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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the Winner is !!!

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it !!! But I'm going to leave
you hanging for just a moment, so I can make this announcement for a dear lady. Her name is Nastasha Burns of Artistic Creations . Natasha is having a big ToDo about doing something for ourselves. Please go visit her, to find out what all the fuss is about. You will be glad you did.
This is my 15 year old grandson Courtland. Of course he can do no wrong in grandma's eyes. He is a very sweet and loving boy. He's always looking after me and his mom. He is helping me with the drawing. ARE WE READY??? HERE IT GOES... PICK THE NAME COURTLAND!!!

AND THE WINNER IS ......QUEENIE OF Vintage Finds and Treasures. I'm sorry that the name is so light , but its there. I'm so happy for you Queenie !!! Congrats. If you will send me your addy, I will get your gift out to you Monday or Tuesday. Hows that sound.Yeaaaaa!!! And I'm so sad that the rest of you didn't win. I wish all of you could have won, for all of you are winners in my heart.... Queenie my email is Of course,anyone of you are welcomed to email me. I would love that, just make sure you put blogspot on the subject line

Here is one of my theater dolls that is a little bit different than the others. This Christmas theater doll has a panoramic view inside. The gown is of velvet and gold glitter snowflakes printed on it.She is holding a wooden doll. Its not on this picture, but I added a Christmas tag. So you would know that it is a doll not a baby. LOL...She has a smart little hat and a very pretty cape.

This is the inside of the curtain. Sorry about the glare. I made a panoramia print that wraps around the plaques and attaches to the colums that hold up the entire vignette. This print is elves in Santas workshop,putting up toys. I have a chandelier in the middle, shinning light upon Santa sitting in his chair,looking at the world Globe.The statue I udes for this ,is an Enestos figurine called Guidense. I think it was made in the late 90's. I have it sitting on a rug that I made. The panoramic view gives it a three deminal look. I t so different in person to view.

Again newbies to my blog. These are stocking wall hangs. This is how I make them. I buy Christmas prints that I know I will enjoy repainting with glitter paint. I repaint the whole thing which is about 36 inches long. I then cut a backing and batting , sew it up, put lace or whatever I think will be pretty to decorate it . In the certain lights,it winkles sparkles and just pretty to look at. I will be puting these and more in my Etst shop. I have other on Filckr, if you want to see how they all look.

I recently recieved these pictures of my best friend (no longer with us) Shannon and me dating back to 1966, yes 66. Butch, Shannon's sweet hubby, thought I might like to have them. He told me he found them in an old box. Butch is just now able to go though her personal things, like pictures and such. He gave me the pictures of Shannon that are below, and now these. Anyway I don't remember at all painting our faces up like this, for I never did go into doing that sort of thing. I guess she talked me into it somehow.

Shannon and I are ready to hit the teen scene. Also I really don't remember where we were going. I think maybe to see Black Oak Arkansas. That is the only thing i can come up with.They are from New Orleans, and were popular at that time.

It has been raining here every day. I feel so bad for the people of Atlanta Georgia. I pray for you all. May God Bless you and keep you as safe as possible. My heart goes out to you all.

Anyway,I thought since I had to use my cool umbrella,I might as well show you all a picture of it.It was given to me by a close friend. Its very very big, and has pictures of old screen stars on it.Clarke Cable, Elizabeth Taylor,Jimmy Stewart,and I think Greta Garbo.

While I was taking a picture of my cool looking umbrella,my dog,I call the Red Devil...just had to

jump up on my side table.Her real name of course is Hobie. And she really is a very sweet dog.

I want to thank all of you for stopping by and celabrating my first year in blogland. I've made alot of friends and hope to make more. I want to thank those who suported me and prayed for me when I get my ills. As you know I won't let any illness keep me down for long. Ya'll make me want to keep fighting, and as you know I'm a fighter. May God bless you all.

XXOO Marie Antionette


  1. Oh QUEENIE... I'm so excited for you. Congratulations.

    I love everything about your blog today. Wonderful from the g'son on down to the two sweet looking gals at the end to one of my most favorite voices in the WORLD.. mr. aaron neville... oh he makes my hair stand up on my neck. I love his voice. He is the reason I ever went to NOLA~ I went to TipiTina's and saw him and his brothers a few years back. Awesome voices. Tammy

  2. Yay Queenie!

    What a fun post. Courtland is a cutie pie.

    Your theater dolls and stockings are amazing girl. I love those photo's of you and Shannon.

    You are a fighter my friend. you just keep on fighting. You have so many people praying for you and asking for God's favor on your health.

    Love ya,

  3. First, congratulations to Queenie! The lucky winner!!!

    Toni, your creations just get better and better. The theater doll is fantastic. And the stocking wall hangs would look so great with all the candlelight and Christmas lights twinkling off of them.

    I LOVE those pictures of you from the 60's. You were and still are the cutest doll of all!!!

  4. Love your new banner and blog lay-out. Courtland did a great job! Congrats to the winner and congrats to you again. Your doll look gorgeous! Good luck selling these Christmas stockings, we don't use them over here, we just put our shoes at the chimney!
    I love these photos of you and Sharon, oh those sixties! Have a great weekend, hope that you won't have to use that marvellous umbrella!

  5. Congrats Queenie!!

    Oh Toni - that doll is fantastic! and the stockings are just so wonderful.
    Courtland - no you can't have a 15 yr old grandson! lolo Aren't grandson's awesome?
    The pictures of you girls cracks me up - those clothes! lololo oh you little hippie chick! I had the coolest bell bottoms I made by putting some cloth in my jeans that I slit up to the knees - worked pretty good! lo
    Hope you are doing great sweety!
    Luv Ya Toni!!!

  6. Darling, I came by to wish you a lovely and sunny weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  7. Oh My Gosh!!
    I can't believe I'm the lucky winner...(thanks to your cute grandson, gosh, it's hard to believe you've got a 15 year old grandson!) I'll send you my addy right away! I'm so excited about this! Sorry I hadn't gotten over here sooner, I haven't been home and on the computer much this weekend.

    I loved seeing the pics of you and Shannon from 1966...Ya'll are so pretty. Your doggie is a precious too!

    That Christmas doll is amazing, and so is that stocking. Christmas will be here before we know it, won't it?! I always love seeing what you make! Talk to you again soon!
    Big Hugs,

  8. Thanks for all of the congrats wishes, from all of the girls here!

  9. Congrats to Queenie, you are a lucky girl and I know you will enjoy your prize.

    What a great post. I love your stockings and the doll is so unique and beautiful.

    The pics of you and Shannon are so adorable and what great memories for you. The umbrella is priceless!! I love it.

  10. Love love love the doll and the sweet photos of your grandson helping you out with the drawing. How are you feeling. I have missed talking with you.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. All my best to you.
    OOOOh do stop over to my blog. I would love that.
    Love and hugs.


    Oh my are you? Are you better? Congrats to the winner! She is so lucky. Your art is so sweet my dear, I love that doll "theatre" with the red dress. So wonderful! Thank you for coming to visit me, so sweet of you. I pray you have a healthy, wonderful fall season and I bet you'll be busy for Christmas!! Bisous! Anita

  12. Those pictures from 66 are fabulous! I love the style! And I'd like to kiss the dog- devilish or no.

  13. Hey Marie,
    Thanks for the visit!!
    Cute Grandson!
    Congrats to the winner.
    Love the photos today too!!
    Take good care,

  14. Wow-great post! I love the doll that you created-it's just beautiful! I also like the umbrella as most of my favorite movies are the classics (especially with Clarke Gable or Jimmy Stewart). Your dog Hobie is gorgeous too!



  15. congrats Queenie ! Courtland is a cutie potootie ! Don't you just love to look at old pics !

  16. Sweet Marie Antoinette what a handsome grandson you have.

    And what a lucky duck the winner is.

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. Hi Marie ~ Thanks for stopping by, as it's always a treat when you send me a note! :-)

    Thanks too for sharing your family background with MJ. He will be missed by many for a LONG time I'm sure.

    Have a great & creative week!

    PS: Thanks on my Halloween tree.

    Chris (-:


  18. Hello My dear,

    WOW! You have been a busy lady lately. I am so pleased to see all your latest news. Happy belated blogaversary and congratulations to your lucky winner.

    I am sorry to have missed the fun. I was on a cruise the week I received your e-mail and did not have access to e-mail while I was away unless I wanted to pay through the teeth for it. (tee hee :) I figured everyone could live without me for a few days.

    Your doll is absolutely incredible, something only you could do with your special talents for doll making. :)

    Sending fairy hugs and butterfly kisses your way. Thank you for your visit.

    Hugs! =D

  19. Congrats to Queenie! I love your Christmas doll and the idea of adding a scene, it's beautiful! Your umbrella is too cool, love it!

  20. Congratulations to Queenie for being the winner of your gorgeous give-a-way! Your grandson is so handsome,btw! I loved looking at the pictures of you & your sweet!
    Take care, Sherry

  21. Oh big congrat's to Queenie.

    Love your stockings , gorgeous and your sweet dog!

    Those photo's of you and your friend are just fab, love them.

  22. Congratulations to those lucky ladies!

    Fab pictures, what treasured memories.

    Victoria xx

    PS The jumper featured in my post is from Cath Kidston (link on the post)

  23. Congrats to the winner!!
    I've missed so much being away...
    Love the doll with the world under her skirt! She is amazing!!

  24. I love those pictures of you and your friend! You had to be cool to facepaint in the 60's! ha!

    I dig that umbrella!

  25. Oh what a wonderful post! I love looking at fun pictures. I hope it brought back happy memories of your sweet friend.

    Love the umbrella. All of my favorites.

    Congrats to Natasha. Your theater doll is wonderful.

  26. Hey thanks Marie!! I will be thinking of you as I visit Versille (oh..sp)... any way Marie Antionette country! See you when I return!
    au revoir, Gail

  27. Hi sweet Marie!

    You and Shannon are so cute! What babes!! ANd that umbrella... I'm jealous... Clark Gable keeping the
    raindrops off your head? how sheik!

    Hobie is so adorable, he was so sweet to us when we were there.
    Chris thought the sandal incident was so funny... me too! Hobie couldn't help it, the sparkles and beads were just too tempting.

    Your red Christmas doll is so sweet and elegant! You have become the master or shall I say madame of dolls. I love the panoramic scenes you are using in them, it really makes them come to life.

    This was a great post! And congrats to Queenie for winning your giveaway!! You lucky gal!!

    Thanks for visiting Wes' birthday post and for singing happy birthday to him. He loved it!

    Will call you later this week sweetie!! love & hugs, Sherry

  28. PS I should have signed...
    The Aged One!!

  29. Oh what an amazing post, I so enjoyed reading about your give away prize and your friend. Must say I love the painted faces. I was a twinkle in my mummies eye is 1966, born June 67, so not too far away.
    Just goes to show, fashion and things around us change but we really don't. Apart from growing as a person.
    Super fabulous post, awesome!

  30. Wow, I loved the pictures! I can just imagine what fun you two had : ) I also love your creations. My little girl is doing well. She is in the first grade. She will be one of the subjects in the blog party that Natasha is having...I am so excited about that one!! I am going to do something that I haven't done for myself yet. What she said is so true, we put ourselves last. I can't wait to see what you create.

    Hugs my friend! ~ Nichole

  31. Congrats to Queenie! The christmas doll is so fabulous. I love your vintage pics. You & your friend look very cool . ;~)

  32. Hey Marie, what's shakin' I haven't been around for a while, sorry I missed the big giveaway, maybe next time.
    You can check out my blog and see what I have been dealing with for the past 3 months. First it was the masterbath now it is the kitchen and the back deck is being torn off as well. We have also had the whole house painted outside only so far.
    I hope you are well, (----------------) big hug. Wanda

  33. Hi Marie, Congrats to the very lucky winner or your giveaway.

    Just loved seeing your handsome grandson pick the winner. He looks like you. Oh your new Christmas theater doll is gorgeous. I love her. Your stockings are beautiful too. You are so talented. I am just amazed at the wonderful creations you make and you are such an inspiration to me.

    Loved the photos of you and Shannon. Girlfriends having fun!!
    Love the pic of your sweet doggie. He is beautiful!!
    Prayers continue for you dear friend. I hope you are feeling better. Yes, you are a fighter and God will see you through.

    Blessings to you,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  34. Marie, your creations are beautiful, I'm sure the winner is one happy Lady!! You have a lovely grandson...I have three boys and look forward to be a grandparent one day!!
    stop by our new site when you have time, we are doing a $50 giveaway

  35. you really create really beautiful things! I really miss talking to u...drop me a email when u get a chance!


  36. Hi there! What lucky winners they are! Congrats to them!

    Those pics of you as a teen are adorable! What fun gals!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  37. Dear Marie A,
    J'adore!!!!!!!!!!!your new doll with the theater!!Oh my..... Well, Courtland is very handsome too!

    And Congrats to Queenie!! Yes indeed!! She scored big!

    Happy Thursday!

  38. Hello,

    It's been a long time...but I am glad I visited to see this fabulous Doll-Theater!
    Bravo! I love it!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  39. you are ALWAYS so sweet come visit me anytime you always have a home here!!! xoox laura

  40. Hey girlie!
    Congrats on your ONE year anniversary. Even though it was back in May...that's okay. Now we can call it your 1.5 anniversary! yay!!!!
    Congrats to Queenie, she's a lucky girl.
    I hope you are feeling better. It's amazing how blogging is so theraputic. There are such great people here that really care about you!!!!
    I love your Halloween blog's soooo pretty!!!!
    everything vintage

  41. Hey Marie!
    I got my package today and girl, I am loving it all! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart sweetie...I appreciate everything! I just emailed you a little while ago. I got a blog post up too...stop by the blog when you get the chance okay?! Congrats again on your 1 year blogging anniversary! Love ya girl,
    Big Hugs,

  42. Hi Marie,
    thanks for visiting me today and your sweet comments too!
    Love your new banner and oh, do you know you are playing one of my favorite old tunes? "SPOOKY" brings back memories!
    Great umbrella, dolls, and dog too!!

  43. Loved this post. Your grandson is a handsome young man. Your doll is just beautiful. I really enjoyed the pictures from 1966. Thanks for visiting my blog, You are right about the tree. I can't wait to bring it out.

  44. Hi Marie,

    What a great post. Love your dolls. They are so pretty.

    I am getting ready to pack my clothes. DH and I are on our way to Disney to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Can't wait to leave this cold, damp, rainy place called MA.

    See you soon.

    xo Cathy

  45. Hi Marie,

    Congrats to Queenie!

    Marie, your theater dolls are wonderful!!! They must take you ages to create and those stockings are too cute!

    Hobie looks like a darling dog...I bet she would get along nicely with my little Rocky :)

    That was lovely of Shannons husband to give you those tell a story on their own dont they and its always nice to look back and remember.

    Siobhan xo

  46. Hello sweet Marie... I am signed on as a follower of your blog, but it is not coming through my dashboard on my blog??? I will try again! Your creations are wonderful! I LOVE your blog's new look and your music! Bisous... Julie Marie

  47. Marie what joy to come to your blog today! I get lax in visiting all of my beautiful friends blogs life gets in the way. BUT..... When you stop by my blog it gives me a chance to come see what is going on in your world.

    Your banner is FABULOUS!!!! I love the vintage mystical feel.
    The umbrella is to much fun I simply adore it!
    AND THERE IS NO WAY!!! You have a 15 year old grandson! Whom may I say is very handsome. You are way to young for that! You beautiful woman you!

    Your stockings are mavelous daling and your giveaway divine:)

  48. How exciting, the giveaway one year blog, those great pics you recieved with your dear friend! COngrast and I hope you are feeling better!

    Thank you for your sweet wishes on my blog I am recooperating myself. I have blogged about it, come check it out -I too am doing a giveaway. I also ran across this and thought you might want to take a look - I thought of you when I saw it!

  49. Hi Marie, SO nice to see you this morning. Thank you for the kind comment. I just had to stop back by and see your lovely post once again.
    I love your umbrella. It is raining here again today and very muggy. I have had an ear/sinus infection for one week. It is no fun for sure. I hope you are feeling better. You have been in my prayers everyday.

    Talk to you soon sweetie and have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  50. Congratulations to the winners! I love the picture of you in 1966.


  51. Oh, your new doll creation is just Fabulous!
    And I love the photo of you all done up to go out! I remember that band, I thought the lead singer with the long blonde hair was cute, Jim Dandy to the Rescue!!
    Sandra Evertson

  52. Congratulations Queenie on your win, it had to be someone so I'm glad your name fits the queen type doll. Niiiiiice job Marie, it is beautiful and I lurve the detail. Hope you are drying out a but in all that rain.

  53. Felizidades to Queenie!

    Its nice to have memories brought back to us even if we're clueless of the photos. Its funny how two friends can share a memory of an event and yet each remember something the other cannot.

    At least thats what happens to me alot. My kids remember things that I think they dreamt, it cuz I don't remember.

  54. Greetings~ I'm finally back from my summer long blogcation.

    Congratulations to the Queenie!
    Your creative talent surely shines thorough your creations!

    I've enjoyed catching up. Please stop by...I look forward to the return of your company.
    Sweet wishes,

  55. Popping in to say a belated hello!

    Have a great weekend!

    PS: Love the new Halloween blog layout!!! '-)



  56. Again Marie Antoinette I cannot believe someone wone that. It is beautiful.


  57. Marie Antoinette!!!
    OH how lovely of you to dance on by and visit me! Your header and background is so pretty and thank you for the kind words. IN this world, too many people say mean things, and I am grateful for bloggers like you and others who always have a kind word. Dance my dearest, dance!!!! Lovingly, Anita

  58. Hello beautiful! You sure are a beauty, both inside and out : ) I was looking through my past blogs and you were one to comment on nearly every one. I thank you for that and you are a very special person. I hope that you are doing well and feeling well. We have had a little sickness but getting through it.

    Take care of your sweet self! Love and hugs ~ Nichole

  59. I'm so happy that Sweet Queenie won! She's a dear, for sure...
    Loved this post, and seeing more of your amazing creations... of course, I love looking at the old photos, too, and reading your great stories... Please know that you are in my thoughts 'n prayers... I do hope that each day brings you closer to better health...
    God bless...
    ~ hugs ~

  60. Hi Marie, Courtland is a handsome guy'

    Love your pretty dolls and pictures.

  61. Hi Sweetie,

    Thank you for stopping by. I think the 2 of us would have a grand time in France. I think Sherry should come too!


  62. Marie,

    Your blog is just amazing, beautiful. Please come check my latest post. Also, Anita has inspired me to start an new blog. I've just started it with an introduction.

    Hope you like them.


  63. Love your song!!


    Thanks so much for adding yourself to follow my blog. I'm still new to this and finally got my page up. Would love to really make this something I do often and make some friends with fellow bloggers. I got my page up now and have figured out how to add a subscription link for others to sign up for every time I update my blog. Would love for you to sign up (located on top right of page) if you would like updates. It's up to you:-)
    Thanks so much!!

  64. Hi Marie Thank you for coming by and your inspiring comment.
    I love your magical Xmas doll.Natasha opened my creativity years ago by the beauty of her cupcakes and roses in her work.Ps I lost your telly number too.My email shabbyharbor
    I hope to go on a warm vacation this year!

  65. Love that umbrella and your beautiful doll. Those retro outfits and facepaint are the grooviest! Don't you just love looking at old pictures like that? I do. I love seeing the passage of time, from a visual standpoint.


  66. Oh I just loved these photo's, I did visit and comment on them earlier. They are classics.

    Wish I had something that cool.

  67. 'Spooky Chic and Gigi need Halloween blog Giveaway'

  68. Popping in to wish you a VONDERFUL weekend.

    Chris (-:


  69. congratulations to Queenie!
    Love the new doll, you're so talented!!
    wow the pics from days gone by are fab, looooove the outfits you girls had on!

  70. Hi!
    I love everything about your blog.
    What a fun post.
    Congrats to Queenie.

  71. Hello Marie! I don't see an email address for you, will you email me at I have some doll things I would love to give you... Bisous!!! Julie Marie

  72. What a wonderful site! The word doll or dolls alone makes me jump for joy! I am new to all this and getting frustrated because I see such incredible talent all over these blogs and I can't get out of the Plain Jane mode. Thank you for brightening my day!