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Saturday, May 24, 2014


When I was a little girl my parents called 
this holiday Decoration Day. 

This was the original name for Memorial Day. 
It was called Decoration Day because 
soldiers would decorate the graves of 
deceased soldiers with flowers, flags 
and wreaths. 

The term Memorial Day didn't come into 
being until 1880. 
(Okay I'm not that old, but my parents were 
just a bit stuck in the ways of the old folks 
back then. My Grandma, Meme, called it 
Decoration Day so of course my parents 
did too! )

In 1967, the year I graduated from high 
school, the US Government proclaimed 
Memorial Day as a National Holiday. 
( Who knew? I had no idea!)

 My parents faithfully decorated the graves 
of all our deceased relatives. They would 
take Meme to the cemeteries to "visit" the 
graves and place beautiful peonies, iris, 
roses, daisies, or whatever was blooming in 
their gardens. 

This was all conditional on whose turn it 
was. You see it was a great honor to be 
the one to do the decorating 
in my mom's family! 

My mother's brother was in WWII 
in Normandy and ended his time there 
burying the dead in the concentration 
camps. He saw his battle buddy be blown 
up next to him. He saw death and destruction 
everywhere he looked. The war changed him 
forever. He knew how precious life was.
 He knew the devastation of the Holocaust 
first hand. 

He took decorating graves VERY seriously 
to the point my mom would call him and 
tell him exactly what kind of flowers she 
would be using when it was her turn!  
He would give his approval but perhaps 
would add a flower from his garden for 
more variety. Or maybe it was to try 
and ruffle my mom's feathers! 

 Flags were another subject. 
As you know, Veterans place 
little American Flags on the 
graves of deceased servicemen 
and servicewomen. It's a wonderful 
thing that they do this.

My first husband is buried in one 
of the main cemeteries my mom's 
family is buried in. 
One year my husband was skipped 
when the flags were placed. My 
mom immediately stormed up to 
the office and demanded that they 
bring a flag out to his grave! And 
of course they did!
Flags are also serious business!! 

SO... this 

have a nice time with your family. 

Here's a some things for you to remember 
when planning your weekend... 

When you have the family over for 
that cookout... 

put up that cool bunting you've got 
stashed in the closet,

make a fabulous centerpiece for 
your picnic table, 

and fire up the grill. 

Did you forget anything??

Happy Decoration Day!
Happy Memorial Day!

Be safe, be blessed - 

Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie

Post by Edie Marie
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Honor to our loved ones who 
are no longer with us by Marie & Edie


  1. Dear Sherry and Marie, This is such beautiful post to honor those who have served our country in the name of freedom. Loved learning the story of your family and Decoration Day. MY grandmother called this holiday Decoration day too. As a child I remember going with my family to place flowers ,flags and wreaths on the grave sites of our loved ones. It was a special time of remembrance and honor followed by a get together back at home to have a BBQ. We were ever so thankful for the freedom we could enjoy and still do today.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. The graphics you included were perfect.

    Wishing you both a wonderful and blessed holiday weekend. Stay safe and enjoy!
    Love you girls!

  2. Oh ladies what an amazing post to honor our brave countrymen :-) I love all the pretty images ;-)

  3. Thank you Sherry... for doing such a wonderful post... Again. You are the Post Queen. I never knew about Decoration Day either.
    You Rock!!!
    Marie Antoinette

  4. A wonderful post to honor Memorial Day. You have a beautiful heritage. Thank you for sharing some of your uncle's story. We need to know.

  5. Love can never be stolen. Death may take the flesh, but never the spirit for those who believe in the King. Oh Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie, thank you for reminding me on my uncle, who served in WW2 and how his daily life gave me the freedom I have today to be me. He was the one that raised me actually, for he was a blunt but loving man. And if not for him, I don't know where I'd be.

    Thank you for visiting and may all the reasons you ever fell in love be great memories for you! Anita

  6. Your post is the absolute best for this holiday weekend.
    I fear the true meaning of this day is lost on hot dogs and hamburgers. Thank for the beautiful reminder.
    (just popped over from Anita's Castles and Crowns)

  7. Hi Marie and Edie,

    I enjoyed reading your beautiful post dedicated to Memorial day - thank you for sharing.
    Hope you have a happy week

  8. Beautiful post, thanks for speaking to it's true meaning, and reminding us to never forget.

  9. Dear Edie und Marie, everything you do and post is so carefully done - am sure you did a great job in making this day very special! And wish you sunshine and happiness for this weekend!

  10. Wow, this is SO good!! Thanks for the reminder to take our freedom seriously and to remember all those who fought for it!

  11. Dear Friends, Thanks for the visits and sweet comments. Love visiting this post again and the wonderful photos.
    Marie, watch the mail, birthday goodies are on the way.
    Lots of rain and storms here but we needed the rain. Trees down next door but ours made it and still standing.
    Wishing you both the best and last of June weekend.

    Much love and blessings!