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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Greetings from Golden Pond! 

A special "someone" has come home 
to live at our house... 

 my beautiful Bride Doll!

This doll was a gift from my sweet 
hubby years ago. It went to visit the 
house of a loved one and stayed there 
for many years but has found it's way 

She's been away from my home for several 
years now but circumstances brought 
her back to me. What a welcome she 
received when she got here!
 Here she is when she arrived... 

She was in need of a spa day so
I removed her clothing and into the 
wash they went. 

Next she needed her face washed and 
her hair redone. 

Marie was interested in what kind of doll 
she might be and this is the markings I 
found on the back of her neck. 

It looks like half a circle with waves 
on the top. Below it is a circle with a dot 
in the center. 
The jury's still out on what mark 
it could be. If you've ever seen this marking 
please let me know!

Notice she has a music box in her and 
how sweet it was to hear her melody again! 

Then section by section I carefully combed 
out her hair and formed it into fresh ringlets. 

Back on with her fresh white apparel and 
on to her new place on one of the beds in 
the "Sweetie Girl" guestroom. 

She seems so happy to be back!
 And I'm so happy she's with me once again!! 

Welcome Home Dolly!!

We love hearing your thoughts and opinions 
on what we've been up to. Thanks so much 
for stopping by and commenting!! 

Lots of blessings, 

Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

Post by: Edie Marie
Material by: the Bride Doll 
Loving support by: Marie Antoinette


  1. Hi Sherry,
    What a beauty Dolly is and you gave her a fresh new look with her spa day. So glad she is back home with you and still playing a wonderful melody. Her dress is adorable and her hair with the flowers is so pretty. Doesn't she look right at home gracing your guest room.
    Hope you both are doing well. We are looking forward to fall and some cooler days hopefully soon.
    Wishing you two sweet girls a wonderful September!!

    Hugs and Blessings!

  2. Beautiful , Beautiful , Beautiful ,
    Awesome job on the Bride doll. And don't it look gorgeous on the bed. Now...lets do Tiny Tears...Chop, Chop, ...LOL

  3. I love your bride doll... I had one on my wedding day... I lost it, can t remember what happened to her!!:)
    She looks at home on your bed!
    xo, Ozana
    PS: I am back on my blog, finally!!

  4. Love the dolls you make when i was young i also make dolls ....i have lot of stuff Left in our barn...i do not know what to do with it......lovely week love Ria....x!

  5. I am sure she enjoyed her day at the spa she looks lovely back home on her new bed

  6. Look at those curls!! These girls are jealous for sure...what a pampered doll :) Hope all is well with your girls!
    Karla & Karrie

    1. Shes beautiful. I need to come to your spa! 😃