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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Lady Patience is dressed in her finest gown...

waiting for him. 

 She has arranged her skirt perfectly 
on her Victorian settee... 

hoping to be a vision of beauty 
when he enters the drawing room. 

He sent her a lovely bouquet of flowers.
Queen Victoria tells her the meaning 
of each different flower;
"Primrose, 'I can't live without you', 
Lilac 'First emotions of love' and
Apple Blossom 'Preference'."

There was a Golden Key attached
which made the Queen's heart leap for joy. 

The Queen whispered to Patience
what they all meant together,
" I prefer you above all others in these 
emotions of our blossoming love. 
I can't live without you and offer you 
the key to my heart."  

 Her heart was fluttering as she waited 
and wondered what the future 
would hold for her and her beloved.

But she remains "patient" just as her parents 
had named her on her Day of Christening. 

And then she hears a gentle tapping 
on her door. 

Her patience has been rewarded with 
his timely arrival. 

He bows before her and kisses her 
lovely soft hand...

This fabulous Theater Doll has been 
created by yours truly, Marie Antoinette. 
I loved making her and using the 
elegant fabrics that fulfilled my 
 vision for Lady Patience. 

I enjoy making my Theater Dolls 
so much. If you have a spare moment 
please stop by my Etsy Shop to see my 
other theater dolls I've created. 
Lady Patience is now for sale in my 
Etsy Shop, 
Creations by Marie Antionette.
I'd love for you to come visit!

Thank you so much for your comments 
and visits! I really appreciate you taking 
the time to give your thoughts about our 
posts and ideas for creating.

And a big thanks for welcoming 
Edie Marie to my blog. We love to work 
together and she can do some of the 
things on this blog of ours that I find 
too challenging these days. 
We are "sisters" in spirit and love sharing in 
each others lives even though there 
are many miles between us! 

 Love & hugs, 
Marie Antoinette 

Post by Marie Antoinette
Typing by Edie Marie 
Story for Lady Patience by Edie Marie 

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Linda at Coastal Charm for 
"Nifty Thrifty Tuesday"
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  1. Oooh Lady Patience is just so exquisite and beautiful!... such detail!... and I love the story that goes along with her... so happy her true love came into her life and I know they lived happily ever after... much love to you ladies... and Happy Autumn!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. My,my she is gorgeous my friend, love all the details!
    What a treasure you have created ;)


  3. Oh how pretty, what a love story you have going on there! :)
    Have a great day!

  4. She is breathtaking! I love all the details... Such beauty.

  5. She is beautiful.. so delicate! And beautiful and soft story also!

  6. Breathttakingly exquisite!

    Superb shot too!

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  7. HELLO YOU TWO lovely friends! It is such a sweet moment to come here to look at the beautiful art, to see the sidebar photos of Marie's ranch and the peacocks, and to see MINNIE and HENRY and their little cygnets! Isn't life sweet with nature around?

    Dearest M.A., your creation is stunning, and I especially love her with the light at night! I know the time it takes to construct something so detailed, and you put so much time and love into your pieces. I hope you are both well, getting cozy for FALL! We are still having warm and a unusually long growing season here. Much love to both of you and thank you for visiting! Anita

  8. Wonderful story! Beautiful Patience.

  9. Dear Girlfriends
    What a fabulous post of beauty and storytelling. Your talents come together and perfection is born.
    I love your newest doll Marie. Gorgeous as only you can do. Edie Marie your story to go with this lovely doll is perfect. You leave us wanting to know more of their future.

    Thank you for stopping by and also for your votes. Have a wonderful girls time away and hellos to Chrissy. Give Wes our best too

    Love to you both.
    Happy Weekend,
    Celestina Marie

  10. Oh my Marie! Lady Patience is beautiful. So lovely and full of wonderful details!

  11. Beautiful story and patience is a virtue. Her beauty is unsurpassed by none.....xo Linda

  12. Dear Edie Marie,
    I am so happy that Angie brought back some happy memories of the little schnauzer you once knew.
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    blessings to you both!

  13. Oh my, this is really quite amazing! What talent you have. I so enjoyed the fun story that went along with her unveiling!

  14. Marie Antionette: She is such a beautiful creation. You are so talented..Happy Monday..Judy

  15. Wow, Marie Antoinette - she is so amazing! And i love what you wrote here, too. I love people, who do believe in fairy tales and who are a princess in their heart ;) Cheers to more magical creations! XX

  16. Dear Marie,
    Lady Patience is so elegant and I just love her name. I am a bit of a romantic myself, so I loved the story that went along with this gorgeous doll. The bottom part of the doll is so interesting. I am off to check out your other creations in your Etsy shop.

    Happy October!


  17. Oh my goodness, the blue theatre doll is gorgeous. I love all the blue on her.


  18. Wow!!! Another gorgeous, GORGEOUS doll! Marie, she is just sooo full of wonderful detail, and Edie, I love her story too! You girls make such a great team. I love your blog! xo Paulette

  19. Yes I agree with everyone above she is beautiful
    and what love and time you put into making her

  20. Lady Patience is so gorgeous! I adore her name too! What a story too! Love!

    Ps. Thanks for your lovely comment re my room challenge. So exciting! Lots of work to do:-)

  21. She is beautiful. You have done a great job.


  22. What a lovely story to go with your beautifully constructed doll. The language of flowers with the key was a nice touch. I'd never considered that the flowers could be put together for one long message. What a nice idea!

  23. Marie this one is how you've arranged her under the canopy ~ gorgeous!! (of course your story of Patience added so much ~ oh so creative!!) We are so glad that you and Sherry found each other...soul sisters you are indeed!!
    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!!
    Karla & Karrie

  24. She's stunning!
    I'm seriously speechless!!!

  25. What a beautiful doll! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  26. Your elaborate dolls are really a work of art! I so enjoyed seeing them!

  27. She is lovely and when you say I can't live without you and offer you the key to my heart...I swoon! You make your creations come to life with the stories! And you know I love dolls....especially one this beautiful Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  28. I can't believe you make these! Wow, she's remarkable.
    I imagine a little girl would be thrilled to death to have one of these!!!

  29. I love Lady Patience, she is beautiful as are all your beauties! Beautiful Blog!!!!!


  30. Lady Patience is incredible Marie A! It is amazing how within her skirt is she on her chaise waiting! Brilliant!!
    All is well over here!! Hope it is there too, mon cher!


  31. How beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello to my area of blogland. Yours is gorgeous!