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Friday, June 8, 2012

Bleach Pen Art from "Edie"

 I wanted a larger image of the Eiffel Tower for a 
project and decided I was going to try something 
different... Hmmm... I wonder how well you 
can draw with a bleach pen? 

(bleach pen about $5 - already had Eiffel rubber stamp 
for basic image $0 )

 It took some practicing on scraps of denim.
(my first attempt looked more like an oil derrick!) 

Shake your pen very well. 
Have light pressure when squeezing tube. 
Practice Practice Practice!

I waited about 15 minutes then rinsed well, 
used a little soap on it, rinsed some more...

 and Voila! 
A great Eiffel tower image for my handbag project!

This is one of my Treasured Memories Handbags 
made for a very special lady's going away party.

The Bonjour Handbag. 

Every bag I make is unique. I can use clothing 
you've saved from a loved one to make a bag 
that uses that fabric. Hopefully I will be selling 
some handbags on Etsy soon.

(front pocket holds a water bottle 
and sunglasses)

This dear friend is a scrapbooker so the 
scissors is a perfect "charm" for one 
of her loves in life. 

(back of bag has 3 pockets - the jean pocket 
is perfect to slip a cell phone into) 

I use various fabrics and always include 
a large inside pocket with a slot for a pen. 

(inside of bag)

The possibilities are endless for bleach pen art!  
I just know you want to try it!!

Hope you enjoyed this project idea from 

Til next time... 

"Edie" & Marie XOXO


  1. That is soooo cool! Thank you for sharing such a fun tip. The purse looks fantastic, too.

  2. Ohhhh, this is GOOD! THIS IS FABULOUS!! THANK YOU mon amie for your visit! It is PARIS THIS WEEK!!! Love to you, Anita

  3. This is a FABULOUS purse.
    Well done Sherry.I bet that bleach pen was a ...well, you know...LOL. I just love it.Sherry has made me a couple of purses and I cherish them both.I use the first one she gave to me for everyday.
    Hugs Marie Antionette

    1. I'm so happy you liked the post Marie! It was fun to try something different. The bleach pen was exactly as you were thinking! LOL
      This is so fun to "blog" with you Marie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the blog experience new and enjoyable!!

      Love you, "Edie"

  4. Hi Edie, Oh what a great project you created. You are so talented and I love the way this turned out. Your friend will love it. Looking forward to your bags on etsy. I may have to try a bleach pen now, maybe for some pillows.

    Hi Marie, Hope you are doing better. Wishing you a great weekend and watch the mail before your birthday.

    Love you girls, take care and enjoy a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie