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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tale of the Ghostly Ride.

Gather around my blogging friends, and listen to this spooky tale.On a hot muggy Halloween night, I live way down south, so yes, muggy. I was walking along,when I beheld a sight I'll soon not forget. I couldn't belive my Near sighted eyes. In the north forty I saw this vision sitting on a motley white horse. I wasn't sure,but it had to be a Ghost. It called to me in my peabrain. Follow MEEEEEEEE, Follow meeeeeeeee. I did.

It lead me to a very creepy grave yard. I didn't see it at first. I was to spooked. Then there crouching by a grave stone, There it was. Looking for all the world, so sad and forlorn. Poor little Ghost.I tried to go to her, to see what I could do to help the poor little lost soul, but she disapeared. Till this day I never knew who she was. The grave did not give up any secrets, for it was so old that the name wasn't there anymore. And whatever happened to that poor old motley horse?

From here I'll let my daughter Alexia tell you.....The rest of the story.

Boo! But the ghost was just me, Alexia, when I was 12. It was probably the first costume I ever made all by myself with no help, and boy did folks get a kick out of it that Halloween night. The fabric was some old curtains I found in the attic. The horse was our Arabian mare, Touche', and she was actually a beautiful critter- but she totally did not appreciate being pulled out of her stall at sunset to have some wooleybooger jump on her back for a photo-op. She hated the swooshy sound of my curtains. And lucky for us, she backed her ears and eyes and looked super spooky for the picture.

So after she got too onery for more pictures that night, we quickly jumped in my Dad's mustang and drove out to Turtleskin cemetary, one of the spookiest in the area, for more photo ops. You may find that odd of us to do; but our family outings were always to places like Indian mounds, old falling down, rotting houses, and yes, even the DUMP. Don't ask. Disneyworld? HA! Six Flags? Forget it! Creepy old forts by mossy, abandoned graveyards? Color us there!!!

Anyway, not to toot my own horn (TOOOT!!!) but i'm pretty good at theatrical makeup. I totally missed my calling. Other kids used to come over and have me do their make up before trick-or-treat. Speaking of, I found this horrible lil' zombie in my living room last year...

Oh wait! That's just my son Courtland after a dose of my mad makeup skillz. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Marie Antionette & Alexia Antoinette


  1. WOW!!! Marie what a great post!!!

    LOVE the costumes and white visage ghost/mare. SpOOky COOL!

    Thanks SO much for sharing with us & have a great rest of the week sweetie!


  2. What fun memories you have. Alexia is so creative! Gee, I wonder where she got that from??? ;)

  3. Oh My Gosh! How I love this! The story, the very spookyyyyyyyy!
    La Donna

  4. Miss Marie,
    I love this post, eerie spooky fun, it has me in the mood for the ghostly tales of Halloween! Thank You for sharing such an amazing story!
    Love it!


  5. oooooo, very scary. You will have to show us if you do any makeup this year. Very nice work. Love the pic of you with the horse. I would have that hanging in my house if I were you. Too cool.

  6. Totally Awesome! The story, the photos, all of it!

    I can relate to the trips to the dump! And I have found some wonderful things in and around the dumpsters in the apt complex where I live! Amazing the things I have found! I don't climb in them - but if I can drag it out - out it comes! I've donated several sml truckloads of stuff to an organization here that helps women out!!!
    wonderful spookiness from both of you!!

  7. Wow, your pictures are great! You and that white horse and at the grave...just awesome!

    I came over to tell you that you have won one of the little lucky bracelets to support the cancer foundation. Can you email me your address? At lilimatupcmaildotnl (or check my profile under email). I'll send you the little bracelet asap (which half of the time means in several weeks lol!).

    Have a happy weekend!

  8. Oh Tony,
    I love this post (you know how I love ghost stories and the such). Your daughter as a ghost is wonderful, quite beautiful photos. And Touché, what a beautiful creature...

    As a kid, my family went to graveyards/cemetery and told stories and I loved it - still do... Talk of relatives I never knew, but heard all about...

    What a wonderful make-up job on that cute zombie (if zombies can be cute ;) It's never too late -- maybe Hollywood is waiting for a new make-up artist, but you probably wouldn't want your daughter to leave for such a cut-throat city anyway now would you? Guess I better stop while I'm ahead here...

    Love, love, love the photos. I'll be thinking of you as I watch Ghost Whisperer and decorate for Halloween this evening.

  9. So lovely... sorry I meant to say so scary!LOL
    Your son is a really cutie... I meant "horrible looking" cutie!LOL
    Thanks for sharing... this post was great... just like all your other posts!
    keep them coming ... we love reading them so much!
    Debbie Moss

    (From England)

  10. OOOOh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ghostly pictures! That is too cool! Why do all of silly art people love Halloween so much? I guess it is actually the most "creative" holiday. lol Have fun spooking people.

  11. A great post and fun times!
    Hope you are doing well.

  12. Hey Marie and Alexia, what a great post from a talented and creative mother and daughter. I love how you featured your story. Perfectly wonderful!!
    I hope you will share more of these interesting and fun posts.
    hugs, Celestina
    la rea rose

  13. Wow ! MArie great pic. You ought to enter it in a contest !

  14. Hi Toni & Alexia!
    What a darling story & post! Awesome! And so creative, my hat's off to both of you. My dad & I always looked around old cemeteries for the oldest grave stones etc so I find nothing odd about that at all.
    and it's so fun that you did a post together! You make a great team!!
    Thanks for the scary story girls.
    Big hugs to both of you!

  15. Love it Marie!!
    I would much rather go to creepy places than Disneyland. I'm with you on that. Your daughter did a great job with the costumes and make-up. Amazing!!
    I love spooky Halloween stories.

  16. What a fab post. I really enjoyed it. I too am abit weird because I love walking around graveyards and although Im not religious I visit churches wherever I go, I just like the feel and smell of them. I have always wanted a gothic mansion or a church converted into a house with plenty of stained glass windows and a couple of gargoyles at the front gate X

  17. Sounds like your daughter Alexia learned form the Best Marie A!!
    Great tale and fab photos too!!!

    Happy Autumn!!

  18. That photo of your daughter on the horse looks amazing! I thought it really was a ghost!! It sure is terrific! Thank you for sharing!

    Cheers! =D

  19. Thank you all my friends,I'm sorry i have not blogged to much lately and I still have not picked up an award.But I am a little bit under the weather,that happens to me ,but I did finish my red upside down Christmas tree and going to try and finish my piano angel for next post,with the help of my dutiful daughter,God really blessed me when she was born.I cannot ask for a better daughter.Hugs Marie Antionette(Toni)


  21. Alexia those photos are absolutely divine ! You looked fabulous. son and I just went out to an old cemetery last night and took some photos in the dark. Your family sounds much like mine!
    hugs to you & your mom

  22. Hi Marie and Alexia, I remember this wonderful post and how fun to read it once again. Thank you for sharing it this year too. I love it.
    Happy Halloween my friends.
    XO Celestina Marie