughter is so talented!!!

    What creative friends you have, too...what lovely work!

    Here's hoping for a wonderful 2010...

  3. Wow, where to begin? Well I'm not a dog person but I HAD to agree that your precious dog definitely looked happy! Soooo cute!

    And look at you with all your loot - ha ha! I'm so happy for you that you have been blessed with so many wondeful giftie.. the soaps look lovely!

    Oh, and guess what! My sister is going to have a Marie Antoinette themed tea party this month! I can't wait, it will be fun!

    My turn is next month and I usually do a Valentime theme but I'm switching it up this year and it will be fun so you'll have to watch my blog next month for the pictures! Wished we lived closer so you could come over for a memory!

  4. Awww.... poor old Rusty Lemon....I'm so glad he found you Marie.... and had lots of fun times and plenty of good times in spite of his disabilities.... you're a special person that's for sure...

  5. Dearest Marie, Your banner is beautiful and your daughter is such a gift!! I too value all the help of my son Sam. He spends hours and hours teaching me and doing a lot of computer work for me. He helps change my header pictures because it is still hard for me to do!! Your sweet puppy was blessed to have found you, we lost one of our dogs a couple months ago and it is hard. As for the beautiful crown, you look so pretty wearing it!! It is always a joy and pleasure to visit your blog and I wish I too could stop by and visit you one day!
    Have a nice Sunday

  6. Your daughter is so beautiful and talented! I love having close friends where you feel you truly have a sister. Your poor little least he had y'all to love him!

  7. Hi Sweetie Pie!
    Well I've got my tissues out and using them! You are the sweetest southern belle I've ever met!! We'd get in so much trouble if we lived by each other LOL Your story about Rusty... sniff blow sniff blow. What a darling he was to you and what a darling you were to him. He had such a wonderful life with you and Bill.
    Loved your photos... You ARE the Queen and the Queen RULES!! Poor Alex... I'm sorry she was so sick. But she's beautiful anyways.

    Love you to pieces!! The aged one

    Will call you this week when I'm off!

  8. Hello Ms. Marie,

    Your friend did a beautiful job on the crowns and you and dear daughter look marvelous, darling.

    It sounds like you and your friend have been together for a very long time spanning other lifetimes. You will never be apart.

    Thank you so much for the Christmas card. I hope your holidays were magical in every way and filled with wondrous surprises. The years do have a way of getting away from us especially the older we get. I hope this year brings you and your loved ones the very best life has to offer.

    Sending fairy magic and butterfly wishes for the most charming and perfect of Sundays.

    ~Kitty Kellie

  9. ah bonjour mesdames Marie and Alexia! You both look gorgeous and those crowns suit you girls fine! You did a wonderful job designing the banner Alexia! And you did a swell job telling us the story about Rusty! I loved it. May he rest in piece. The best part of the story might that you were always right and your husband wrong lol, only joking of course!
    Best wishes for the New Year to you guys, hope that everything concerning your health gets better, but I didn't make a good start on that part though! Hope that the worst part is behind now. Dream big, girls!

  10. Bonjour Marie,
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you so much for atking time to tell your wonderful love story. How romatic and a handsome marine too! 39 years - wow it was meant to be.
    You and duaghter both lookd beautiful in your crowns. I've enjoyed reading visiting your blog and will be back soon.
    Enjoy a fabulus week!

  11. Bonjour again and please excuse this second comment. Sorry for all those typos in my first comment, that's what happens when I try to go too fast.

  12. Marie I so enjoyed this post I feel like I had a little glimpse into your sweet life. Your such a kind and giving person and it shows.

    Your daughter does such a beautiful job. How wonderful to have her help you. And you look like the beautiful queen that you are in your crown.


  13. Oh Marie lovely, gorgeous gal you! What a wonderful visit from you! I love how you talked about our dear Sherry. She is my very first blog friend and I hope that one day, I can meet her. Then, there is your art and your Christmas and your dog story....all so touching. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit with me! I do wish you the best, the healthiest and happiest NEW YEAR! So you too are also experiencing the unusual cold? I have no other choice than to think of creative diversions...I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful M.A. creations in the coming months and God bless you dear lady! Bisous, Anita

  14. Hi Marie Antoinette!
    What a great post as always - simply loved it! How talented yr daughter is & so sorry to hear about Lemon - he had a good life with you!

    Have a great week and year & look forward to *seeing* you again soon,



    XOXO Lola:)
    PS just posted about X Factor- do you know it?!

  15. Greetings Sweet Marie!

    You and Alexia look so great with your beautiful crowns!
    So sorry about Rusty - what a brave soul he was - and so obviously soooo loved!!!
    Don't you just love oatmeal soap!!
    My sweet little granddaughter was born Sat 2:02am - Evie for short - I'll be going home home on Sat I think - lets see does anyone know how I can clone myself so I can be in 2 places at the same time??

    Your daughter has made some wonderful banners and fliers for you - I'm so glad she can help you out with these!
    Thank you so much for including my gifts to you in your blog -
    Wishing you a wonderful joyful prosperous and healthy 2010!!

  16. Dear Marie
    I'm so glad that you are feeling better. What a great blog for a new year. I especially loved your story about Rusty. 160+ pounds of love you'll never forget. I'm glad that (with your daughter's help) you're still blogging.
    God bless

  17. Those Pebbles and Bam Bam dolls are fabulous!!!

    Victoria xx

  18. Darling Marie, this is a mix emotion looks like Christmas was great at the Antoinette Chateau and on the other hand the sad news about Rusty. May he rest in peace. I like the crowns my Queen.

    Love & Hugs

  19. Bonjour!

    Ah, what a delightful post!

    You and your daughter look just lovely in your crowns! What a fun gift!

    Rusty was a very lucky fella - and he looks as if he knew it! It would seem that he had a good life.

    Charming Christmas ornaments - loved the brooch idea (I may just have to steal that one! LOL)

    I must meet this Sherry ... with such delightful friends as you and Anita, she must be enchanting!

    au revoir pour maintenant!

  20. Happy New Year, dear Marie Antoinette and Alexia,

    Lovely post and how sad I was to read of your darling Rusty. How lucky he was to have a beautiful Mother like you. You and your daughter are beautiful.
    Your daughter is very clever doing your banners and posters. Yes, we are lucky to have kind and talented daughters that can do the headers and things like that.
    You have shown us some pretty things. I love your new dolls.

    Wishing you a wonderful year.

  21. Oh darling, first I am so sorry to hear about your beloved dog. What a beauty he is.

    You received so many wonderful gifts and you deserve them all.

    Your daughter is beautiful and how wonderful she is to help you so much. Our daughters are true blessings.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  22. Thank you for visiting me~

    Have a blessed new year, my dear.

  23. Marie~your story of Rusty touched my heart deeply. I love that you didn't give up on him. I've no doubt you gave him a wonderfully full and happy life. You can see it in his pictures.

    How talented your sweet Alexia.
    Her fliers are gorgeous. Has she considered selling some of her designs on Etsy? She was such a good sport to pose for her picture adorned in her princess crown, when she wasn't feeling well.
    How wonderful for you to spend time with a bloggie friend. I'm sure it's just the beginning to many more adventures for you two.

    Sweet wishes,

  24. Hi! Me again! thanks for visiting-always love to *see* you - you always make me laugh!!

    Have just posted my Hot New Trends for 2010- do you think any will catch on?!

    Have agreat weekend!


  25. Marie,
    Thank you for all the sweet comments.
    Your friendship means so much to me.
    OOOh your poor sweet happy dog sad he is gone...he was so beautiful. I am crying as I write this. Thank you for sharing this absolutely lovely story. I wish you and your family all the happiness and good health and prosperity this bright new year.
    Love and hugs,
    P.S. I love the crowns your friend made.

  26. Hi Marie A And Alexia,
    Dropping by to wish you both a happy and HEALTHY new year!
    Sad to read about Rusty.
    But happy to read about your coronation! ;-)

    All will be well~

  27. Hello dear Marie Antoinette! I love your crown! That Sherry is a sweetie, isn't she?
    Alexia is one talented gal! Did she get that from you? I think so! You make T-shirts??? I wanna see? How cool is that? I love the banners Alexia makes and the cute! I wonder if she's gotten her tatting shuttles out??? LOL! ;)
    (((Hugs))) to you dear friend!
    I am very tired tonight so I will come back later when I can read the story part!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  28. It sounds like you gave Rusty alot to be happy about even though he alot of health problems. I know you miss him!
    I love the gorgeous crowns that Sherry made for you & your daughter & all the other gifts you received.
    Take care, Sweetie,
    hugs, Sherry

  29. The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

    The Duchess will be honoured if you accept the award she is presenting you by copy and pasting it on your blog.

  30. Hey Marie,
    Happy New Year to you too my and your daughter are so sweet in your crowns...I say you both deserve those...y'all are both so smart and creative. Beautiful pics of you both.
    I know you miss your Rusty...he's so pretty and sweet looking too. He left behind a wonderful story of determination didn't he? He's precious. I just want to give him a big hug...I'm serious!
    I enjoyed seeing all of your Christmas treasures too...that cameo soap is gorgeous...I couldn't really use that one either!
    Hope you have a great week great to hear from you!
    Big Hugs,

  31. Im so sorry about Rusty. He was a beautiful dog. We have lost a few pets over the years and its devastating. Its hard when you have to decide how long to let things go on. We had our dog put down just before Xmas the year before Rusty went to sleep and I still miss her. On a lighter note, I do like your crown X

  32. Marie Antoinette ma chèrie,
    How kind your words are to me my sweet Marie! Thank you for taking the time to visit little ol' me!!! It is so fun and so precious to have friends on blogging...we see each other's art, but may never see the twinkle of each other's eyes, nor have the opportunity to hold the work of each other's hands...but when that opportunity comes, it is ever so sweet. The kinds words that people find to say are such a comfort. You look so gorgeous in that picture with the crown; that is a classic! I hope you are doing well and God bless you always!! Anita

  33. Your daughter does beautiful work, and you look lovely in your crown.

    Thanks for stopping by and letting my readers know you can do payments by phone for Hatian relief. The more we can do the better.


  34. Hi Marie,
    Oh I have missed you so and thank you for stopping by.
    You and your darling daughter are just gorgeous in the crowns that our sweet and talented Sherry created. She is such a doll and your gifts are very special from everyone.

    I could not help but cry for your Lemon! What a sweetheart Rusty was. I loved his story and journey in his short life. He sure was with the right family in you and your hubby to give him more love and care in his short years then some dogs receive in a lifetime of living. He is in a better place, running around and maybe bumping into an angel or two. LOL!! My dear Beau, who passed 5 years, I am sure made friends with him and together playing each day.

    Hubby and I have been sick while on this little break. Now we are on the mend and started our bedroom and bath redo. What a project and hope to share a post when all is complete. Looking forward to posting and back to my blog soon.

    Love the flyers that your talented daughter made.

    Hope your new year is off to a great start and you are feeling great this days.

    Love to you sweet friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  35. Me again! just checking in to say hi!always love to visit yr page - you always make me laugh!!

    Have just posted my latest Lola Lifeline- hope it makes you smile too!

    Have agreat week!


  36. Hi Miss Toni!
    You two look so pretty in your crowns!! I bet you had fun playing dress-up! :) The story about your Rusty made me cry so much...what a good doggie!! He tried so hard and had such heart ~

    I've been so far behind with things lately that I fear I will never catch up with all that needs to be done. I owe you an email, my sweet, dear friend!!

    Lots of Love and Hugs, Bebe :)

  37. Hi Marie,
    Loved your doggie story.We have a big old Rottie too ! He weighs about 150 pounds.Big, big baby !

  38. Marie Antoinette, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog about "Sanchez Ranch". Although it was a while back, I haven't forgotten your kind words. Your blog is just beautiful and what talent!

    Have a wonderful 2010 and yes, I will be following you this year.


  39. So glad you had a lovely Christmas, and looking forward to the new year! You are so sweet and seems it has rubbed off on your darling daughter! You two make a great team. Thank you for visiting my blog, I finally got back to posting some new stuff. Can't wait to keep up with you this year.

  40. Your daughter is gifted, like you, so talented and beautiful!!! I was reading further down, happy for you to receive such lovely things, then the sad story of your puppy dog, poor baby! You have had your ups and downs, but like you say, this logging has brought us all together and we are like family!!
    I do hope it is a wonderful and happy year, I am looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work and getting to know more about you!!!
    Margaret B

  41. Dear Marie,

    You haven't posted in a while. I do hope everything is OK.