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Monday, July 6, 2015


A fresh morning in Paris! 

Destination: The Eiffel Tower 
or as the Parisians call it... 
la Tour Eiffel! 

When I was a little girl, my mom 
would allow me to look at her box of 
treasures when she would be getting 
ready to out with my dad. 
I loved to sit on her bed and look 
at all the pretty little items. 

In it was an old postcard that my uncle 
had sent to my dad during WWII. 
The picture on the postcard was 
of the Eiffel Tower! 
I knew immediately I wanted to 
go to this place my mom called 
"Paris" to see it when I was grownup. 
It took me a long time but here I 
am... finally! 

I am sooo ready. 

We hailed a Parisian taxi and away we 
went. Can we say Wild Ride? 
The traffic is so heavy, so jam packed, 
so crazy, I would never recommend 
renting a car and trying it. 


We were actually clinging to each 
other as we weaved in and out of 
the traffic! LOL Okay it's funny now. 

And there it was... suddenly the mayhem 
of the ride made way for what I had been 
dreaming of since I was a little girl...

the Eiffel Tower!! 

What a beauty! 

I couldn't stop smiling! 

My heart was singing! 

It wasn't just a tower. 
It was a work of art. 

Every detail was incredible. 

So up to the top we went for those  
breathtaking views of Paris we'd 
heard about. 

My dapper guy! 

Oh la la! 
(I said that a lot) 

Stairway to heaven. 

The view to the southeast is 
Champs de Mars - 
This long strip of lawn is a public 
greenspace between the Eiffel Tower 
to the northwest and the Ecole Militare 
to the southeast. 

The view to the northeast is 
Trocadero -
Across the Seine River, it's the 
site of the old Palais Chaillot. 
This is where all the fabulous 
fashion shots are taken with 
the Eiffel tower in the background! 
(more of Trocadero later)   

The Seine River to the right...

and to the left. 
You can see Isle of the Swans where the 
small 1/4th scale replica of 
the Statue of Liberty stands at the 
far end of it. She faces our Statue of 
Liberty in NYC!

This is my favorite aerial view photo 
from the Eiffel tower... 
instead of "Where's Waldo" it's 
"Where's the Arch de Triomphe"!

Imagine my amazement when we got up 
in the famous Eiffel Tower and there 
were Souvenir Shops! 
Oh how I loved it.  

It's time to go down... 
oh yes, we took the 
"lift" both up and down!!
With age comes wisdom. 

Well our darling Marie Antoinette was 
going to go with us to Paris however 
when the terrorist's hit in Paris her hubby 
was too apprehensive about letting her go. 

Soooo, I took her to Paris my way!

Hanging at the Eiffel Tower 
with my sweet sis, Marie!! 

 Oreilles de lapin! 
(Bunny ears... sounds fancier in French don't you think?)

This was so fun! 

Passers-by smiled with that smile that 
made us think they wish they would have 
thought about doing this type of thing!


Father & son time. 

Mother & son. 

In love at Tour Eiffel! 


Before we go here's a snapshot of the 
carousel across the street from 
the Eiffel Tower. We didn't ride on 
it... seeing it was magical enough. 

Thanks for joining our Eiffel Tower 
experience. There's more to come 
of the Eiffel and oh so much more. 

And especially thanks for joining us 
for the Marie photo shoot!
(you looked tres chic dahhhling!!) 

Bisous & blessings, 
Edie Marie


  1. Hi Edie, Thank you for the fantastic tour from the Eiffel tour. All your wonderful views are beautiful and you two sweethearts look fabulous.Love seeing and learning info from your tour views. I had to laugh about the taxi ride. You will remember this for all times but the best part, you lived out a life long dream and that is so special. Looking forward to more of the trip.
    Love to you and yours.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

    Hi Marie, hope you are doing good and enjoyed a wonderful birthday!!!
    Sending hugs, cm

  2. Paris Is always a good idea !!L....❤️ It !! enjoy summer love Ria...X!

  3. Oh how exciting for you!! You look so pretty too! Love that carousel!
    Have a great week!

  4. Sherry !!! I would have had to ride the carousel...LOL...another fabulous post . And thank you so much for taking me to Paris with you...You could have left me there if you wanted...Maybe I would not have come home...LOL...

  5. hahaha... that's great ... Marie in Paris.... perfect.

  6. How exciting! I'm so thrilled for you! Enjoy!

  7. Love that Eiffel Tower
    glad Marie got in the pictures also