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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Palais Garnier ( Paris Opera House)

 The Paris Opera House is a 
must see in Paris! 

The exterior is incredible. 
Architecture - architecture - architecture! 
It seats 1979 people and was built between 
1861 and 1875. What was originally known 
as Paris Opera became known later as 
Palais Garnier in recognition of it's 
architect, Charles Garnier. 

Google image 

The main staircase is too incredible 
for words... perhaps magnificent 
is appropriate. 

Or grand. 

Larger than life. 

Beauty everywhere. 

At the cost of 
36,010,571 francs it should be 
beyond words. And it was! 
(That equates to approximately 
$216,000,000 USD in 1875 from 
the research I did. WOW!) 


I dare you! 
(he didn't) 

There were candelabras and chandeliers 
at every turn.  

Every ceiling was a work of art. 

Look at the incredible statues. 

Each one was true loveliness. 

Le Grand Foyer Opera Garnier 

My son 

The Grand Foyer is huge. 

The "porche", or porch, was also amazing. 

We saw pink marble everywhere. 

And then the actual theater. 

View from the stage out into the audience. 

The box across from the 
Emperors box. 

Love how the boxes are divided. 

A private box entrance. 

The windows on the private box doors 
were etched, each in a different design. 

I enjoyed seeing the costumes that were 
on display. 

My favorite costume. 
The detail was incredible. 
I could close my eyes and imagine 
the ballerina dancing across the stage 
wearing this delightful creation. 

The gift shop offered a few costume 
accessories for sale. The glistening ballerina 
cap was outstanding and a very pretty price. 

The displays in the gift shop were very 
creative. I loved this one! 

We were sad to leave such a beautiful place. 
There were no performances at the time we 
were in Paris but we felt so blessed to have 
a chance to experience the beauty of 
Palais Garnier. 

Thanks for coming by to visit 
the beautiful Paris Opera House! 

Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

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  1. Hi Girls, what an incredible Opera House to visit. Every area is magnificent. Love the artful ceilings and the architecture. You captured great pics.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Paris. It has been so much fun to see.

    Have a great week ahead and Happy Fall.
    Love to you girls. Hugs, cm

  2. Oh my Gosh, "Masquerade," from "Phantom of the Opera," was playing in my head the whole time I looked at your post. If they didn't film it there, they must have copied it. Gorgeous beyond words...yes Magnifique!...I'm drooling, Thanks for the tour, Sandi

  3. Magnificent !!! Is not enough to describe the Opera House...So much beauty...I was in awe. Now I am going to kick Bill in the Butt...
    And so happy that my Bro did not slide down that banister...But...I wonder how many did...lOL

  4. What a treat! I feel like I was there with you, great photos!
    Everything is just exquisite, and those chandeliers, ...
    oh la la!

  5. Bonjour,

    Je suis très heureuse de votre passage sur mon blog...
    Je découvre avec ravissement votre univers et je m'autoriserai une prochaine visite.
    Les photos de ce dernier billet concernant l'Opéra de Paris sont somptueuses. Un joyau pour les yeux et une belle invitation... Nul doute qu'on ait envie de visiter un tel palais !

    Gros bisous ❀

  6. Oh wow, that totally took my breath away! Gorgeous!

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