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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Merry Christmas !!! And We Have A Winner!!!

Merry Christmas my wonderful blog friends!!!
   We are going to make this a wonderful Christmas...arn't we. Yes we are.
I'm so excited. Its been a rough year for some of us, but I'm full of hope and I'm passing it on to you...cause I loves you a bunch.
Ok, we have a winner of my Christmas give away. I just put your names in a hat and picked one.We did not have too many entries, but that gave you more chances. So the winner is:
   Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages!!! Congrats Anita!!!
Anita is a lovely lady.
 Here is a couple of things I've made.They are both Tree Angels. One is Marie Antoinette.I've made one kind of like this one.But they are different. The other is just an Angel, but very pretty.

Friends I'm going though several test this month,so this is going to be very short.I'll look forward to your comments and will try to visit all of you.
 I'm going to leave you with the link to my Christmas Village. I know some of you always love to visit it at this time. Due to my test ...I will not be putting it up this year. But I figured it will be more exciting next year.
     Here is the video- click on it to get the full effect!

I wish all of you the greatest of holidays.Lets keep Christ in our hearts, and in Christmas. This is his birthday.
   Merry Christmas to all and as I always say May God bless you.
                  XXOO Marie Antionette


  1. Hello dear Marie... congratulations to your lucky winner!... your dolls are so pretty, I especially love the angel one... and I will go back and look at your little video after my comments... my thoughts and prayers are with you my sweet friend... you promised to let me know what your results are... I will call you soon... much love, good thoughts, prayers and Merry Christmas wishes coming your way... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Marie Antoinette,

    Lovely to have you back and congratulations to Anita, she will be thrilled.
    I enjoyed seeing your Christmas Village, again and thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and holidays and you will be in my thoughts and prayers for the tests, hope everything will go well for you.

    Happy week
    Hugs & many blessings

  3. How exciting!!! Congratulations to Anita, lucky girl and such a beautiful gift to win!!!! I will be thinking and praying for you Sweetie!!!!
    Margaret B

  4. Bonjour Toni,

    First of all let me congratulate Anita, one of the sweetest blog persons ever, on winning your Christmas give away. I'm so hoping that all those test that you have to go through will only bring you good. Just take care of yourself. I love to see your Christmas village (mmm I guess I can say Christmas metropole ;-) again and again. You will love to see it in full glory next year.
    I received your lovely Christmas wishes the other day. I still have to send the cards, but I'm sure one is heading your way. Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends and hoping that all tests will turn out fine, thinking of you, hugs LiLi

  5. Hi Sweet Sis!

    Congrats to Anita on winning your giveaway!! She will love her prize!
    It's snowing out this morning and is giving that feel of Christmas. Lots going on here so will call you this week!!
    Your angels are GORGEOUS!! What lovely creations... I love my Christmas Angel and treasure it! I'm decorating now and it will probably grace the buffet this year.
    Wish I could hug you sweetie!!
    Loves you! The aged Sis

  6. Marie, I hope all will go well for your tests. I myself is taking the endoscopy tomorrow. What a pain preparing for it! But its just a checkup for me, nothing out fo the ordinary. I hope yours are too.

    I am envious of Anita. You are giving her absolutely stunning creations, dear. have always love your village and of course, I want to see it again :).

    Take care, dearie! Keep us updated , please!

  7. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for visiting me dear friend, I will say a prayer for you and hope that they can get the blood pressure and heart rate under control. Sorry that you are going through these awful tests and I hope that brighter days will be ahead for you. Sending hugs & love and many blessings your way.
    Happy Christmas and holidays

  8. I have emailed Anita, dear Marie. She should contact you soon. She is going to be thrilled!! I pray that your test results come back normal and that you feel better soon.


  9. hey Marie...

    I'm joining in with all your other friends and blog buddies.... it feels like a circle now.... you are in the centre and we are surrounding you with love and best wishes.

    Hopefully ... very will be more comfortable and better able to do some of the things you want to do....

    off to watch the video... what a lot of work you did to set it all up last year.... and next will be fun to do again when you feel better....

  10. SHUCKS I hoped the winner would be me :(
    but congrats to your winner. Hope all turns out well with your testing. I went through several of those testings in November, will keep positive thoughts for you Marie.

  11. WOWOOWWWW! WHAT? HA! That is amazing, I am sooooo blessed Marie! YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND I JUST AM THRILLED! Please let us know how everything is going for mention tests....Oh I am so bogged down with work and I don't even now where to begin, there are so many lovely people to visit but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will email you...Anita

  12. I just love your Christmas village! And your new creations are absolutely beautiful!!! Merry Christmas!

  13. Congratulations to Anita! Well, I am here to say that I got your Christmas card today! Thank you so much! It's lovely! Thanks for thinking of me! Your Christmas Village is beautiful as always! I just ♥ it! :D
    ~TattingChic ♥

  14. Ma belle Marie Antoinette,

    Oh dearest, I am so trying to keep up with my emails and posts that I was thinking of you all day yesterday. I GOT THE PACKAGE, BUT MAY I OPEN IT ON CHRISTMAS? I want to savor every bit of its magic and right now with our room additions and work and craziness, I would rather WAIT. BUT THANK YOU MY SWEET MARIE, and I PRAY THAT you are well, that your magic and beauty be spread wherever you go, and that your family will enjoy much peace and health in the year to come. I cannot tell you how much I am waiting for this next school week to be over to enjoy TWO WEEKS of Christmas vacation playing with my new dolls!teeeeheeee!

    Much love and thanks to you dear Marie! Anita

  15. OH MARIE, YOU SWEET PERSON YOU!!!! WHAT? Another lovely surprise? You are toooooooo much my sweet! THANK YOU and how are you? HOw is your brother? I do want to wait to open the magic you have sent me. I love Christmas and since blogging, it has become the most wonderful way to share with family and friends.

    May all the peace and goodness be yours dear one, Anita

  16. Dear Marie,
    Congrats to Anita, she will be so happy with your gorgeous creation. A gift from you is a true treasure.

    I am saying lots of prayers that your tests go well.
    Once again I am in awe of your fabulous Christmas village. Each year it is a joy to see.
    Love to you sweet friend.
    Sending hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  17. Hi Marie.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    All the best for the New Year!
    Hugs, Sharon

  18. Oh you dear heart of a friend...thank you for coming to visit my production and it is not too unrefined????? I want it to be funny, but what are you gonna do....the pictures could be better BUT!!!! The success of making people laugh and turn their head is I guess what I want! teeeheee!!! YOU ARE SO SWEET TO COME BY and my dear, how are you?How is your heart? KEEP US INFORMED. I am honored to be on your email list amongst your friends and do send us information as it comes along....sending you greetings of love, Anita

  19. Wishing you & yours a most joyous holiday season!

    SpOOky CK >:-)


  20. Abundant good wishes for happiness and joy this season.

  21. Merry Christmas sweet Marie!!
    Love, Tracie

  22. Amazing village display...thank you for sharing!