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Friday, January 23, 2015

Let Them Drink Tea!

It's that cold blustery time of year 
and we want to have a tea party. 
 YOU are invited to have tea 

with the Queen! 

We're preparing the table...

and pouring pipping hot tea... 

to have with the CAKE of course!! 
(It wouldn't be the same without the cake now would it?)

There will be music to delight your ears... 

and make you want to tap your toes.

 We'll sip from our sweet warm nectar... 

and chat about 
the latest palace gossip... 

or reminisce about when we were 
children pretending to have our 
own fancy tea party.

So wear your prettiest frock...

and if you forget your crown don't 
worry. You can borrow one of 

Sending you warm hugs 
and blessings 
to get you though the 
cold days of winter! 

Marie Antoinette 
Edie Marie 


  1. Hi Ladies, oh the tea was delightful and the cake was so delicious!! I so enjoyed the music and the chat. Everyone was wearing the prettiest frocks and seeing the queen was the highlight of the tea
    Oh and thank you for letting me borrow a crown!!

    Loved this and the fun on this winter day.
    Have a nice weekend sweet friends.

  2. That was such a great tea party, I had a grand old time, I love to dance and get all dressed up, thanks so much for the yummy cake....

    Hug So~

  3. What a great silhouette tea party, loved it! You ladies have a great weekend!

  4. This was such a fun post and it lifted me me right out of my uneasiness...I love the back rounds you have been using and it fits right in with this wonderful post.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  5. I am so THERE!!!! Thank you for the invitation!

  6. Dear Marie and Edie,
    Thank you for the marvelous silhouette tea party! It was a great way to start the day

  7. What a lovely post.....!!..have a Nice Ria...x!

  8. Smiling at you two! Drinking a pipping hot cup of PROVENCE tea (I know...we need to share!)
    Have a lovely week girls :)
    xo Karla & Karrie

  9. Fabulous silhouettes!
    Have a beautiful day!

  10. I love that you illustrated your post only with silhouettes. Off to pour myself a cup of tea!

  11. i love those silhouettes! How inspiring! And yes, drink tea!

  12. I've always loved silhouette Mom had two when we were kids.... I have them now.... my sister even managed to find one in a thrift shop.... they are so pretty.