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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cooking 101 - In case of grease fire...

Here's my kitchen in May of 2011 that 
shows my sweet daughter Alex & me 
chowing down on a crawfish feast with 
my friends Sherry & Wes & Chris from Ohio.
What a great time of fun & laughter! 

Looks pretty normal in the background, 
don't you think?

This is what was left of my kitchen after 
a grease fire accidentally ignited on my 
stove top! Without warning... of course 
it's ALWAYS without warning!!
That's why it's called "accidental"!

Don't turn the wrong burner on when there's 
a deep fryer full of grease sitting on the stove.
(I don't even remember tuning it on - due to VasoSynope,
in otherwords when my heart bottoms out.)

This is where the range hood used to be below...
those fans can only draw so much LOL!

What a charred mess! 

Don't leave your favorite salt & pepper 
shakers this close to the stove if you 
don't want them incinerated in a fire.

The handsome hunky firefighters that came to 
put the uncontrolled fire out got my clean dishes 
all dirty with the extinguisher spray that they used. 

Always put your clean dishes away when dried.

The coffee pot & appliances were all a total lose. 

If you want a chicory flavor or a french roast flavor 
in your morning coffee there are better ways than 
having a grease fire start in your kitchen.

You know that old saying "When it rains it pours"?
Three days after the fire,
I had to have my rotary cup repaired.
I didn't do too well... my heart went into arrhythmia.
The doctor & nurses were shocked... not good. 
It took me quite sometime to recover from the 
whole ordeal. It set me back a great deal during all
this mayhem going on in my home.
But thank God he bounces me back 
once I'm mended and all rested!

After lots of professional cleaning processes and 
major turmoil and many many weeks of things 
being redone... 

we finally got to this point - 

The cabinets were all repaired and painted in a soft off white. 
I love how light and bright it makes my kitchen look now.

A new stove and range hood in shiny stainless steel 
really updates the kitchen.

This is not the best way to get a new kitchen stove. 

The soffet and backsplash are painted 
a lovely shade of mauve which continues 
into my living room. 

The Blue Delft plates on the soffet were gifts 
from Pat Jones @ Summer Darling.
Thank you Pat, they look perfect!

My dining area now flows so nicely into the kitchen. 
My china cabinet blends beautifully with the 
kitchen cabinets now and it all feels connected. 

The smoke damaged my living room carpeting to the 
point it had to be replaced. Below is a pic of "before"
the fire. You can see the old carpeting and the
very end of the old leather sectional.

So we went with hardwood 
floors instead of carpet. The cleaning factor is much better 
since we have our darling pup Hobie and since we're 
in and out so much to tend to our peacocks and 
their chicks. We also lost our former leather furniture 
because of the heavy smoke damage.

Fast forward to Christmas 2011. 
As you can see we are still waiting for our new 
furniture to come in. 
But that doesn't stop me from putting up my 
Christmas tree with all the beautiful ornaments and 
treasures you all have gifted to me!

It's early Spring 2012 and things have finally all come 
The new leather furniture is comfortable and cozy and 
 so perfect for furniture arrangement. No more huge 
sectional to work with. I'm so thankful my beautiful  round 
coffee table could be cleaned and reused.
This is my favorite place to curl up with a good book now!

My grandfather clock and Victorian chair 
and Victorian doll pram could be saved also.

How do you like my new fireplace?? 
This gorgeous piece was an anniversary gift from my 
hubby! It's movable - it's a heater - it has that lovely 
fireplace glow - WITHOUT THE FLAMES! 
It's a GOOD thing.

The other side of the living room now holds my beautiful 
fainting couch and beaded floor lamp. 

The soft leather chair and ottoman are ready for 
watching American Idol and movies!

So as you can see I've been a bit tied up for quite some 
time. It's been a long road and little time for blogging 
between our kitchen fire saga and health issues... 
but that's another story...

I have finally begun creating my Theater Dolls again thanks to
the encouragement and support of my friends & loved ones.

Let me introduce you to...


The Swan Princess is so gorgeous with the
"theater" lit. My friends & I love how she
turned out.

And now...


I really enjoy making these themed dolls.
Please visit my ETSY to see more of my
creations! I just know you'll have a great time
looking around at my new items.

 I've missed all of you!
XOXO   Marie

(Written for Marie by Edie Marie from her Attic)

A message from Sherry @ Edie Marie's Attic -

Hi sweet friends!
I just wanted you to know where I am these days.
Due to a problem of blog sabotage I decided it
was safer for me to close my blog that you've known
for some time as Edie Marie's Attic. At least for the
time being. It's a long story and not worth repeating.
From now on I will probably refer to myself as "Edie
Marie" instead of my real name.

So I'm teaming up with my adopted Lil' Sis, Marie,
to help her keep in contact with all of you by putting
her posts together for her. I'm going to be telling you
her stories just like she would write them herself but
she won't have to bother with all the technical changes
this blogger thing has going on all the time.
(A person can hardly keep up with the changes
these days!)

Marie has invited me to share some of my ideas in
posts on her blog also. So I'll be sharing some of my
decorating, flea marketing, organizing, crafting, yard
saling, holiday etc etc ideas with you!

Thank you Marie for being my pal & buddy & Sister
in life! There aren't enough good words to describe
how fabulous you are in my book!!

Until next time...
God bless everyone of you!

"Edie Marie"  


  1. Hello Friends,
    I want to thank you Sherry from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to share my blog and doing all the work...LOL...What can be better than that? Didn't Sherry do a wonderful job?
    Love you Sis!
    I can't wait to here from my friends and fellow sisters.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  2. Dear Marie and Sherry (Edie Marie)
    What a wonderful catch up post. Sherry you presented this for Marie in a fabulous way and I know she is so blessed by your addition to the blog. Everything is gorgeous Marie. Your home looks amazing.
    I look forward to many happy and creative posts coming from you sweet sisters.

    Thank you also for your kind emails, cards and words of sympathy for us during the past week.
    You gave us such comfort in our darkest hours.
    We still have a ways to mend, but I am slowly trying to catch up with my many thank you visits, thank you cards and calls. I will be around to all soon. Just taking one day at a time right now.
    Love you both,
    XO Celestina Marie

  3. Oh, good heavens. What an ordeal! I had no idea you had such trevails! Fires, operations - you're run the gamut, my friend!

    BUT. Your "new" home looks lovely. Your kitchen is so spiffy and House Beautiful like! Love the blue and white and would feel right at home!

    So glad you're getting back to work. And the ballerina doll is lovely - but the Swan Princess - ooh la la!!! She is exquisite! You have such a creative imagination!

    Look forward to reading your blog again - I'll re-sign up for this new incarnation!

    Take care of yourself!

  4. My goodness, you've been through so much! But your new kitchen is gorgeous! So happy to hear from you!

  5. Oh, dear Marie!!

    What a crazy chain of events! I'm so glad that you are safe and on the mend. Your home looks amazing.

    Hello Miss Edie Marie. I'm sorry to hear of your situation as well, but it looks like something wonderful is happening with your friendship and this blog.


  6. You're going to make a great team, ladies. I'm so sorry about the fire and so pleased with the way the Lord turned it all around. Still, what a way to get a new kitchen!

    Sorry also, Edie for your trials and tribulations. I'll remove your former blog, until further word, and add this one to my blog roll.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  7. MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND!!!!!! I am so grateful EDIE MARIE, that you came by to contact me!!! I am so sorry to hear of this tragic experience, but thank GOD that no one was hurt and look what came of it...a beautiful new KITCHEN! Dearest hearts, you are so wonderful together and I think that this is a great idea to team up. DID YOU KNOW that I have resigned from teaching and will be doing Etsy and other art projects full time? Writing will also be another adventure I will pursue.

    EDIE MARIE, I wish you the best on June 8 with you and your beloved one!!!


  8. SO nice to hear from you and so glad you are OK and on the mend. Love your new refurbishments and the kitchen looks great!

    cK >:-)

  9. Hello,

    Thanks so much for your message! I am so glad that you are back and especially creating your theaters.


  10. Hello sweet friend... I am sooo happy to see this post!... I know the heartache you went through with your kitchen and the fire... but that is all over now and your new kitchen looks fabulous!!!... I hope you are feeling much better too,and how very sweet of Sherry (Edie Marie) to post along with you... hello Sherry!... and hello to Hobie from Tessy!...everything in your home looks so pretty, and I love that you are creating your theatre dolls favorite is the Ballerina!... love you to pieces, and sooo happy you are posting... look forward to all of them!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Hello my friend. I am so glad to see you have found a way to post. I am so sad about the the kitchen but the new one is awesome. I hope you are both well. Loved the dolls. You have quite a gift with them. Hope to hear from you soon. Blessings to you both.l

  12. Awww what a disaster that was Marie!! Thank goodness you were not asleep or anything..... and nobody was injured....that was a BIG plus!

    looks nice now and pleeeezzze be careful with fire!!