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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tree Angels!

OK my fellow crafting friends, Just like the stockings, I'm pretty sure I invented this- let me know if i'm in error- I came upon this idea by accident. When I craft, I usually do two or more things at a time. I was sitting on the floor checking out Christmas lights for the theme trees I make. At the same time I was looking at some organza material I was going to use for an angel I was making. I left the lights on while doing this. I was tired.

I just threw that organza material, it landed on the lights. Would you believe I thought the glow shining though was so beautiful. My pea size brain went into overdrive. I looked at the lights, the organza, the mini tree, the angel head. Well the rest is history. It's sometimes hard to get a picture that shows the lights as they truly are, but here is a tree angel that's a good example:

Here's how I make them: First let me say, I 've tried using different kinds of see though fabric. That certain glow only comes though on Organza types of fabric. It kind of twinkles. I cut out a 10 inch diameter plaque. I always use ponderosa pine... sand and painted it. I use a 24 inch miniture Christmas tree. I secured the tree to the plaque. I drilled holes very close to the base of the tree. I glued a dowel in that tree. I then secured the tree to the dowel. This is to keep the tree from wobbling.

I cut the material to fit around the whole tree as you can see in the picture. Frill it up a bit. I put together the angel, by dressing her head plate and arms to match the dress. Now!!! I drape the gown I secured the head with glue. Make my wings , using my own white peacock feathers, frill it up . Turn the lights that I forgot to tell you to put on the tree. Below is a candy-themed tree angel:

My tree angels stand at least 27 or more inches high. It is a one piece item, and it don't come apart.Once the head is attached , its there to stay. There you go. I've sold and donated a bunch of these. But its really getting very hard to find the printed organza.

And a close up of her face- they often hold ornaments or jewels of some type:

I haven't made any new ones this year yet. I will soon , so I'm showing you what I have left. And of course you should all know by now the camera does not let the glow show as it really is.

Thank you all very much .Your friendship and the support means the world to me. Hugs Marie Antionette


  1. Hey!! I didnt know you were living in ms. I am from ms. thats where I was born in a small town called Brookhaven! hehe email me sometime! hugs


  2. Beautiful! Glamorosos angels.
    A greeting

  3. Nice tree angels, how creative of you. I haven't seen it before.

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for your kind comments. My computer is down, so my access is limited to when I can get over here to my daughter's house to use her pc. Blog at ya later.

  5. Marie your dolls are absolutely stunning! WOW! Have you tried photographing in a dimly lit room with no flash?

    Thank you so much for your visits to my blog. I am pleased that my Marie does you justice! ;)

    Blessings! =D

  6. Oh wow Marie, these are beautiful!

  7. Your angels are lovely. You are very creative.


  8. What a clever idea!! I bet they are even more beautiful in person with the glowing lights! And I love organza, so dreamy.

  9. Cute, Cute.....yep, I think you invented this because I have never seen a tree angel before...

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Your tree angels are so pretty - Don't think I've seen anything quite like those.
    Organza can be fun to paint -

    Hope you get you can get your computer problem worked out soon.


  11. Hi Marie!
    What gorgeous tree angels! They're so beautiful. You are so creative, everything you touch turns out so sweet and lovely!
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Sherry

  12. Hi Marie Antoinette,

    Thank you for stopping by. We are both blessed to have the men in our lives that we have. I pray you are doing well.

    I love your header.

    many hugs,

  13. You sure do have a creative eye Marie. :) How pretty they are. Don't you just love working with power tools. ~ Miles of Smiles ~
    P.S. Last fall when we hosted a wedding out here I used the twinkle lights in tulle. It was a pretty effect at night.

  14. I forgot to tell you that Yes, ... I did save that beautiful rose paper. :)

  15. Thanks sweetie, for stopping by...
    I`m so glad that took me to you!
    You are a very T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D. lady!
    I`m off to read more of your past posts... if they are anything like the first one I`m in for a real treat!
    Kisses Kisses
    Debbie moss


  16. Oh I love your tree angels, so feminine and beautiful. I have a tree Santa like that.
    Sorry bout your PC hope they fix it quickly, at this moment I wouldn't be able to handle being cut off.

    Enjoy your day! Suzy

  17. Hi,
    Nice to meet you.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, you really are into Christmas. Your dolls are amazing.
    Visit again soon,

  18. I just discovered your blog. What talent! It's like Christmas in July, except it's already August!!

  19. ahhh...there they are....the ladies I saw on the Picturetrail and loved.... you do a wonderful job ....

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for some pretty printed organza.... perhaps I can send you some if I come across any ....

  20. Marie, your angles are truly lovely and unique...You should be very proud of them, they're gorgoues!!!

  21. Those are very pretty !! And I don't think I have ever seen any like it, great job !! :)

  22. Wow what a graet idea! Love the angels, so clever and sweet, and I bet they look awesome at night time

  23. HI, YOur tree angels are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and come back again soon!!
    The 127 was fun!

  24. Stunning! yes it is a hanging wire basket! I fixed etsy shipping.
    Thank You Denise

  25. Hi there..thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    I will have a good read of yours all looks fabulous!!
    Sal ;-)

  26. Awww... computer problems? My computer was down for a couple of weeks, Marie Antionette. Had to reformat the hard drive and I'm just now getting all my "stuff" back together so I can function. Soon I hope we are both working at full "steam" (should that be cyber?). Beautiful angels. You are sooo talented. Devonia

  27. Hi Marie,
    These are very, very pretty. I haven't seen anything like them before, you must have been the one to create them first!

    Happy day & love that Aaron Neville singing here ;)

  28. I just love all these dollie angels, gorgeous, can't pick a fave!

  29. I'd like to see your angels photographed in the dark with her lights on! Great work Marie Antoinette!


  30. OMG! Your tree angels are GORGEOUS! I've certainly never seen anything like them so I think they are an ORIGINAL! Simply to die for!

    Can a make a suggestion? Make your pix enlargeable so we can see the details on your gorgeous creations. I wanna see MORE!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and turning me on to yours! I'll be back for sure.

  31. Hi Marie... Aren't those Tree Angels sweet!! You certainly are a very talented lady... and a busy one, too!

    Thank you for your visit the other day, and for the kind words... much appreciated! Take special care...


  32. Answering your question from the post on my blog, sweet lady. Yes, I design the plates. Oh, btw, just wondering if you saw this post since you're in Louisiana?
    If not, then read it, my sweet chickee.

  33. Hi Marie, gorgeous angels AND thanks for the nice compliment you left me on mine! :-)

    Have a great week!


  34. Beautiful! Just came back from my trip to the galaxies :) and wanted to come by to say hello and thanks for running away with me for a while, and for all your warm wishes and concerns. Hopes for joy, bliss, laughter, faith, peace, and love be with you....



  35. So nice to meet you! I just love your designser dolls and your blog is so fun to visit. What a talent you are!!
    Thank you for stopping by my anniversary post and blog birthday giveaway. Thank you for your kind comment.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Have a great weekend.
    Smiles, Celestina
    la rea rose

  36. It's Christmas in August! These are all so lovely.....enchanted. Love all the fabrics you chose so well.