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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Marie Antionette. I am new so you will have to bare with me. I do get alot of help from my daughter, whom some of you know as Alexia of Genteel Poverty. She is a wonderful daughter, by the way. I also have a grandson, Courtland. Yes, of course I spoil him, even if he is 14yrs old. He calls me his extreme grandma...LOL...

I worked as a bartender for 20 yrs,18 of those yrs in a small redneck bar called Clydes. I'll tell you about that later if you like. Very interesting ,working in a bar. My crafting is making doll vignettes. I don't call myself a true doll maker , because, I use the already made hand and head sets. do make the bodies, clothes , and almost everything else . you see my dolls are set in scenes so I pose them , as I see fit. How I get my ideas . Well, I may see a prop I can use, and work with it, or see a picture and do my version of it .I also make other things such as theme miniture Christmas trees. I did invent , what I call a Tree Angel. I will tell ya'll about that later also. What I would like to tell you now,is that I love staying at home .I love siting in my gazebo...

Or sitting out where I keep my koi fish.It is called a weir. We can control the flow the water. I can stare at them all day. There is something about fish that just relaxes you...
I also have a greenhouse that I dabble in...

Thats about all I will tell you for now. I do look forward to meeting you. I know I will enjoy looking at your art work. I've seen some of your blogs and let me say, I've seen so much talent . The most beautiful work.

Marie Antionette


  1. Can you see how green I am ???? Koi in a natural-like habitat, a greenhouse...oh yes, Im envious you lucky girl!!

  2. I'm envious of a large green yard... I wish I had more space ..... looking forward to seeing more of your creations....

    lucky you...staying home ...relaxing.... sitting in a gazebo.... my idea of a perfect day. Today I had to go to a pharmacy and was insulted by whoever was behind the counter....I wish my arms were longer or she was closer. I probably would have slugged her. I need to stay home.

  3. Love your yard! And your greenhouse - you are one lucky girl!

  4. I love it!!!! We are obsessed with fish here as well. I love Koi fish, I have always wanted a pond full of them. Maybe one day when I get my old farm house in the country with all my farm animals.
    I would love to hear all you stories, I hope you share them soon!!

  5. Koi, Greenhouse AND a gazebo! My gosh you are one lucky lady! What a lovely area you have to live in!