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Friday, May 24, 2013


What could be more fun than


located in Northwest Ohio
celebrated the fashions 
and fun of the 50s 
dressing up in attire that 
June herself would have worn. 
My dear friend, Kitty, and I decided 
to make a visit and surprise the 
"Girls" with items our 
Mom's would have worn in the 50s! 
We made our entrance and the "Girls" 
were in hysterics
If you're gonna wear the clothes you've 
gotta play the part... 
 Edie Marie & Kitty

and we did!!  

 Edie Marie & Kitty

   The "Girls" joined the fun and 
gave us a great photo op for our 
Brownie Camera!  

 Edie Marie, Carla (owner), & Kitty

We had so much fun playing & shopping.  

 Edie Marie, Carrie (owner), & Kitty

Thanks for the fabulous time! 

You can visit the 
by clicking on the above

(Posted by Edie Marie)


Welcome to 
at the home of 
Marie Antoinette! 

What do you get when  
a white peacock ... 


and a blue peacock... 

have a baby??

A two tone peacock!

 He's magnificent isn't he?

Love how the  white is exactly 
in the middle of his tail fan.  

What a grand work of art by 
the Creator! 

(By Marie Antoinette)  

   Marie was a proud Grandma when 
she and her daughter, Alex, went 
to see grandson, Courtland in Florida
What a handsome threesome! 

Grandma Marie, Grandson Courtland, Daughter Alex

Courtland is 18yrs old and in the US Navy
He's at Aviators School in Florida right now.

We all wish you the very best Courtland! 
Thank you for becoming a part of our 
countries protection.

Please keep Courtland and all our other 
Servicemen and Servicewomen 
in your prayers.
They appreciate it more tha
you'll ever know! 


 She has been doing great in her battle to overcome Pancreatic Cancer. 
She has a rare chance to fight it and your 
prayers are making all the difference! 
They ARE being heard!
Thank you for your continued prayers 
for Linda.
We enjoyed sharing these interesting 
pics with you this week! 
Blessings to all of you, 
Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie


  1. It makes me grin to see you gals having so much fun. Oh those peacocks are beautiful! Yes, the offspring is a perfect blend of his parents. Lovely!

  2. Oooh ladies, what a wonderful post!... Edie Marie, you and Kitty are adorable!... I love the 50's... grew up in the 50's... however, sometimes I wanted to smack June Cleaver!... honestly, I don't think she really just rolled out of bed each morning dressed to the nines and pearls around her neck!... I like to think of more like Lucy and Ethel!... looks like you had sooo much fun!.. and sweet Marie... your peacocks are so beautiful!... I love them all!... and that tiny baby one... I just want to kiss her!... Happy Memorial Day weekend to you both, xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Bonjour vous deux!!!!!!!

    Now this is life...playing, laughing, creating memories that last an entire lifetime. Bravo to you all for having a spirit of fun and LOVE! YOU LOOK WONDERFUL, all decked out in your hats! Don't you wish we could all still dress up accordingly????

    THAT BICOLORED peacock is stunning! And that his white features are so perfectly placed is a stroke of genius, UN COUP DE GÉNIE by our creator, bien sûr!

    Lovely details of a post mes amies. Merci mille fois for coming to visit this morning....happy day to you all! BISOUS, Anita

  4. Hi Sherry and Marie, what a fabulous post. I love the 50s attire you girls wore to that fun event. Great outfits. Love the hats!!!
    Marie your peacocks are such a favorite of mine. I love the gorgeous two toned baby. Can't wait to show Larry. He really enjoyed the pics you sent.
    Great pic of you and your family in Florida. Your grandson is a handsome guy and we thank him for his service to America.
    Sherry we are so thankful Linda is doing good and facing such a difficult challenge with such grace. Our prayers continue.
    Wishing you both a wonderful Memorial Day.
    Love you girls, Celestina Marie

  5. Oh my! You all look so adorable! FUN FUN FUN! Love the unusual! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I so love that picture of three generations, Marie Antoinette! And thank you so much for coming by yesterday; indeed our party was SENSATIONAL with all of the different points of view, styles, creative expressions and enthusiasm! THANK YOU FOR VISITING EVERYONE and for joining in! And may you and Edie Marie continue to work together to make your blog such a happy place of sisterhood as it is. LOVE TO YOU BOTH! Anita

  7. So happy to see you and your daughter and Cortland together! Also, very glad to hear the news about Linda. Your baby peacock is gorgeous!!
    Love to you Marie A!

  8. Have a nice day darling Ria...x !

  9. Oh what a beautiful post.. Lovely ladies in hats, you all look so great!

    That PEACOCK! I had never seen a white one before, what a treat... and the baby peacock.. Yes, that is really something to see.. White, centered in the middle...

    My deepest thanks to your grandson ( such a handsome man) for his service to our country.

    Thank you so much for your visit yesterday.. It was so nice of you to leave such a kind note about Chester.

  10. Oh what a fun and beautiful post! The pics are lovely too! As a military spouse, I admire any member of the Armed Forces so hats off to Courtland. Have a lovely day and thanks for your visit:-)

  11. That peacock is amazing! I have always loved the peacock. It's such a unique and beautiful bird. When I went to the zoo, I made sure to take many pictures of them. Your pictures are so pretty. I've never seen a white peacock before - truly amazing.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  12. Wow! That two tone peacock is a spectacular creation! It;s like someone having a white streak in their hair. So magical!

  13. And you look fab and Courtland is a star but...a white peacock and a blue peacock wouldn't give you anything! *giggles*

  14. Your photos visting the shop all dressed up made me smile! The baby peacock is amazing!
    Sarah x

  15. I grew up with June Cleaver. Looks like you girls had a fun time. Love the hats and gloves!
    The strutting peacocks are stunning. I've seen white peacocks before, but never a bi-colored peacock. Thanks for sharing.
    All the best to Courtland. He is a handsome young guy. I admire his service.

  16. Beautiful photos of the peacocks. The white feathered peacock looks so awesome it looks faux.

  17. Hi girls!!!
    Love your new look and post. That peacock is amazing. I didnt know they ever where white one but ow pretty the mixed baby is!
    Thanks for your recent visits ladies.
    Hugs Lorena

  18. June Cleaver Day is such a fun idea. (although when one starts having retrospective days from MY era, it does get discouraging!)
    Lovely peacocks! The white one takes your breath away.
    Wishing all the best for Courtland. We do appreciate all he's doing for his country.

  19. Oh my goodness Marie, I don't know what to say. That peacock is utterly amazing!!!! How beautiful they all are!! I wish the best for Courtland. xoxo

  20. Such a gorgeous post - with so many things in it - like your own TV-show! So fun the kitchen girls - and the pretty peacock! Am sending prayes for Linda. Thank you for your sweet visit, will follow you!

  21. The peacocks are amazing. I think I had never seen a white one before.

  22. Oh, my, where do I begin? How about the background to your blog with it's beautiful birds and script...Love #1. Then there is the trip in your 50s clothes....Love #2. Then when I say the white peacock, I thought it cannot get any better than this!...Love #3 Famous last words...the baby peacock with both white and traditional peacock coloring...Love #4.

    Of course, I am now following.


  23. oh my goodness!! oh my goodness!! we've been so busy switching the store around we didn't know you posted this ~ LOVE it ~ just posted it on our facebook page to share with our fans :) Wish you could have joined us all Marie!! Your creations are stunning....that new one above is amazing! Love that steampunk look ~ fun!!
    Wishing you both a wonderful weekend!