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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Of Everything

 Please join Gabriela Delworth on March 11...For her Book Release Party...
Congrats Gabriela!!!

As you all know I have not been posting as I should be.
   Sorry for cannot be helped.

 I want to thank again all the wonderful talented bloggers out there for their prayers on behalf of my brother and for myself. We do know the prayers are working.

  Since I have not done much posting...I have alot to show. I did another theater doll.   I have not named this one yet. Got any ideas???             

 Thanks to Pat of Summers Darlings....I wanted to play around with my own version of paper dolls. Pat gave me as a beautiful gift... a paper fairy doll, which  is just drop dead gorgeous. A picture of it is on the post before this one, if you have not seen it yet. I played around with paper dolls once when I did a theater doll. I was using a Victorian Cat family paper doll. Here it is.                                                           

  This is my version of a paper doll, but if Pat don't mind. I'd like to explore this territory further.  They are really fun to piddle with.    
Thinking of  piddling around with new ideas. Thanks to another great talent and a wonderful lady...Celestina Marie of Larearose... I am making paper flowers. She showed us how to make them on her blog.
    She used vintage patterns. How kool is that? Here is one I made doing just that.
    But I also made this flower using black and white toile tissue paper that happen to be on a gift that Celestina had given me awhile back. I sprayed it with silver glitter and put a gemstone in the middle. It came out gorgeous. I wish these flower pictures were better.                                                 

   Some of you may remember my long time friend Shannon from an earlier post. I've known Shannon since the 2nd grade. She died about a yr after Katrina.
Anyway Her husban Butch has been giving me dolls and other things that beloned to her. She has no living relatives. Butch came over with what I really called a surprise. As soon as I saw the box, I knew what it was. 
    The very first year I met Shan, it was almost Christmas. My Mother always took us shopping on Dryied St. in New Orleans where I'm from. I know I spelled the St. wrong, but its been along time. This was in 1958. 
  Anywho...I wanted to impress my new found friend, so I begged and begged my Mother to let me buy Shan a Christmas gift. She let me pick out something for a dollar. Well I picked out What I thought any girl would love to have. A small mini tea set.
  When I went to her house to give it to her, she said thank you then set it aside. She wanted to show me her Christmas from Santa.
   It was...are you ready for this??? It was a mechcanical robot called Gargo. Its eyes flashed red and it shot flames out of its mouth...LOL. I just looked at her, like she was nuts. I realized right then that my new friend was not like me at all. For you who don't know what Gargo was.It was a monster like Gozilla.
   I never ever saw the tea set again, until the other day. Now... at least I know she kepted it. I just don't know how we became friends till this day.We were never alike at  any way,  any how, any time. She was always a dreamer and lived in another world. But she was truely loved by me. I miss her.    PS. The tea set was made in Japan                                                                                                    
I started to remodel my rooms, by that I mean painting and a little redecorating. I showed you my craft room and the bath that was attached to it. Now here is my master bath.    

Now here is my utility room:

 Here is an idea I came up with. I could never find the kind of design I wanted in light switch plates, so I came up with this. I covered them myself with heavey scrap book paper.

I thank you for stoping by my hummble abode and hope you enjoyed this post. Please know that all of you are also in my prayers.
May God Bless you,
XXOO MarieAntionette                                                                                                                                                                                                


  1. Hi Sweetheart!
    Your utility room and master bath are lovely. Oh to have all that room, so nice!

    I know how you miss Shan and what an important part of your life she is and I thank you for including me in a part of that (well, you know ;) here at home.

    I love your new theater doll you've shown us today, perhaps the name Satine (like Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge)?

    I agree, Celestina Marie is a doll and always has only good to say, which I greatly admire her for as well as her talent!

    Take care, good to hear from you, Angel... just heard from your "Sis" Sherry the other day ;)

  2. PS...
    You know, many continued prayers for you & your brother.
    xoxo~moi ;)

  3. Hello there, it is so nice to hear from you again, I know, I know you are doing the best you can. I just want to say that I appreciate that! Love the dolls! You could look at them for ages and still discover something new. Wonderful story about the tea set and friendship, yes we all are different my grandmother used to say and she was right. Take care sweetie! Thinking of you!

  4. Hello,

    Love your new theater doll, is fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Once again, love your dolls, Marie. They are all obviously made with so much love . I see bits of you in all of them .

    Your idea to cover the switch plates is fabulous. I may copy it someday!

  6. Hello my sweet friend, your new theater doll is just stunning!... you are so talented!...your paper dolls and flowers are just beautiful!... and how creative you are covering your light switch covers with pretty wallpaper!... I love you pink bathtub and toilet!... you have been a very busy lady... love those cute curtains in your laundry room too. How sweet you received the little teaset back... and how nice to know your friend kept is all these years... sending lots of love your way... I also sent you an email too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Hi Marie Antoinette,

    So lovely to have a post from you dear friend and I enjoyed seeing all your gorgeous dolls.
    I loved the sweet teaset and what a great idea with the light switch plates.

    Happy week




  9. Hi Sweet Sis!!

    Your dolls are so fabulous!! The first one would win first prize!! so chic! I love love love my paper puff flower you made me, everyone likes it and wants to touch it.

    The little tea set you found from Shannon's things is so adorable,it's just been waiting for you to find it and give it a good home.

    Your redone rooms look so nice Marie. You've worked really hard on them. I can hardly wait to see your studio in person! I'm trying to get Chris to come with us... we'll see. That would be so fun wouldn't it?

    I'm off today and will call you Sis!!

    Hugs & kisses, the aged one!

  10. Wow, you have been busy!

    Your rooms look great and I love the new theater dolls!!!

    How sweet to see the tea set again, what a memory!

  11. MARIE ANTOINETTE! Thank you for coming to visit me and look at the beauty you have going on here! Oh that darling figurine inside the beautiful! You know those darling shoes you sent me, I painted them gold and sprinkled some glitter on them. THEY LOOK SOOOOOO GREAT! Thank you for everything and everyone is well? ARE YOU WAITING FOR SPRING TOO???? Oh, we have had so much snow here, but I can deal with it. But to see spring and everyone's gardens will be fun. ENjoy yourself dearest and much love to you and your family!! Anita

  12. Your latest creation is just magnificent Marie. It must be so much fun to work and create them. I am sure that little teaset was near and dear to your friend's heart even though she liked flashy things. :) I have a good friend too and we are so different but have such a good time together. You just never know do you?
    Have a wonderful wonderful weekend. xoxo

  13. Dear Marie,

    I've been thinking of you and hope that you're feeling better. Your doll theaters are scrumptious. I'm loving the sweet little couple below her skirts. Maybe L'Amore would be a good title.


  14. Hi Marie Antoinette,

    So lovely to receive a comment from you dear friend - and I've really enjoyed seeing all your gorgeous dolls again.

    Hope you're keeping well,

    XOXO Lola:)

  15. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my recent post.

    You really packed a lot into this post here! Your new theater doll is Ah-MAZE-ing. Just gorgeous. As for a name, how about a name from French lit, like Mercedes?

    Your paper doll with the peacock feather skirt is great... it'll be fun to see what you do with these.

    I hope you'll visit again soon,

    Kate (Shibori Girl)

  16. Marie, thanks for the visit, I have missed you and think of you often, I hope you are doing well as can be. Your theater doll is gorgeous,you have such an eye for detail. Oh yes and I love the pink tub and tottie in your bath room too cool. I just finished a paperdoll swap it was my first, I hope to get better as there are so many beautiful ones that people make, you included. Well bye for now, Big hug Wanda

  17. Hi Marie,

    I've thought of you so many times and well it took me forever and a day to come visit...been busy as can be and really haven't posted as much as used to....trying to remedy that since I love blogging and the wonderful people I meet. I love your dolls..the most unique artsy sweeties I've ever seen. I so tickled that you were published in Artful Blogging!

    Since I'm so out of the loop on the condition of your brother..I do hope he is better and I've not missed an update from what I've read here. He was so fortunate to find a bone marrow match.

    I'd love for you to come over for a visit when you have the time. I wish for your days to be filled with inspiration and bliss! ♥

    Stephanie ♥

  18. Hey Sweet Marie!
    So great catching up with all you've been up to...I always enjoy your posts! Beautiful new dolls that you made and the paper ones are awesome too...looks fun to do, they are just amazing :) How precious that tea set is, and how sweet that you have it back too...I can imagine the thoughts it holds for you. Sweetie, I can understand how you feel with your loss of your friend Sharon, and I am so sorry...I do understand your loss, because I too lost my best friend that I'd known since 7th grade last year around Easter and I miss her so much, and think of her so much too. There's so many memories in a life long friendship like that... We'll see them again though, I do believe that. We can hold on to that hope...because they are "only" away.

    Love that color of green in your have been one busy girl...everything looks so pretty...well, hope you have a nice weekend...I'll look forward to your posts again...God Bless you friend, your brother and you are in my prayers :)
    Big Hugs,